Thursday, December 25, 2008

Diwali vacation.. continued...

After we landed in the secunderabad station , L**i went away alone somehow - I don`t exactly remember... Me & rathode opted for a bus . We were waiting at the bus stand ... Just then a voice interrupted me ! -
"Hai ra ravi! "
"huh! .. err.. haii.." I couldn`t recognise him... but he wished me a big hiii as if we were childhood friends-friends who can exchange hearts for each other-he missed me so much-he was happy that he met me again-..... this kind of story ran in my mind with the way he wished me "HI"
"Didn`t you recognise me ? "
"e.rrr.. sorry ra.. i didnt"
"Me ra ! *** , FTB section " (Actually, I need not put those ** here because I actually don`t remember his name even now.. his voice was not clear when he said his name.. even if it was clear, I wouldn`t have remembered because these days I`m turning into a GAJINI ...
Oka maaru kalisina andam.. sorry.. thu merihadhoori pyasu pyasu... :P)
But I didn`t want to hurt his feelings .. after all he remembered me and wished me !
So , I continued..
"OHHH!!! YOU ??? HII DUDE ! HOWZ LIFE ?? " I asked him with my face glowing !
"Fine ra... tell me about you ra.. how is iit life ? "
(Oh! He even know that I`m an IITian !! )
"Great ra ! Came for diwali vacation .. Where did you join ?"
"CBIT ra ... you are in mechanical department right ?"
(Oh my God! Did I commit any murder and is he a CBI cop investigating for the same ? How come he able to know my biodata ?? )
"YA! and you ?"
"IT ra.."
"Ohk fine.."
"Waiting for bus?"
Now, this is one of the questions which I hate THE MOST . What else does anyone do standing at the busstop? Wait for his girlfriend ?? CRAP MAN... Whenever someone is standing at the busstop , some other person will come and ask him "Didn`t your bus come yet?"
what the FUCK will he do there if his bus has already come ?? that`s completely a meaningless question... agree ??
But as I said I was really in a good mood then ,
So I replied with a simple yes... & continued..
"you too for the same purpose I suppose?"
"College bus?"
"cool.. good to see you... byeee"
"byee ra.....very happy to see you again"
(But where did he see me before ? He said FTB but there are sucking 80 students in FTB and I don`t even know the names of some of them.... may be he is one among them ! Dude, if by any chance you come to read this , please please don`t take it bad.. I`m really poor at remembering people.. I already mentioned na... GAJINI !!

...After that unusual meeting, we took a bus and landed at some place near rathode`s house and I took a service auto from there to LB nagar which costed only 5 rs ... MAN ! that was the cheapest journey of my life time ! JUST 5 rs. for 14 km from Secunderabad to LB nagar ! (Rathode paid for my bus ticket too .... :-) )

To be continued......

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