Thursday, December 18, 2008

The last SHAASTRA NIGHT.......

Shaastra 2008 had a great presentation of SOE projects. For example, can you imagine a bicycle which is self-riding? Can you imagine something which flies by flaping its wings? did you ever see a vehicle which can move on anykind of land, on water and even underwater?? NO? Then you should`ve visited SHAASTRA 2008 !!
I`m a brute, Idiot if I dont mention about the SHAASTRA NIGHTS here........ Every night of Shaastra was special ... ofcourse the most we enjoyed was the laser show... which I think I will not describe because I CANNOT!! IT WAS DAMN AWESOME MAN!!! BELIEVE ME ! YOUR LIFE IS USELESS IF YOU HAVEN`T WATCHED IT!!!! WE REALLY LOVED IT!!
In this show I loved one of the scenes very much... in which they showed a classroom.. in which a boy will be sleeping in the last bench.. a paper aeroplane comes out from his classroom dreams and circles round the class.. and the entire iitm and finally the real picture shows up- That same paper plane turns into a real AIRCRAFT and Guess what? This last bench guy is it`s inventor!!!
well, another shaastra night was a damn boring lecture on something which I cant even pronounce..
The show was supposed to start at 7 PM @ SAC.. so we went there on time.. and waited for 1 DAMN BORING hour for the prog to start... Ah! yeah.. it started at 8 PM and we left the hall at 8:05 PM :-)
Another was ROBOTICS show where robots danced to DHOOM song, played football... and such stuff.... I got a wierd thought of making that robot write my exams by feeding all the required info in it .. WHAT SAY ?
The last was evening... still, we didnt get our coupons . I was pissing my co-ord for the same .... when SP(prasanth) sent me a message "What r u doin?"
I replied him back - " Licking my co-ord`s ass for coupons"
yeah! thats true he showed the same to Lotto!!
He met me again in the evening and said -"I`ll show you whats meant by LICKING !"
OMG! but he is good enough to forgive me :-)
Well, that is why we call this guy Sagam pichodu ! He`s got a unique speciality .... When there is someone in his room, he locks the door and walks away!! and if no one is present, he keeps his door wide open and walks away!! so this name! very apt na ?? credit goes to The GREAT ganesh!! We even thought of publishing a book "Sagam pichodi leelalu" and distribute it to next year`s freshies ! :-P

Our last night @ stalls.........
Our Ambi vols were happy as we could see a lot of people taking photographs at our globe !! That day we got more coupons than we were supposed to get as one of our co-vols went out of station and another co-vol gave his coupons as he wasn`t feeling well!! WOOOOWW... great.. !!
Added to that, I had asked P**a for coupons the previous day and I got the response now.. She gave me an extra 40rs. coupons !! OH!! thank you!
Having well enough coupons in our pockets and it being the last time we got to spend at that beautiful place, we REALLY enjoyed a lot ................
Ate whatever we ate whatever is available there! ... had a look at all the gals who would be leaving our insti the next day :( ... long chats with friends.... jokes....... etc.....etc....
GOD! I need shaastra back!
I want the stalls back!!
I want those 5 golden days back !!!

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