Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A small gap :(

hi friends....
My second sem just began and I`m right now busy with all those hectic registrations and all which in iitm system drives you crazy. Added to that , I`ve a got a loooong journey ahead of me . So i may take a week or two for my next post . In the meanwhile , you can have fun reading my previous posts...:P

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Diwali vacation.. continued...

After we landed in the secunderabad station , L**i went away alone somehow - I don`t exactly remember... Me & rathode opted for a bus . We were waiting at the bus stand ... Just then a voice interrupted me ! -
"Hai ra ravi! "
"huh! .. err.. haii.." I couldn`t recognise him... but he wished me a big hiii as if we were childhood friends-friends who can exchange hearts for each other-he missed me so much-he was happy that he met me again-..... this kind of story ran in my mind with the way he wished me "HI"
"Didn`t you recognise me ? "
"e.rrr.. sorry ra.. i didnt"
"Me ra ! *** , FTB section " (Actually, I need not put those ** here because I actually don`t remember his name even now.. his voice was not clear when he said his name.. even if it was clear, I wouldn`t have remembered because these days I`m turning into a GAJINI ...
Oka maaru kalisina andam.. sorry.. thu merihadhoori pyasu pyasu... :P)
But I didn`t want to hurt his feelings .. after all he remembered me and wished me !
So , I continued..
"OHHH!!! YOU ??? HII DUDE ! HOWZ LIFE ?? " I asked him with my face glowing !
"Fine ra... tell me about you ra.. how is iit life ? "
(Oh! He even know that I`m an IITian !! )
"Great ra ! Came for diwali vacation .. Where did you join ?"
"CBIT ra ... you are in mechanical department right ?"
(Oh my God! Did I commit any murder and is he a CBI cop investigating for the same ? How come he able to know my biodata ?? )
"YA! and you ?"
"IT ra.."
"Ohk fine.."
"Waiting for bus?"
Now, this is one of the questions which I hate THE MOST . What else does anyone do standing at the busstop? Wait for his girlfriend ?? CRAP MAN... Whenever someone is standing at the busstop , some other person will come and ask him "Didn`t your bus come yet?"
what the FUCK will he do there if his bus has already come ?? that`s completely a meaningless question... agree ??
But as I said I was really in a good mood then ,
So I replied with a simple yes... & continued..
"you too for the same purpose I suppose?"
"College bus?"
"cool.. good to see you... byeee"
"byee ra.....very happy to see you again"
(But where did he see me before ? He said FTB but there are sucking 80 students in FTB and I don`t even know the names of some of them.... may be he is one among them ! Dude, if by any chance you come to read this , please please don`t take it bad.. I`m really poor at remembering people.. I already mentioned na... GAJINI !!

...After that unusual meeting, we took a bus and landed at some place near rathode`s house and I took a service auto from there to LB nagar which costed only 5 rs ... MAN ! that was the cheapest journey of my life time ! JUST 5 rs. for 14 km from Secunderabad to LB nagar ! (Rathode paid for my bus ticket too .... :-) )

To be continued......


Don`t worry ! It`s new year time now I agree ..... but In my story, it was Diwali time :P
1 day holiday for the most celebrated festival of india - sounds cool ... I thought to go home :)
That was the first time I`m going to my home after joining IIT ! WOW!
"Diwali is on tuesday.. So if we bunk friday & monday , we can have a 5 day vacation , what say? " I asked Rathode.
"that`s exactly my opinion too" He replied.
So both of us booked tickets together and we`d planned our day well to reach the station on time . I clearly remember it was thirsday .. It means we have WORKSHOP !! :o It ends at 4:30 PM .. train is at 6:10 (yeah! Charminar dude) . It is highly impossible to come back to hostel , make things ready and catch the train if we attended the complete workshop ! Afterall, chennai is a metro.. so station must be far from IIT :P
I had gearshop and he had turning workshop. (I`m gonna discuss in detail about my blunders in these workshops later in my posts...wait for them ) I went to that Gear shop guy right after entering the workshop and asked him permission to leave me early.
"At what time ?" sir asked.
"3 : 20 sir" I said , ofcourse with an extreme obedient and polite tone.. YA! I`ve got this tactics !
"3:20?? It`s difficult na.."
"sir! Am I asking you to buy me an iphone ?? " my mind said but my mouth said some other shit - "sir, train is @ 5:30 and since station is far away......... please think of it sir once "
"hmm... ok i`ll leave you at 3:45 " ( Thank God! He didn`t ask me where I was going and by which train.. I couldnt have named a train that goes to hyderabad which starts @ 5:30 in chennai :P :) )
"Ohk.. sir.." I said with a bit disappointment .. but then I got a wonderful idea - I set my watch timings 15 minutes late... and asked him permission again @ 3:35 pm in my new watch showing him the time !!!! WOW! THAT MEANS I`VE GOT A 25 min advantage to what was actually proposed ! cooooool ..
I rushed out of the room hearing his last words .. "This is gear costs around rs.20,000 /-.... "
Sir, Can you gimme one ? :P

Then I went and saw Rathode`s condition . He was still turning his job with the lathe machine :(
He asked me to walk to my hostel and that he would join me in the way ..
Ok.. it was fine but that word WALK didnt sound well .. Ya! He has a cycle and I don`t have :(
Ofcourse, I`ve a cycle but it committed suicide.. It has decided that it`s owner is a bitch and assumed that everyone else is the same... so it made it`s condition in such a way that no one can ride it !
Anyways, We reached the taramani busstop - oh! wait now we became three - L**i joined us...
Mine was a moderate size half-filled bag , Rathode`s was a still smaller one - well packed.....
but She brought a HUGE LUGGAGE man! A big wheel suit-case completely packed , and 1 more big shoulder bag .. ha! add to that a big packet of grub$ to eat!! HUH ! I liked only the last one :)
(Sorry L**i , It`s not about you in particular .. All girls are like that - I guess :P )
But that killed our time to such an extent that we reached the train just in time...........
We boarded it @ 6:09 PM and for the first time in my life @ Indian railways, the train followed the right schedule :P It started the next minute... and the next morning - We were in our LOVELY CITY - THE GREAT HYDERABAD !!!

To be continued....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My story continued...

So friends, after a little break, I`m going back to the IIT-M life again..........
Lets jump back into those greenery, monkeys, GC, CRC, Ganga, >>>>>

Well, I took a pause at the last day of shaastra.. right ? The following week was a bit boring as mugging was the prime task done at that time because of the deadly QUIZ -2 the next week!
The monday right after shaastra was really very difficult to digest for all of us.. The great fest ended leaving us the crap CRC classes to attend :(
That week ran like a deer and now QUIZ 2 ! OMG!! I`vent prepared anything till now and as usual QUIZ 2 also fucked...:( , especially the chemistry exam...
It was entirely on quantum chemistry- the toughest topic on earth !! This topic has gained a special status among the first years. Its a topic which is neither chemistry nor maths nor physics nor whatever subject you may say...! it`s something which can destroy a human brain !! - definitely more powerful than a nuclear bomb . I got a mere 12 off 40 in that exam and that too
because of the TRUE/FALSE ! Ya! our prof gave T/F in the exam may be to make students like me to atleast scribble something on the paper ! There were around 20 T/F and I fluked around 15 of them .. and attempted the others(-HUH! I atleast know 5 answers ! great!! ) Later I found out that only 3 out of those 5 were correct .. My correct answers through flukes had a good percentage than those which I thought I know !:-( well, THAT IS QUANTUM ! :P )
Finally , these T/F fetched me around 8 marks and I solved a 4 marks problem!! WOOW! I cant even imagine that now . How could I do that ? Is my brain working properly ?

The day before the Maths exam - Guess what ? It`s OCTOBER 17th - So what ? C`mmn dude it`s my birthday !! :P Celebration of birthdays in Ganga took a new shape from that day.. really! Firstly , my friends took me down to the quadrangle of GANGA @ 12 `o` clock and MAN! THEY KICKED MY ASS AS IF IT WAS A FOOTBALL !! :( .... I can still feel that pain guyz ! My first shot itself was horrible - I got it from a senior !! He tried his footpower on my ass :P . The next program - They brought a cake from CCD$ - oops no, from somewhere outside tarams$ , with the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ED" written on it and kept a beautiful candle upon it and asked me to cut it . I felt really very happy and took the knife into my hand. As soon as I kept the knife on the cake , THE cake was no more visible - MAN! It was spread all over my face !! Even on my hair ! IDIOTS ! Lemme atleast taste a piece of it folks... I licked some cream which my tongue could locate just under the lips , and YA! IT WAS DAMN TASTY - S**Y Cake .......
I went back to my room and saw my cellphone - It was in a state of committing suicide ! Ya! I was a using a simple nokia 1200 as my N73 already committed suicide :p
This 1200 couldnot tolerate the messages and calls it was receiving at that time .... but I know that every message and call had the same content "Happy birthday" So, gradually I conveyed thanks to all those who wished me and then GUESS WHAT ? MY PREPARATION FOR MATH STARTED !! @ 1 AM My friend pridhvi came from Godav to wish me at that point...
I started mugging and solved the so-called important assignment with some help from Pridhvi and of-course my roomie and slept at 4 AM after applying OMNI gel on my butts :P
I again woke up @ 5:30 and mugged till 7 AM and attended the exam @ 8 and that was the exam which I got the best marks in quiz 2 ! 15/20 WHEW!! A birthday gift - may be ...

refresh a bit..

I`ve found this somewhere on net.... Dont worry - it`s not at all related to IIT :P... just wanted to share this ... we had a lot of fun with this...enjoy!

Hi all,

this is a simple process to evaluate the likeness between a male and female

take an example

male as

brad pitt

and female as

anjelina jolie

start the process from left to right

b - 1, r-1, a-3, d-1,p -1, i - 3, t -2, n-2, j- 1, e-2,l - 2, o -1,


add the frist and last numbers


then add again


then again


then again


so the likeness is 62

hope u guys like this game

Friday, December 19, 2008

After effects...

This post is not a continuation of the `story mode` of my blog. This incident happened in recent times .. which I wanted to share with you all. After all, this is not my resume or anything of that sort, right ?, I need not follow chronological order , do I?
Anyways, coming to the scene, I recently attended a family function where this stupid happenings took place. This is a problem of a typical IITian outside the insti. I went there with the great Shaastra T-shirt on my body....!Yeah! ofcourse anyone from IIT madras loves to put on his IITM T-shirts whenever he/she is out of the insti.. It gives us a special feeling that cannot be expressed in words... The same T-shirt looses it`s importance when it is inside the campus area !... but once its enters the outside world, it gains GLORY !:P
But guess what ? That`s a big mistake I`ve made here !!!! YES! One aunt came in my way and said, "Oh! are you studying in IIT madras ?"
"Yeah" I replied casually..with as usual a boring expression on my face..
"woooooooooooooooooow, greaaaaaaatttt " She exclaimed as if I had brought India 5 olympic medals ! "CRAP MAN! there are lots of others who are in IIT madras & who are in a still better position than me. Go and hug them " I wanted to shout at her but I couldn`t as it was a family issue :p
"What`s so great in that aunty?" I asked losing my temper gradually...
"What are you talking ?? IIT madras !!! great !! very great !! " she said..and went away when some other aunt called her to show her new saree and explain it`s greatness.. May be the saree was greater than an IITian..!
One uncle got hold of me now. He was actually in his 80`s but looked like a young tiger as he was from military :). He came to know that I`m from IIT and he questioned me about the IITM life like hell! Ah! that was more worse than being raped by Raghu in Roadies auditions ! :P
Whatever I say about IITM, he keeps saying that "The central government is really good. When I was in the military,... "
Oh! WHAT EVER BULL SHIT I SAY, he starts with "When I was in the military..."
...Look uncle, I dont know what you did when you were in military but I just know what you are doing right now... YOU ARE FUCKING ME !!! :(
After that, I just wanted to quit from that place as fast as I can. Then came another aunt..
"Oh! you are **`s son right ?"
"ha!" I said with a more disgusted expression.
"What are you doing now?"
"Thinking to fuckoff from this place" I wanted to say.. but.. you know that I didnt & I couldnt.
"studying in IIT madras aunty.. mechanical engineering" I said infact, I whispered as I lost my energy.
"Oh! WOW! Just as I thought .. I saw IIT madras printed on your shirt ! "
"YOU ARE A GENIUS !! GO AND WRITE JEE-2009 AND JOIN IITM" I was about to shout the same but something held me back - It was a social meeting . How can I, being an IITian say that ??
One more aunt joined our genuine conversation and said "Ya! this guy has got a typical IITian`s look. That spects! - is an indication that he is an IITian "
"Ya! whoever has spects , he is from the IITs " this aunt replied.
FUCK! I was dumbstruck with this newly proposed theory by the two aunts. Whoever has got the spects, he is from IIT . Oh! is it ?(Hey! to all those who are preparing for IIT, put up a spects. that`s enough .. no need to prepare anything ... :P) Just then I saw an old couple with spects walking on the road.. and I saw that same aunt`s child running infrontof me with spects. "aunty, which IIT is your child from ?" I got the doubt and this time I asked it!! HURRAY!!
"What? " she said puzzled.
"He too has got spects na ?" I acted in a smart way.. but she wasnt that smart enough to catch my thoughts.. she just thought that I`ve cracked a joke and left the issue.. when her eyes fell on a ad showing discount on jewellery .
One more aunt now!:( She introduced me to her friend like this -
"Look ***, this is raviteja, ***`s son.. he is from IIT madras "
"Oh!! really! " - this from that aunt`s friend.
"ya! Look at him. He is very studious na? He writes every exam well. His mother calls me and tells his ranks everytime and they are great.. what`s your eamcet rank?"
"er... (ya, what`s my Eamcet rank? - i took sometime to remember) .. it`s 6.. 20...8 "
"see he even forgot his own rank!"
FUCK ! Does everyone remember everything.. Ranks are useless to me. So I don`t try to remember them.
" Oh! great! 600 rank woow"
AAAAAAAAAAAAARRGGGGHHHH ! some one has to get a rank of 628 . That status was unfortunately assigned to me ! Nothing more than that !!! OK????
Finally , at the end of the day , I wanted to throw my DAMN spects , break them into pieces, remove my T-shirt and shout at my loudest possible voice that "I`m not an IITian"
no- I should rather shout " IITians are not like what you people think. If you don`t know how we are please just shut your mouths.."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The last SHAASTRA NIGHT.......

Shaastra 2008 had a great presentation of SOE projects. For example, can you imagine a bicycle which is self-riding? Can you imagine something which flies by flaping its wings? did you ever see a vehicle which can move on anykind of land, on water and even underwater?? NO? Then you should`ve visited SHAASTRA 2008 !!
I`m a brute, Idiot if I dont mention about the SHAASTRA NIGHTS here........ Every night of Shaastra was special ... ofcourse the most we enjoyed was the laser show... which I think I will not describe because I CANNOT!! IT WAS DAMN AWESOME MAN!!! BELIEVE ME ! YOUR LIFE IS USELESS IF YOU HAVEN`T WATCHED IT!!!! WE REALLY LOVED IT!!
In this show I loved one of the scenes very much... in which they showed a classroom.. in which a boy will be sleeping in the last bench.. a paper aeroplane comes out from his classroom dreams and circles round the class.. and the entire iitm and finally the real picture shows up- That same paper plane turns into a real AIRCRAFT and Guess what? This last bench guy is it`s inventor!!!
well, another shaastra night was a damn boring lecture on something which I cant even pronounce..
The show was supposed to start at 7 PM @ SAC.. so we went there on time.. and waited for 1 DAMN BORING hour for the prog to start... Ah! yeah.. it started at 8 PM and we left the hall at 8:05 PM :-)
Another was ROBOTICS show where robots danced to DHOOM song, played football... and such stuff.... I got a wierd thought of making that robot write my exams by feeding all the required info in it .. WHAT SAY ?
The last was evening... still, we didnt get our coupons . I was pissing my co-ord for the same .... when SP(prasanth) sent me a message "What r u doin?"
I replied him back - " Licking my co-ord`s ass for coupons"
yeah! thats true he showed the same to Lotto!!
He met me again in the evening and said -"I`ll show you whats meant by LICKING !"
OMG! but he is good enough to forgive me :-)
Well, that is why we call this guy Sagam pichodu ! He`s got a unique speciality .... When there is someone in his room, he locks the door and walks away!! and if no one is present, he keeps his door wide open and walks away!! so this name! very apt na ?? credit goes to The GREAT ganesh!! We even thought of publishing a book "Sagam pichodi leelalu" and distribute it to next year`s freshies ! :-P

Our last night @ stalls.........
Our Ambi vols were happy as we could see a lot of people taking photographs at our globe !! That day we got more coupons than we were supposed to get as one of our co-vols went out of station and another co-vol gave his coupons as he wasn`t feeling well!! WOOOOWW... great.. !!
Added to that, I had asked P**a for coupons the previous day and I got the response now.. She gave me an extra 40rs. coupons !! OH!! thank you!
Having well enough coupons in our pockets and it being the last time we got to spend at that beautiful place, we REALLY enjoyed a lot ................
Ate whatever we ate whatever is available there! ... had a look at all the gals who would be leaving our insti the next day :( ... long chats with friends.... jokes....... etc.....etc....
GOD! I need shaastra back!
I want the stalls back!!
I want those 5 golden days back !!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shaastra week.... Continued...........

As I`ve already said earlier that I made very good friends during SHAASTRA, P***a is another very good example supporting this statement . She was a hospi$ vol.... & our first interaction went like this.....
Me & Ganesh went to the hospi desk to chat with our workless friend over there :-P , (Sagam Pichodu).. She was sitting beside him. We already know that SHE is p***a herself ( ya! we`ve a good network!) . We already added her in orkut and chatted with her quite a few times.....
Later when she left the desk and was roaming around the KV grounds with her friend, we both went there... & immediately this guy, Ganesh said..
"Hi are you p**a ? "
"err....ya....why?? " She asked puzzled. ( ob da! she`ll be puzzled with the way he asked. Even I was puzzled..! After her reply , even Ganesh was puzzled thinking about her question WHY? )
"Ya.. Why?" he asked me in whisper.
"How do I know? thats your question" I tried to act smart..
"Hi.. I`m raviteja.. your online friend..I guess? " I said..
"Oh! Hii.. How do you know that I`m P**a ?"
"hmm.. actually no.. friends told me once..." I said after recollecting and pondering over her toughest question :-)
"I`m Ganesh" ganesh interrupted.
"Ok..." she said... and silence prevailed for the next minute....
"Ok then I`ve got some work .. bye" she said and left with her friend...
"Now, what does she mean by that?? THAT WE DON`T HAVE ANY WORK?????" I asked ganesh who I guess got the same doubt..."May be she is right.. think once"
"Ofcourse she is... but... how come... k.. anyways leave it.." I said......................and there goes our first interaction..........
Later on the last day of shaastra, I got a message from my co-ord that we`ve got some work. FUCK! they said we don`t have any work during shaastra and now!! ??
I called my co-vols and they too were in the same situation... and our work was something like this...
the previous day , it rained. So, our co-ords asked us to remove the posters which we put up near our globe work which we did not do and so our co-ords did it themselves......... and now they asked us to put them up again! "why to do that? It`s the last day anyway... lets leave it" I suggested , planning to escape the work ..
"No da! you must do this as our core wants to see our work today" lotto said.
"Oh! SHIT! what is he doing till now?"
"WORK WORK" this from Vishnu.
Later during our work, we put nicknames for our co-ords!!! OH MY GOD! this is inverse-law to the interactive sessions of IITM! seniors interact with us and give us insti-names but here !!!
Lotto was given GEN, vishnu - MACHA, homli got ARBIT........ as you might have guessed by now, their names came from the keywords of their speech...their speech went something like this..
"It`s GEN work da"
"What da! ARBIT painting da! That logo over there-- ARBIT MAX da"
"MACHA! common work da"
Don`t kill me co-ords ! please! This was a combined idea of me,Jin&cobra........
Ha! I just now remembered an incident.... that previous night.. We were supposed to get a vol-treat - Ya, as the name suggests, it was a treat for the vols for our work... Many delicious items of unlimited quantity...!! WOW! sounds great we thought ..We went there but couldnt trace out the exact location..Then we asked jin to called homli and ask him where our bellies would be filled... I think he asked Jin,"WHO ARE YOU?" We could still remember his reply for that.."JIN JIN JIN JIN SATYARAJ" He said as if he was the next JAMES BOND!! We even now tease him with that...
But we were informed so late by our co-ords that when we went there, we could just manage to see the dust & waste plates being cleaned up in the area !!
Ya.. now coming to the morning of the last day,..when we were pissing our ass to paste those paintings back...............
Cobra & me were waiting for Jin as he was the only one who would work... We both always had the idea of going to SHARAV(girls hostel) - Sorry sorry I don`t mean it the other way.. actually, ambi work got much to do at sharav as there were a total of 4 lady-ambi-coords.........
That day, first we went to get a FEVICOL packet...
then to get a scissors...
Then to return that scissors...
Then we also thought of returning the FEVICOL Packet but BAD LUCK! it was empty :-(
but we were crazy enough to return even that :-P

Shaastra week - continued...

"Many gals from outside came to shaastra na?" cobra asked me .
"Ya! I guess so.." I said.
"Ya! this time the number is much more than last year`s shaastra " Our co-ord who was listening to our conversation spoke !
"Golden jubliee effect" we thought.
Every vol is given badges with the word VOLUNTEER printed on it ! That was a prestige issue :-P . We , being Ambi vols- vols having no work during shaastra , put up those badges and got ready for sight-seeing !! Thats one of the big mistakes i made because every crap fellow who came kept asking me the way to SAC, CLT, GC ... etc...,,, one guy even asked me the way to tiffanys ! CRAP man!! I thought girls would come and ask all these stuff I said to Jin. Me too - the reply ..For the first few persons, i told them the required info but after that I was too lazy to do even that I kept saying that I`m an AMBI vol I`m not concerned with these kind of work.. My work is related to designing !! as if I designed an IPHONE !!! Idiot I`m . But one fine morning............
Venue : IC&SR ( Dont ask me the full form please. Even I don`t know it properly)
Time : day 2 morning around 11 AM
We just came out from an astronomy lecture in one of the auditoriums of Ic&Sr building with our vol-badges. We were looking for a nice outside-insti gal to talk with and ya! we`ve found one hot chick!! "She is very hot man" I said to cobra. "ya! She is much fairer than her mother da" cobra said! "What?? Where is her mother? "
"There" he said pointing to one aunty far behind.
"How do you know?" I asked him puzzled .
"I`ve been watching her since I came out. "
"Bastard! Why didn`t you tell me then?"
"competition boss"
We were walking towards the entrance still talking about this stupid useless pretty-lady-stuff when suddenly a cute voice interrupted us which said..
"Excuse me?"
I turned back to see that same hot chick who had been disturbing us from a few minutes back!!
God! Is this real?? I wanted to touch her cheek and find out ! But, If it is really real, she would kill me ! - I thought.
"excuse me" the voice said again, this time more cuter !!
"ya! any problem ? " I asked casually. But I was very happy inside as she talked with me!!
"Where is conference hall 3 here ? " She asked.
now, why did she ask me? BADGE-EFFECT !! YES!! This badge has helped me atleast now...
but even I dont know where that crap hall is.. but I don`t wanna loose this opportunity.
I looked straight and found something like "conference hall.." and I couldnot see more.
I said, "Ha! It`s there. Come with me"
"sweety" she called another gal to accompany her! Oh my God! She is also looking good but she is not as-hot-as the first one.
I went there and SHIT! it`s conference hall 1 ! crap I looked around madly & found hall 2. WHERE IS HALL 3 GOD DAMMMN IT !?
To kill some time, I said "this is hall1, and this is hall2....." pointing to the respective if I`m a guide to the tourists who came to visit TAJ MAHAL !!
I continued..." and...... HA!!! this is hall3" (Ya! Thank God! I found it finally ).
But,NO! She would leave now .. why did I find it so early man! ? As soon as I thought this, she left us along with her friend... but I still feel those last vibrations ... "THANK U" This was the cutest from her.............................................
I hope she`ll come to Saarang again!! :-)

To be continued..............

Monday, December 15, 2008


The night before shaastra -
Venue : CFI
Everyone was in a hurry. They were packing stuff, testing some projects, everyone is in a festive mood while me & Jin were doing some ambi work. "Whats happening ? " I questioned Srujan who seemed like a team leader there .
"Tomorrow is SHAASTRA dude " he announced loudly as if I murdered someone!
Shaastra - The first day- oops It`s zero day ( Ya The five days of shaastra are numbered from 0-4 , not from 1-5 just like a c program numbers the elements of an array.) Except for the inauguration, nothing much happened. Food stalls were established for those 5 days in front of CLT just near the globe we painted ! GREAT!! Everyone who comes to shaastra will definitely see our globe- I thought ... Every vol gets coupons worth 75 rs. each day which we can spend at the stalls... and guess what ! Our C/O address from 4 -11 PM was at the food stalls The food items were too delicious .. Mmmmmm... I want them back and one more fact i observed is that The Mcdonald pizza I ate with my coupons was very delicious. The same pizza was not that delicious when I bought it with my own money :-P :May be this is called as "Work-get paid-enjoy" !! You may wonder and ask me what will you eat 7 hrs ? Well, I can eat mcdonalds pizzas,burgers,frenchfries, various frankies, icecreams, choclates, drinks, biriyani, noodles, manchuria,fruit juices... HEW!! the list never ends ! More than this, it served as a nice hangout spot for chatting. We boys also went there to check out the so-called goodlooking-outside-insti-gals !

To be continued.............

Saturday, December 13, 2008

SHAASTRA 2008 - our techfest!!! - Pre-shaastra week

Some of the finest moments of 1st sem happened during Shaastra week and the week before it .
Firstly I formed very good friends , secondly I came to know what really engineering means !
I worked as an ambi$ vol for shaastra. Don`t know what ambi means? Ambience is shortly called as ambi in iitm. Infact every such word is pronounced in a short way here like hospi for hospitality,spons pub for sponcers and publicity.. and there are hell lot of such examples. Ambience is something related with design. We, this time designed a globe with india map and shaastra logo ( two high funda$ cubes whose funda - I can`t explain now ) and IITM logo.... I`ve taken many pics of our work and uploaded some in my orkut profile.. Do have a look at them :
Lotto is my co-ord. But in ambience, every vol is vol under every ambience co-ord !! It just goes like this - All the vols and co-ords come under the design team . !! Ambi roxxx :-)
There was another coord Vishnu- A rocking guy I`ve ever met... He`s got a great talent in drawing and painting, a soft-spoken guy, hard-working, friendly, kind-hearted..... Ah! I`m short of words to describe him. One can mark his drawings and paintings as "PICTURE PERFECT" !
I got very close to my co-vols cobra and Jin in the course of our ambi work . You find this guy Jin as a strong personality at your first instance... and YES! He`s strong both physically and mentally .. Mentally strong- I can say this because his room mate is SP( Sagam Pichodu) :-P
and Cobra share some similar qualities with me - SOME... He too is lazy at work , always in need of internet...etc........,,,... During our work, Cobra and me kept chatting about many stupid things like girls, movies...etc, while Jin did his ambi job ..!
CFI( Centre for innovation) , The place infrontof CLT(Central Lecture Theatre) became our residence during that week ! Whenever I wanted to take rest , I used to get a call from some coord to come to CFI or CLT ..I felt like throwing away my mobile but thats N73 :-(
Whenever my friends call me or message me asking "where are you?"
"CFI" used to be my answer.
"Die there" they said frustrated !
One fine evening, I went to guru to have a cup of coffee and a little snack . As soon as i stepped into guru, my mbile vibrated in my pocket like a fire alarm would do if guru was caught on fire! Oh MY GOD! I cant even imagine that ! I read the message ..It was from Vishnu-
Macha, Come to CLT da. Its urgent. Come with a broomstick and a bucket and a towel . Be here as fast as u can. - that message read!!
HUH! I had to do that- there`s no other go as other vols were also busy with some other work. Even going to guru is also an important work , right?
I did as instructed and after all the work was over, I went the next day to claim back my bucket and my friend`s broomstick.
"Macha! your bucket is in Sharav(Sharav - Sharavathi is one of the two girls hostels) da and see the condition of the broomstick . You need to buy new ones"
`fuck! Sharav??? Why the hell? and new ones?? money???` I kept thinking..
"Dont worry we`ll get back the money whatever we`ve spent" he said. Ya! that`s one more interesting point. Whatever we spend for the work, We`ll get it back !!
I had to buy a new one later on... and no probs,I got the money back but after a month I guess :-) All these happened the week before Shaastra.
Every vol gets 75 rs. worth coupons during Shaastra which we spend at the stalls - THE GREAT FOOD STALLS......
Wait for my next post to know about the SHAASTRA WEEK proceedings !

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quiz 1.......

Quiz 1, Quiz 2 & end sem are the three main exams on which our bloody CGPA, shortly called the CG depends. It stands for cumulative grade point average. Quiz 1, the first of all the three came in a flash.. Till then we had many fundays sessions on `what is what` @ IITM . We had no idea about what a quiz in iitm means and we are gonna write our 1st quiz the next morning! ME111(Introduction to mechanical engineering) was the 1st quiz - my first biggie exam in iitm life.. & guess what ? It was a complete mess . Actually there is no specific portion for that exam . It`s just a gen exam and I screwed it up completely except for a crossword which had nothing to do with mechanical or with engineering..! It just a matter of english which I thought I could handle a bit.. and I left all the other crap questions :-( .
During quizzes, MY ROOM GETS "THE COMMON ROOM FOR FRESHIES" STATUS ! because of my roomie. He is a god in solving problems of all especially during exams time. He always sleeps , never studies and yet !!! MAN! He is really a stud . HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE ?? I questioned him many a times and he wouldnt answer because he cannot !! Even he does`nt know the answer for that question :-) The day before ph101 quiz, everyone was fighting over a problem in some crap tutorial in my room while BTM was in a deep sleep. After an hour he woke up and solved that problem in a minute !!! THAT IS BTM !! I`m really lucky to have him as my roomie & may be he is unlucky to have me as his roomie :-P
The day before Cy101 quiz- FUCK!! I HATE THIS CHEMISTRY - I would have repeated this sentence atleast a 100 times ! I thought to make a call to girls for help. Just as this thought passed my mind,I received a call from V**a ,
"What?" I asked.
"Need some help for Cy101" she said.
Now,what can I say?? what should I speak now??
"Even I`m very poor at this subject. So ask some other stud girls and tell me if they put any fundays" I gave back the reply. Poor girl! She asked another girl, V**a and called me at night and said - "My friend v**a completed chemistry. Ask her if you want"
"Ok.." I said and she gave her phone to v**a.
She asked me to read the slides and complete the given assignement - that would do for tomorrows exam. Ah! I got some hope with that statement.
She also asked me to read ATKINS- the book I hated THE MOST ! She said,"You will enjoy reading statistical thermodynamics from that book " - This was said at a time when I was about to skip that topic and have a nice sleep.
I tried to start that topic and read a page - GOD DAMN IT!! It`s better to sleep and cup$ in tomorrow`s exam than to join a mental hospital I thought.

During the quiz week , daily in the morning I used to send ALL THE BEST smses to all my friends in different styles. For example, before CS110 quiz1 , I sent an SMS which ran like this :

void main()
printf("All the best");
/*this is from ravi*/

which I thought I`d receive a good response seeing my creativity :-P but NO - I just received a couple of same-to-yous.
So form that day, I just sent normal all-the-bests for all the exams.
Oh My God! The day before MA101 - I neglected it completely as I used to be a maths champ in inter but SHIT! This is not at all related to that... whats this fucking portion ??? I asked my friends. Some of them had vague answers and some of them asked me another question in return "WHAT IS TOMORROW`S EXAM ?"
I sucked my roomie to explain me the sequences and series written in Piskunov(-Ah! This book is very popular- It`s the most commonly used book for Ma101 & I got a copy of this from Srujan,a senior during one of the interactive sessions which ran like this -
"put your intro da" Srujan said after taking me into his room one fine evening.
I started my usual iitm style intro....
Suddenly he asked, "Who is your favourite heroine ?"
"They keep changing from time to time"
"Aha! right now who occupies that status ?"
"shreya" I said.
"What about trisha?"
"bad colour"
"appears like a foreigner and a bit stout"
"appears a bit aged"
"Oh! so You say that shreya is the best of all" He said, impressed by my answers.
"for the timebeing..." I replied :-P
"Factory ? " (factory in an interactive session means the college where you studied inter)
"N**a Ashok nagar campus"
"Oh! Me too from the same campus!! " he said and affected with common-factory-feeling, gave me 2 books which were supposed to be very useful for 1st sem...I said supposed to be because I used them only thrice in the entire 1st sem- the day before quiz1,before quiz2, before end sem !!
Well, needless to say Piskunov was one among them..)
But my roomie was busy in explaining things to others who already started something. So I tried my level best had an incredible night out and somehow managed a decent score of 8/20 ! WHEW!! Thank God !

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

midnight meal..

Well, now just don`t make guesses on what happened then.. At that point of time, seniors calling outside... all these may rise doubts but it ensued a very healthy and friendly interaction between Bf,me,Jackson,nikka&Kpack.
So after reading that message, I waved a good bye to BTM and went outside GANGA with a little fear in mind . I found none outside our main entrance. Then I called BF and he asked me to come a bit forward and look near the bus stop . Oh My God ! I found a lot of junta$ there. Bf, on seeing me, signalled me to come there. I went there, worried. Bf was the only freshie present there and with me joining, number of freshies got incremented by 1. Simple math!
Nikka,Jackson,Kpack asI already mentioned, were the second years present with us. "Come" they said as soon as i went there and we started walking towards Guru$ .( its the best hangout in iitm campus - Wow! the egg puff, the noodles, the chat items - yummy! they are so delicious that once you eat there, you will forget about your mess!! )
We all went there and sat around a table - Round table conference! These seniors are very very friendly with us. Kpack and Nikka went and bought a cup of coffee for all. But wait! kpack ordered himself a soup instead of coffee. Man! he is completely different from all- I thought .
Be friendly with all ra. Whatever problem you get, just say it to your seniors. If you feel that you are getting pained$ by any senior, just inform them the same and go to your rooms. Daily spend 3 hrs- 4-7 PM in the Quadrangle$ ... etc....... - they were telling us a lot of fundays$ like this.
Later, "whats the time? " - Nikka
"12" - Kpack.
"Oh! just 12, shall we go for a walk near sangam$ ? " -nikka
"Better" - Jackson and Kpack.
So we all did. Sangam is a playground infrontof Saras hostel , besides the great restaurant - our favourite midnight hangout spot- THE BASERA !!
There was a bench near SANGAM which seemed like it was meant for us. We all sat there except Kpack who stood before us . They again started fundays on IITM life.. Some of the words which they used then like GA,VOL,CORD,FIGHT,CG..etc, appeared like keywords of a C program to me but now, I learnt C so I came to understand every such word :)
Jackson gave me some more tips on how to spend life there without wasting time .. and such useful issues....................

But from this entire incident, I dont know if I understood the fundays, I dont know whether their tips were useful to me or not , but on thing I learnt is - TO EAT AT THAT TIME OF THE DAY IS AWESOME IN IITM LIFE- Right from that day, I started my MIDNIGHT MEALS - Ofcourse not daily but whenever I feel like - especially when I have my fatty friend, Pratesh
(-A regular costumer of basera :-) ) beside me!!

A few interesting interative sessions....

When I chatted with my roomie$ yesterday, I suddenly remembered an incident which reflects how brave he is ! One fine night after a roll call , 5 freshies including me & him were called outside our hostel by 3 rocking seniors -raj,pole&tom for interaction. They were sitting on the wall just outside the entrance of GANGA and we were standing before them...
"Laddu! Come & sit here" Raj said pointing to the place beside him.
We do not know with whom he said these words but I said "No problem...."
"No problem?? I casually asked you to sit here da.. That means you are ready to sit beside a senior on your first week itself???" Raj said but ofcourse with a smile.
'my god! I should be careful' i thought.
"put intros da" pole ordered.
Each of us , me,bf,bharath,btm put our intros in our own ways.
"Shout GANGA as loud as you can" this from Raj again.
Everyone shouted well except me! I already decided on that - i know that i can`t shout louder because I don`t like shouting at all.. I will not shout neither would I encourage others... I tried my maximum possible voice but it appeared to be very little compared to the normal voice of raj or pole!!
Anyways , they were asking some more details of us.....
In the meanwhile some senior from another hostel, Godav, came to GANGA with a bottle in his hand. `oh! will he repeat fivepointsomeone scene??` I puzzled. Everyone else puzzled too.
"What brings you here ? " tom asked that godav senior.
"I came to get water " came the reply.
"AH!!!" Everyone present over there...
"came from godav to ganga to collect water?? " all the seniors puzzled. Ofcourse, we too were surprised but we didnt show that.
"ya! Every dispenser in godav suddenly turned empty ! " He said.
"Ohk... proceed..."
After collecting water , he came back. "Tell us from which hostel is he from ? " pole asked us .
"Godav" all of us said as the question was simpler than a JEE problem because that guy was wearing his hostel T-shirt.
That godav senior suddenly pointed his finger to my roomie, BTM and said, "You are a second year right ? "
Now comes the great reply from BTM ,"YES!!!" Everyone shocked, including the great Raj,Pole,Tom,MM(-another senior who joined in the middle),me,bf&bharath.
Hey! he is a senior. How dare you to say that? Your life would be ruined if he comes to know da$.
- I wanted to shout at him but couldnt. This guy is really brave. I`ve got a strong personality in my room then. Lucky me!
"But i didnt see you frequently ? "
Raj immediately said,"Our second years are like that. What can we do? They just lock themselves in their room and read. MAGGUS$ "
"Oh! Crap! ok.. " that godav senior with a little disgusted expression said and stayed for some more time to hear our intros again. Man ! these intros suck. How many times should I say the same to the same person ????
I was feeling tensed about my roomie... Just then when that senior was about to leave GANGA, our seniors revealed the great secret that my roomie is a freshie !!!!!!
His face brightened with anger. He took my roomie along with him and we all dispersed...
"What will happen to BTM ra? " I asked Bf while going to my room.
"Ob ra. He gets nicely fucked " Everyone replied.
Poor rat! He shouldnt have said so.
After an hour, while I was listening to songs, I heard someone knocking my door. I opened and to my surprise it`s BTM!!
"hey! so early?? what happened?"
"Oh! he is a nice guy.. he first asked me why did I say so. I replied `just for fun` !! Then he said that today being a weekday and he being busy right at that moment, he said he will leave me and warned me that if it were a weekend, he would have taken me to every senior in godav and get me raped !!!! and he finally said , "Dont play with your seniors da" "
"You are lucky ! COOL " I said happily.
Then I got a message from BF which ran something like this -
"Come outside GANGA ra. Some seniors are waiting for you "
Wanna know what happened then ? Wait for my next post !

Sunday, December 7, 2008

One of the longest days of my life.. II

It was a place where one can get any required material for a project like hardware stuff, steels and plastics, paints...... and hell lot of such things. We got off the train and the senior spoke -
"Lets divide into 3 groups of 3 members each and divide the items to be brought among us.Each group will buy it`s corresponding stuff and all of us reach this same spot again ok? "
"ya It`s a good idea " someone suggested .
"Common divide among yourselves . " He said. Somehow the division started and ended in a flash. I,bharath and that senior fell into 1 group. We began searching for bolts, a plastic sheet , an alluminium foil . Oh GOD ! It`s from here that people started fucking me ... .
First , we went to but that Aluminium sheet. My senior nearly talked to some other guy on phone for about 20 minutes to get the right length , breadth, thickness and type of the required aluminium sheet and we got it after trying in 4 shops ! I said I would carry that sheet with me . Fuck ! I never expected that the sheet was so sharp. It cut my fingers ! Ofcourse , it was just a minor cut. Then we went to buy bolts. SHIT ! he took half-an-hour to buy such small things - crap bolts- asking for the right metal, size ,type , shit,crap... etc.., just to suck my time. :-(
Just buy some damn bolts and lets get off from here dude I wanted to shout but I controlled myself as he was my senior ....
Now theres one more item in our list - a plastic sheet and ah! one more item i remembered just now- ballbearings of some required dimensions and guess what- another lengthy half-an-hour for that. The shopkeeper whom we asked recommended to another at the end of the street who can make bearings of any required dimensions. That so-talented-bearings-maker sucked entire juice in me! He ate time like hell. :-( MAN! he is really whiling away my time. I have CS lab today @ 7:30 PM I need to get there soon.."Will you join the other groups and go away ?" the senior asked me seeing my frustrated expression. "hmm.. no prob.. we can make out I think " I said . HUH! BIGGIE MISTAKE I MADE. Why did I say so? I don`t know :-(
I could have fled away from that spot right then but shit! I wanted to stay with them ... I don`t know sometimes I just fall into troubles with my own words ...
I just wanted to kill that talented guy with the aluminium sheet in my hand by cutting his throat... WOW! I can see a canible in me :-)
After all our hefty shopping, we came to know that the other two groups left already! We hurried to the station with a hope to find a train. I wondered if I could disappear in Paris and re-appear in IITM like magic. Harry potter !! can you help me out with this ?
We saw a train in the platform and it appeared like " waiting for you " WHEW! We immediately boarded it. The time was 7 already !
"No problem da.. you directly go like this and sit in the lab. Nothing will happen. Dont worry. " the senior consoled me.
`Fuck! You promised that we would reach there well before 6 and now .. !! ?? ` I scolded in my mind.
I started vigourous calculations of the train time and speed and the also that of the bus I would take at the main gate.
NOW, COMES THE REAL TWIST OF THE DAY.....................
i immediately asked one tam$ whether the train would reach IIT or not ..
"No! Its not that train . That train comes @ platform 6. this is a different train."
I just wanted to kill everyone around me with the new aluminium weapon i got. "What shall we do now? " Bharath puzzled. "Lets kill ourselves" I wanted to say,.. but again.. " Get down in the next station , wait for another train to come to this station again and wait for another train in platform 6" one tam suggested. "What would be my age by then ? " i questioned him in telugu as he won`t understand. Over! Everything is a mess now. Atleast I`ll try to get there by 8 and request my lab sir for permission.
"Lets get down in the next station and take an auto directly to CS LAB,IIT-M." i suggested- no ordered !
"OHk" both of them agreed .. they had to agree as I became the teamleader !!
We did the same and fortunately, our autodriver was a gult$. I begged him to drive madly fast. "Kill us in an accident or take us to our destination as fast as you can " was the task I assigned to him. He tried his best for that and we reached the main gate. I also asked him to take me to the CS department and the other two to GANGA. He did the same. OH! another twist now !To find out the Cs lab in Cs department is more difficult than completing a puzzle in devilmaycry3 game!! I finally, after many hurdles in the way, reached the lab @ 8:10 PM. I saw the class from outside. All the students were listening to some lecture by someone who was the one I was dreaming in the morning. I entered the class and ran back to the last bench and took a seat . BULLSHIT ! everyone noticed me. But that lab teacher is really a nice guy. He forgave me after listening to my problem and said that the first class was not very important and asked me not to repeat this from next time. "NEVER" I said to him and myself too.......................

Finally, at the end of the day, to forget all the stupid happenings of the day, I went to BASERA$ , had a cup of coffee and one egg biriyani (Ah! I love basera) and slept happily in 371B,GANGA .....!!

One of the longest days of my life.... I

Did you ever experience a day where all the people around you try to waste your time? ( Fuck YOU in an informal way) ? Did you ever think that your life is a complete mess ? Did you ever feel that there should not be a day like this anymore ? Well, if there was any such day in my life so far, its the day of my first CS lab. It was a day when the entire Chennai fucked me up !!

The morning was a routine piece. I woke up late as usual, attended nature calls, had a headbath and came out of my hostel GANGA with a hope of getting into the 7:45 bus because the other bus is at 8`o`clock. CRAP man! classes start @ 8 and the stupid bus also starts @ 8. How the hell can we people reaach there on time ? So I unfortunately missed the bus and was waiting for some poor fellow to give him the golden opportunity of dropping me in CRC :-P. After a couple of attempts in vain , I found one guy ready to give me a lift... and crap classes followed with me having a deep sleep during the classes.
Afternoon - After mess, I was on my way to the hostel. Just then I got a call from my co-ord$ that we need to go to paris to get some stuff for the soe$(SPIRIT OF ENGINEERING) project. It was a project on which many second years were working. They proposed to build a vehicle which they named as `archimedes amphibian` which can move on land,ice,sand,water and even underwater!! We, the freshies, may assist them in their work and the credit we get for that is volship.$ I unfortunately becme a vol for that though I had no such a spirit called spirit of engineering and moreover I am too lazy to do work which I am least interested in but i joined this as I imagined my work in a completely different way...... Anyways, a total of 9 members, 8 freshies + 1 senior took the bus to the main gate. That itself was a horrible journey ! It`s nearly 4 KM from GANGA to the maingate ! and the bus started late... It was around 2:30 PM that we reached the main gate. That day I had my 1st CS lab which infact was the 1st lab of my life in iitm ! So, naturally, I had an enthu of attending it early... I also had many questions revolving in my brain. Who will be teaching in the lab? Will they be strict ? etc....etc... The lab starts @ 7:30 PM . I asked that senior if we could reach back in time or not and he replied with a great confidence that we would be well before 6 PM. whew! thats cool I thought.

Me,that senior,Karthick,bharath,sashikanth,btm,ashish,nps and blady(shashank) the 9 people I mentioned earlier. After we got off the bus at the maingate, we reached some crap local railway station near the campus by walk. It was not a loooong walk , not a short one either . As soon as we reached the platform, one local train just passed away ! Ah! My bad time started here! The time was around 3 PM . We waited for another 15 min and then boarded the next local train which waits only for 8 seconds at the platform !! I don`t know why, everyone started sleeping as soon as we got into the train except me,kathick and the senior .. I casually asked him, " where are we going? "
"Paris" senior replied.
`wow! It may really look like paris.. chennai is a metro and Paris sounds like a great shopping mall ! We may enjoy a lot there ` I thought . Now, you please don`t even imagine like this..... Theres no eifel tower or something - no, anything like that ! It just the name that sounds good... anyways, I`ll describe it later when we reach that great place .
"how much time will this train take to reach there? "
"around 50 min"
`OH MY GOD!! 50 min is very big man! it would be 4:30 when we reach there ! ` I shouted .
"Don`t worry. Shopping takes around an hour and we`ll reach back by 6:30 PM "
`crap! he said we`ll reach by 6 right? now, where from this 30 came ??`
the train ran past many historic construtions ( old buildings :-P) and finally reached our destinaton - the great PARIS !!

Friday, December 5, 2008


AARGH ! ACADS - I started hating that word so much that "ravi wants life without acads at IIT MADRAS" became my orkut profile name !! Classes take place in CRC ( class room complex ) located near the GC. I hate all the places that fall to the left side of GC while coming from my hostel GANGA ... but, exluding one , i.e. CC - Campus cafe . It`s a canteen where one can get delicious tiffine items, tea,coffee,BOOST etc., at a cheaper price . I love the bread-omlet @ CC so much that it became my default item whenever I go there. Anyways, coming back to the point, ACADS..

The CRC is an old construction of 3 floors. All our classes take place in the first floor, except the maths class which takes place in the 2nd. My first class was MA101 - The course rated as the toughest in first year based on the number of cups$ last year.. Prof came in and scribbled something on the blackboard (-not greenboards like in N**a colleges as I mentioned in my previous blog) .. which looked like a JEE problem. That was the first and LAST class that I listened!!! Here I wanna mention some more interesting fundas$ about IITM classes... The benches get filled from last to first contrary to Bohr`s atomic model ! ..
Mobile phones gain importance during the time before the class starts... SMS,GAMING & MUSIC get their peak positions & my N73 outsmarts many phones in music but gets fucked off if a CHINA piece enters the battle.. Coming to sms`s, I started receiving many good messages and jokes in the form of smses from many sources. I started forwading them to all of my friends....I gradually became SMS god !! My messages became very famous among my friends :-) - This was told by my friend P****a recently during my journey to home for semester holidays..
Coming back to the point, One thing I love is lectures are made either into pdfs or text files and uploaded into the courses website of IIT-M.... It`s a useful idea, especially for people like me! CS110 class is really awesome because it is conducted in 2 classes 102 and 103 simultaneously ( prof teaches in 1 class and his video along with the slides is shown in the next class ) Whoever wants to leave early sits in 103 , signs the attendance and then leave the class !! No one cares...:-) Even I did so a couple of times reason being hunger !! Cy101 class can be considered as living hell especially the quantum chem class . It really tests our patience man. Fuck, You don`t get any DAMN out of it but its so important that entire quiz-2 and 50% of end sem is based on it.. and guess what I completely messed it up in both the exams :-) No probs.. there are many other likes of mine now........!!!!

My next post is gonna be about the day of my 1st CS lab which was very dramatic... ... I just wanna share those worst happenings of the day..........

new friends.. II

Speaking Club-A club to improve our communication skills,started by some students of iitm,for iitm. One fine evening, there was a call for all freshies having enthu to join in this club. The venue was SAC. A good number of freshies turned up & I was one obvious dude among them. I went there along with Bharath & Dinesh. As soon as we went inside SAC, we found out that there was no AC!! OH! fuck.! Shall we pack ? I immediately asked Bharath. Lets wait for some time he suggested. Ok, we were waiting... but SAC without AC is like a laptop without charge! - Worst comparision I suppose :-P. Slowly, the meeting started. I began scanning for girls but found none." These girls are always late na? " - I said to Bharath. "Yeah! They need to make-up and come na" -as soon as he said these words, some girls with lipstick, facecream, perfume and all such make-up stuff appeared. Later on, a good number of gals also turned up..
We were asked to form into groups of five each and a cartoon would be provided to each group. We need to form a story based on that cartoon and every group member should speak about it for atleast a minute. That was the funda$ of that session. 'Sounds GOOD' I said to myself....So now we need to form into fives. We were three already. That implies we need 2 more! Wow ! i`m a good mathematician :-P As we were seaching for those vacant posts, two girls approached us & one of them said, " can we join in your team?"
'Oh! man, this is cool... girls asking us to join in our team ! great !! ' how can a boy disagree under such a situation ?? We immediately agreed and those two joined and in the meanwhile they brought one more friend of theirs into our group. So, after many attempts of a good story, we were finally able to form a crap level story . We need to say that before many stud$ english spaeking junta$ . This V**a was so tensed that she argued with us that she wouldnt say anything ,she would just stand there along with us! "oh! common you need to speak" I tried to encourage her but in vain. She spoke only one line in the end. I still remember that, it goes like this- "D.G. hospital - It stands for DEATH GUARANTEED hospital" - She explained. (ofcourse, you will not able to get the damn out of it as that DG hospital was a part of that crap-level story I mentioned ) Well, that`s how V**a & G**a got introduced to me and we became good friends..............
There`s one more good friend of mine , Ganesh from GANGA. I don`t exactly remember how we got introduced to each other but we became so good friends that we address each other as DARLING !! Here, Vizag needs a special mention. I liked all the vizag guyz in my insti.. I don`t know why. There`s one more guy SP(sagam pichodu!!), original name being prasanth , from vizag . There`s something special in him too..... he does all the things in a different way. That`s the reason of he being called SP :-) . Then comes RAJ, a rocking senior, again from GANGA & VIZAG . He is not a human, he`s a sports GOD , plays almost every sport, studmax$ in footer$ , totally a machine packed with energy... there are many others too who are very good friends of mine.. and i`ll write about them in my coming posts....

new friends... I

The first thing we did is went to DKC ( Digital knowledge centre- located in the second level of Central library - a heaven for heavy net users among freshies ) , logged into orkut and into the community "IIT MADRAS 2008 FRESHERS" , sent friend requests all the possible gals.. & started chatting with them! ( I already said na- i`m interested in girls :-P) .. i first started chatting with a girl(p**i) and was so accustomed to chatting with her that I didnt really talk to her till now !!
Anyways, we being the Golden jubliee batch, had a special meeting in the first week. The Golden jubliee celebrations - held @ SAC ( students activity centre ) . The meeting was damn boring for the first half and turned awesome in the second. The reason being the former half was filled with stupid crap boring speeches and the latter half was filled with a spectacular dance show with all the possible dance forms.. it was really worth watching it. I watched it along with bf and we both sat near a group of gals.. no need to mention this its ob I guess ? He wanted to chat with our nearest girl desperately. I asked him to wait for the right time but he didnt, he started off a good conversation. "this guy is really fast" I thought.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The beginnings....

We are at it! 371B,GANGA is my new home . So, my days 2 IIT-M started !
For the first few days, all the freshies were called to the common room in the hostel during nights and were asked put intros to the seniors . This is called "roll call". The very first roll call was itself very interesting. Doodh ( GCU$ head from GANGA) asked us to present ourselves before the seniors.... he asked us to boast ourselves . Everyone had his own way of doing this. Everyone is good at something or the other like, there was one GOD$ at astronomy, another in many sports, a stud in acads, a GOD in monoacting, etc., Now, my turn came. What`s there to boast in me? I`m just this typical guy from andhra, N***A college, who wasted his life for 2 years without any useful extra-curicular activities. I have very little knowledge of music , so I can`t say that. I suck @ sports ( Man! Every guy around me play some sport or the other well, but I am really very poor at all the sports as I came from a background which says "ALL WORK NO PLAY" FUCK!! Every school kid in these cities play...My school is a big no-no to sports and games .every kid villages also play... but my case is different... I played only in my childhood and later on it was just once in a blue moon due to the circumstances...Is it my mistake? certainly not . Atleast, I`ll start playing from next sem.). in this context , I made a biggie mistake - I said "Sports are not there in my genes" Fuck man! Why did I say that? Later on i was interacted well based on this statement by some seniors. More or less, I`m good at drawing and painting , I also got many prizes.. so I started boasting on it... then I also mentioned my previous blog : there. I mentioned some other interests like animation & my very small achievements in it... & also me being one among the top 5 from south india selected for creative writing conducted by national balbhavan... etc., but all these seemed to be very little compared to what others had said.
Anyways, the first roll call ended. The next day, My GCU counsellor summoned me and asked what had happened after the roll call the previous day. As nothing happened, I mentioned the same. "Oh!! Today might be a bit different. some seniors may call you to their rooms nad interact with you. If you feel pain, just say that and go to your rom and sleep."
"Ah! This is it. Ragging started" - I thought.
The second roll call -
The same pattern as the first one. What should I do to make it more interesting? It would surely be boring if I repeat the same as many others did. I thought of saying more interests of mine. Then I made the biggest mistake of my life. I said "I AM INTERESTED IN GIRLS"
FUCK!! FUCK!! What did I say just now? interested in girls?? what the heck is that? Isn`t there any better interest than that? Ofcourse, every boy is interested in gals, but why should I make it public, that too infront of seniors! Man! I really suck Later, I was ragged to juice by many seniors as I said these words :-( . But , I didnt say wrong ,right? :-P)