Friday, December 5, 2008


AARGH ! ACADS - I started hating that word so much that "ravi wants life without acads at IIT MADRAS" became my orkut profile name !! Classes take place in CRC ( class room complex ) located near the GC. I hate all the places that fall to the left side of GC while coming from my hostel GANGA ... but, exluding one , i.e. CC - Campus cafe . It`s a canteen where one can get delicious tiffine items, tea,coffee,BOOST etc., at a cheaper price . I love the bread-omlet @ CC so much that it became my default item whenever I go there. Anyways, coming back to the point, ACADS..

The CRC is an old construction of 3 floors. All our classes take place in the first floor, except the maths class which takes place in the 2nd. My first class was MA101 - The course rated as the toughest in first year based on the number of cups$ last year.. Prof came in and scribbled something on the blackboard (-not greenboards like in N**a colleges as I mentioned in my previous blog) .. which looked like a JEE problem. That was the first and LAST class that I listened!!! Here I wanna mention some more interesting fundas$ about IITM classes... The benches get filled from last to first contrary to Bohr`s atomic model ! ..
Mobile phones gain importance during the time before the class starts... SMS,GAMING & MUSIC get their peak positions & my N73 outsmarts many phones in music but gets fucked off if a CHINA piece enters the battle.. Coming to sms`s, I started receiving many good messages and jokes in the form of smses from many sources. I started forwading them to all of my friends....I gradually became SMS god !! My messages became very famous among my friends :-) - This was told by my friend P****a recently during my journey to home for semester holidays..
Coming back to the point, One thing I love is lectures are made either into pdfs or text files and uploaded into the courses website of IIT-M.... It`s a useful idea, especially for people like me! CS110 class is really awesome because it is conducted in 2 classes 102 and 103 simultaneously ( prof teaches in 1 class and his video along with the slides is shown in the next class ) Whoever wants to leave early sits in 103 , signs the attendance and then leave the class !! No one cares...:-) Even I did so a couple of times reason being hunger !! Cy101 class can be considered as living hell especially the quantum chem class . It really tests our patience man. Fuck, You don`t get any DAMN out of it but its so important that entire quiz-2 and 50% of end sem is based on it.. and guess what I completely messed it up in both the exams :-) No probs.. there are many other likes of mine now........!!!!

My next post is gonna be about the day of my 1st CS lab which was very dramatic... ... I just wanna share those worst happenings of the day..........

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