Monday, December 1, 2008

The beginnings....

We are at it! 371B,GANGA is my new home . So, my days 2 IIT-M started !
For the first few days, all the freshies were called to the common room in the hostel during nights and were asked put intros to the seniors . This is called "roll call". The very first roll call was itself very interesting. Doodh ( GCU$ head from GANGA) asked us to present ourselves before the seniors.... he asked us to boast ourselves . Everyone had his own way of doing this. Everyone is good at something or the other like, there was one GOD$ at astronomy, another in many sports, a stud in acads, a GOD in monoacting, etc., Now, my turn came. What`s there to boast in me? I`m just this typical guy from andhra, N***A college, who wasted his life for 2 years without any useful extra-curicular activities. I have very little knowledge of music , so I can`t say that. I suck @ sports ( Man! Every guy around me play some sport or the other well, but I am really very poor at all the sports as I came from a background which says "ALL WORK NO PLAY" FUCK!! Every school kid in these cities play...My school is a big no-no to sports and games .every kid villages also play... but my case is different... I played only in my childhood and later on it was just once in a blue moon due to the circumstances...Is it my mistake? certainly not . Atleast, I`ll start playing from next sem.). in this context , I made a biggie mistake - I said "Sports are not there in my genes" Fuck man! Why did I say that? Later on i was interacted well based on this statement by some seniors. More or less, I`m good at drawing and painting , I also got many prizes.. so I started boasting on it... then I also mentioned my previous blog : there. I mentioned some other interests like animation & my very small achievements in it... & also me being one among the top 5 from south india selected for creative writing conducted by national balbhavan... etc., but all these seemed to be very little compared to what others had said.
Anyways, the first roll call ended. The next day, My GCU counsellor summoned me and asked what had happened after the roll call the previous day. As nothing happened, I mentioned the same. "Oh!! Today might be a bit different. some seniors may call you to their rooms nad interact with you. If you feel pain, just say that and go to your rom and sleep."
"Ah! This is it. Ragging started" - I thought.
The second roll call -
The same pattern as the first one. What should I do to make it more interesting? It would surely be boring if I repeat the same as many others did. I thought of saying more interests of mine. Then I made the biggest mistake of my life. I said "I AM INTERESTED IN GIRLS"
FUCK!! FUCK!! What did I say just now? interested in girls?? what the heck is that? Isn`t there any better interest than that? Ofcourse, every boy is interested in gals, but why should I make it public, that too infront of seniors! Man! I really suck Later, I was ragged to juice by many seniors as I said these words :-( . But , I didnt say wrong ,right? :-P)


Anonymous said...

ur right..........

ravi teja said...

hii.. who is this anonymous ?