Tuesday, December 9, 2008

midnight meal..

Well, now just don`t make guesses on what happened then.. At that point of time, seniors calling outside... all these may rise doubts but it ensued a very healthy and friendly interaction between Bf,me,Jackson,nikka&Kpack.
So after reading that message, I waved a good bye to BTM and went outside GANGA with a little fear in mind . I found none outside our main entrance. Then I called BF and he asked me to come a bit forward and look near the bus stop . Oh My God ! I found a lot of junta$ there. Bf, on seeing me, signalled me to come there. I went there, worried. Bf was the only freshie present there and with me joining, number of freshies got incremented by 1. Simple math!
Nikka,Jackson,Kpack asI already mentioned, were the second years present with us. "Come" they said as soon as i went there and we started walking towards Guru$ .( its the best hangout in iitm campus - Wow! the egg puff, the noodles, the chat items - yummy! they are so delicious that once you eat there, you will forget about your mess!! )
We all went there and sat around a table - Round table conference! These seniors are very very friendly with us. Kpack and Nikka went and bought a cup of coffee for all. But wait! kpack ordered himself a soup instead of coffee. Man! he is completely different from all- I thought .
Be friendly with all ra. Whatever problem you get, just say it to your seniors. If you feel that you are getting pained$ by any senior, just inform them the same and go to your rooms. Daily spend 3 hrs- 4-7 PM in the Quadrangle$ ... etc....... - they were telling us a lot of fundays$ like this.
Later, "whats the time? " - Nikka
"12" - Kpack.
"Oh! just 12, shall we go for a walk near sangam$ ? " -nikka
"Better" - Jackson and Kpack.
So we all did. Sangam is a playground infrontof Saras hostel , besides the great restaurant - our favourite midnight hangout spot- THE BASERA !!
There was a bench near SANGAM which seemed like it was meant for us. We all sat there except Kpack who stood before us . They again started fundays on IITM life.. Some of the words which they used then like GA,VOL,CORD,FIGHT,CG..etc, appeared like keywords of a C program to me but now, I learnt C so I came to understand every such word :)
Jackson gave me some more tips on how to spend life there without wasting time .. and such useful issues....................

But from this entire incident, I dont know if I understood the fundays, I dont know whether their tips were useful to me or not , but on thing I learnt is - TO EAT AT THAT TIME OF THE DAY IS AWESOME IN IITM LIFE- Right from that day, I started my MIDNIGHT MEALS - Ofcourse not daily but whenever I feel like - especially when I have my fatty friend, Pratesh
(-A regular costumer of basera :-) ) beside me!!

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