Sunday, November 30, 2008

My entry..

Our auto reached ADYAR where one of the most prestigous institutes for undergraduate program in INDIA, the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MADRAS (shortly the IIT-M) is located. When our auto reached the main gate, I was very much excited. This is the place where many students want to creep in into...& I am gonna live here for 4 years, WOW ! sounds exciting ...
I was actually jumping in the auto ! My hands & legs were out of control.. "C`mmon you are not the only one who is joining here.. there are many others too but they`nt spoiled an auto like you!" I warned and kept myself under control........But the true fact is I am happy that I got into IIT,fine, but I would also be happy even if I got into any other engineering college,because my policy goes like this- write all those crap exams, get some rank, join some college, get some good job, get a good wife, settle well in life.. that`s it... I am just made like that... take everything lightly!!
Our auto went through the huge trees, on great roads, among a large number of deers and monkeys (-Ha! thy need a special mention here- the number of monkeys in iitm is almost as good as the number of students out there! Sometimes , if given a character, it becomes difficult to distinguish if its a monkey or a student...!! :-) )& reached the GC (Gajendra Circle) - considered to be the landmark of IIT-M .
Whereever I go, there would be something special happening there , - ALWAYS TRUE in my case ! -Here , It`s the GOLDEN JUBLIEE OF IIT-M . Since we are the golden jubliee batch, we had many extra happenings in the insti, which you`ll come to know later....
Now, we reached GANGA`s entrance! oh.. this is my new home - I reminded myself. When we entered the hostel, there was one senior who is taking care of freshies by showing the way to our rooms. When I said 371 B , he asked to go to the 2nd floor, turn right and go straight ... When we did the same, we reached the room but MAN! is my room this far from the entrance ! FUCK!! I`m too lazy to climb even 1 step... How can I manage these 4 years ? I thought........
Later, we finished all the registration and orientation programs successfully . We received a list of things which are a must buy for freshies which included a cycle, a cell phone, a bucket, a pillow.. and such things... If I were the man who made that list, I would also have included a 3GB RAM,320 GB harddisk, CORE2DUO processor each at 2 GHZ, with Geforce FX 9 series graphics accelerator containing LAPTOP in that list ! (Am I wrong ?)
Anyways, that evening was an emotional turn-out. My parents and brother are gonna leave me!:-( . My father, my mother , my brother won`t be there to look after me from now ! Whom should I ask money now? with whom should I share my secrets from now? with whom should I go out for refreshment sitting on a kinetic nova from now? Oh man! did I make a mistake? Why didnt I join IIT-hyd ???? all these thoughts made me more tensed . I bet you guys, the moment they are going to leave you, YOU ARE CRYING ! here, my cry need not imply its literal meaning- tears coming out of eyes, it implies a mental cry ( your brain cries , not your eyes ) I can challenge you on that . I am writing this as I`ve experienced it ! you may not even remember your family after that, but right at that very instant they leave you, YOU WILL FEEL THE PAIN !

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