Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A few interesting interative sessions....

When I chatted with my roomie$ yesterday, I suddenly remembered an incident which reflects how brave he is ! One fine night after a roll call , 5 freshies including me & him were called outside our hostel by 3 rocking seniors -raj,pole&tom for interaction. They were sitting on the wall just outside the entrance of GANGA and we were standing before them...
"Laddu! Come & sit here" Raj said pointing to the place beside him.
We do not know with whom he said these words but I said "No problem...."
"No problem?? I casually asked you to sit here da.. That means you are ready to sit beside a senior on your first week itself???" Raj said but ofcourse with a smile.
'my god! I should be careful' i thought.
"put intros da" pole ordered.
Each of us , me,bf,bharath,btm put our intros in our own ways.
"Shout GANGA as loud as you can" this from Raj again.
Everyone shouted well except me! I already decided on that - i know that i can`t shout louder because I don`t like shouting at all.. I will not shout neither would I encourage others... I tried my maximum possible voice but it appeared to be very little compared to the normal voice of raj or pole!!
Anyways , they were asking some more details of us.....
In the meanwhile some senior from another hostel, Godav, came to GANGA with a bottle in his hand. `oh! will he repeat fivepointsomeone scene??` I puzzled. Everyone else puzzled too.
"What brings you here ? " tom asked that godav senior.
"I came to get water " came the reply.
"AH!!!" Everyone present over there...
"came from godav to ganga to collect water?? " all the seniors puzzled. Ofcourse, we too were surprised but we didnt show that.
"ya! Every dispenser in godav suddenly turned empty ! " He said.
"Ohk... proceed..."
After collecting water , he came back. "Tell us from which hostel is he from ? " pole asked us .
"Godav" all of us said as the question was simpler than a JEE problem because that guy was wearing his hostel T-shirt.
That godav senior suddenly pointed his finger to my roomie, BTM and said, "You are a second year right ? "
Now comes the great reply from BTM ,"YES!!!" Everyone shocked, including the great Raj,Pole,Tom,MM(-another senior who joined in the middle),me,bf&bharath.
Hey! he is a senior. How dare you to say that? Your life would be ruined if he comes to know da$.
- I wanted to shout at him but couldnt. This guy is really brave. I`ve got a strong personality in my room then. Lucky me!
"But i didnt see you frequently ? "
Raj immediately said,"Our second years are like that. What can we do? They just lock themselves in their room and read. MAGGUS$ "
"Oh! Crap! ok.. " that godav senior with a little disgusted expression said and stayed for some more time to hear our intros again. Man ! these intros suck. How many times should I say the same to the same person ????
I was feeling tensed about my roomie... Just then when that senior was about to leave GANGA, our seniors revealed the great secret that my roomie is a freshie !!!!!!
His face brightened with anger. He took my roomie along with him and we all dispersed...
"What will happen to BTM ra? " I asked Bf while going to my room.
"Ob ra. He gets nicely fucked " Everyone replied.
Poor rat! He shouldnt have said so.
After an hour, while I was listening to songs, I heard someone knocking my door. I opened and to my surprise it`s BTM!!
"hey! so early?? what happened?"
"Oh! he is a nice guy.. he first asked me why did I say so. I replied `just for fun` !! Then he said that today being a weekday and he being busy right at that moment, he said he will leave me and warned me that if it were a weekend, he would have taken me to every senior in godav and get me raped !!!! and he finally said , "Dont play with your seniors da" "
"You are lucky ! COOL " I said happily.
Then I got a message from BF which ran something like this -
"Come outside GANGA ra. Some seniors are waiting for you "
Wanna know what happened then ? Wait for my next post !

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