Saturday, November 29, 2008

My first big journey - PART II

All freshies who were travelling in that train were called for interaction - venue being the empty space near the bog$ in our coach ...! there were around 6-7 seniors & equal number of juniors turned up too.....
"Macha$ put intros$ da$" from a senior..
"arey! they don`t know our lingo na let us talk to them in a gen way da" from another senior..
Somehow, we started our intros..
Everyone expressed himself(-no herself) in his(-no her - ob:-P) own way. Then they asked about our hostels - "What`s the big deal about hostels I thought..." but later i came to know that it IS the biggest deal out there in iitm.
one poor guy said - "alkananda" all the seniors broke into a fierce laughter and one among them said to another - " macha he is playing with your hostel`s name da"
then that-hostel senior warned that freshie -" it`s ALAKNANDA not alkananda k??"
when I told "GANGA" there was a fear in their faces :-P
"GANGA is a good hostel ra enjoy" my already-interacted-senior said...........
'What the fuck? All the hostels are same right... all are for rankers of JEE .. so why is one hostel special over the other? ' i thought...........

After that session, i was called by the senior I mentioned n number of times already.. he put me fundays$ on iit-m ... which I never believed untill I really did all those crap things.. which you`ll come to know in the meanwhile in my future posts....... But his words had a strong impact on me- I decided to enjoy every moment of my life as I always do.. In one word I can say that he said it`s BINDAAZ LIFE out there........:-) (well, let me see !)
So after that , we didnt interact much....& after that Chennai express reached its destination, ofcourse ,as usual late....

Now, the real story starts with lot of friends,relations,twists,turns,miracles,fun,exams,SMSes.....
So watch out for my posts and have a blast !!!!!!

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