Friday, December 19, 2008

After effects...

This post is not a continuation of the `story mode` of my blog. This incident happened in recent times .. which I wanted to share with you all. After all, this is not my resume or anything of that sort, right ?, I need not follow chronological order , do I?
Anyways, coming to the scene, I recently attended a family function where this stupid happenings took place. This is a problem of a typical IITian outside the insti. I went there with the great Shaastra T-shirt on my body....!Yeah! ofcourse anyone from IIT madras loves to put on his IITM T-shirts whenever he/she is out of the insti.. It gives us a special feeling that cannot be expressed in words... The same T-shirt looses it`s importance when it is inside the campus area !... but once its enters the outside world, it gains GLORY !:P
But guess what ? That`s a big mistake I`ve made here !!!! YES! One aunt came in my way and said, "Oh! are you studying in IIT madras ?"
"Yeah" I replied casually..with as usual a boring expression on my face..
"woooooooooooooooooow, greaaaaaaatttt " She exclaimed as if I had brought India 5 olympic medals ! "CRAP MAN! there are lots of others who are in IIT madras & who are in a still better position than me. Go and hug them " I wanted to shout at her but I couldn`t as it was a family issue :p
"What`s so great in that aunty?" I asked losing my temper gradually...
"What are you talking ?? IIT madras !!! great !! very great !! " she said..and went away when some other aunt called her to show her new saree and explain it`s greatness.. May be the saree was greater than an IITian..!
One uncle got hold of me now. He was actually in his 80`s but looked like a young tiger as he was from military :). He came to know that I`m from IIT and he questioned me about the IITM life like hell! Ah! that was more worse than being raped by Raghu in Roadies auditions ! :P
Whatever I say about IITM, he keeps saying that "The central government is really good. When I was in the military,... "
Oh! WHAT EVER BULL SHIT I SAY, he starts with "When I was in the military..."
...Look uncle, I dont know what you did when you were in military but I just know what you are doing right now... YOU ARE FUCKING ME !!! :(
After that, I just wanted to quit from that place as fast as I can. Then came another aunt..
"Oh! you are **`s son right ?"
"ha!" I said with a more disgusted expression.
"What are you doing now?"
"Thinking to fuckoff from this place" I wanted to say.. but.. you know that I didnt & I couldnt.
"studying in IIT madras aunty.. mechanical engineering" I said infact, I whispered as I lost my energy.
"Oh! WOW! Just as I thought .. I saw IIT madras printed on your shirt ! "
"YOU ARE A GENIUS !! GO AND WRITE JEE-2009 AND JOIN IITM" I was about to shout the same but something held me back - It was a social meeting . How can I, being an IITian say that ??
One more aunt joined our genuine conversation and said "Ya! this guy has got a typical IITian`s look. That spects! - is an indication that he is an IITian "
"Ya! whoever has spects , he is from the IITs " this aunt replied.
FUCK! I was dumbstruck with this newly proposed theory by the two aunts. Whoever has got the spects, he is from IIT . Oh! is it ?(Hey! to all those who are preparing for IIT, put up a spects. that`s enough .. no need to prepare anything ... :P) Just then I saw an old couple with spects walking on the road.. and I saw that same aunt`s child running infrontof me with spects. "aunty, which IIT is your child from ?" I got the doubt and this time I asked it!! HURRAY!!
"What? " she said puzzled.
"He too has got spects na ?" I acted in a smart way.. but she wasnt that smart enough to catch my thoughts.. she just thought that I`ve cracked a joke and left the issue.. when her eyes fell on a ad showing discount on jewellery .
One more aunt now!:( She introduced me to her friend like this -
"Look ***, this is raviteja, ***`s son.. he is from IIT madras "
"Oh!! really! " - this from that aunt`s friend.
"ya! Look at him. He is very studious na? He writes every exam well. His mother calls me and tells his ranks everytime and they are great.. what`s your eamcet rank?"
"er... (ya, what`s my Eamcet rank? - i took sometime to remember) .. it`s 6.. 20...8 "
"see he even forgot his own rank!"
FUCK ! Does everyone remember everything.. Ranks are useless to me. So I don`t try to remember them.
" Oh! great! 600 rank woow"
AAAAAAAAAAAAARRGGGGHHHH ! some one has to get a rank of 628 . That status was unfortunately assigned to me ! Nothing more than that !!! OK????
Finally , at the end of the day , I wanted to throw my DAMN spects , break them into pieces, remove my T-shirt and shout at my loudest possible voice that "I`m not an IITian"
no- I should rather shout " IITians are not like what you people think. If you don`t know how we are please just shut your mouths.."


shashank said...

dude ...this is the voice of every iit ian ... probably

Anonymous said...

ya I`m really facing these kinda probs daily :(