Thursday, December 25, 2008


Don`t worry ! It`s new year time now I agree ..... but In my story, it was Diwali time :P
1 day holiday for the most celebrated festival of india - sounds cool ... I thought to go home :)
That was the first time I`m going to my home after joining IIT ! WOW!
"Diwali is on tuesday.. So if we bunk friday & monday , we can have a 5 day vacation , what say? " I asked Rathode.
"that`s exactly my opinion too" He replied.
So both of us booked tickets together and we`d planned our day well to reach the station on time . I clearly remember it was thirsday .. It means we have WORKSHOP !! :o It ends at 4:30 PM .. train is at 6:10 (yeah! Charminar dude) . It is highly impossible to come back to hostel , make things ready and catch the train if we attended the complete workshop ! Afterall, chennai is a metro.. so station must be far from IIT :P
I had gearshop and he had turning workshop. (I`m gonna discuss in detail about my blunders in these workshops later in my posts...wait for them ) I went to that Gear shop guy right after entering the workshop and asked him permission to leave me early.
"At what time ?" sir asked.
"3 : 20 sir" I said , ofcourse with an extreme obedient and polite tone.. YA! I`ve got this tactics !
"3:20?? It`s difficult na.."
"sir! Am I asking you to buy me an iphone ?? " my mind said but my mouth said some other shit - "sir, train is @ 5:30 and since station is far away......... please think of it sir once "
"hmm... ok i`ll leave you at 3:45 " ( Thank God! He didn`t ask me where I was going and by which train.. I couldnt have named a train that goes to hyderabad which starts @ 5:30 in chennai :P :) )
"Ohk.. sir.." I said with a bit disappointment .. but then I got a wonderful idea - I set my watch timings 15 minutes late... and asked him permission again @ 3:35 pm in my new watch showing him the time !!!! WOW! THAT MEANS I`VE GOT A 25 min advantage to what was actually proposed ! cooooool ..
I rushed out of the room hearing his last words .. "This is gear costs around rs.20,000 /-.... "
Sir, Can you gimme one ? :P

Then I went and saw Rathode`s condition . He was still turning his job with the lathe machine :(
He asked me to walk to my hostel and that he would join me in the way ..
Ok.. it was fine but that word WALK didnt sound well .. Ya! He has a cycle and I don`t have :(
Ofcourse, I`ve a cycle but it committed suicide.. It has decided that it`s owner is a bitch and assumed that everyone else is the same... so it made it`s condition in such a way that no one can ride it !
Anyways, We reached the taramani busstop - oh! wait now we became three - L**i joined us...
Mine was a moderate size half-filled bag , Rathode`s was a still smaller one - well packed.....
but She brought a HUGE LUGGAGE man! A big wheel suit-case completely packed , and 1 more big shoulder bag .. ha! add to that a big packet of grub$ to eat!! HUH ! I liked only the last one :)
(Sorry L**i , It`s not about you in particular .. All girls are like that - I guess :P )
But that killed our time to such an extent that we reached the train just in time...........
We boarded it @ 6:09 PM and for the first time in my life @ Indian railways, the train followed the right schedule :P It started the next minute... and the next morning - We were in our LOVELY CITY - THE GREAT HYDERABAD !!!

To be continued....

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