Sunday, December 7, 2008

One of the longest days of my life.... I

Did you ever experience a day where all the people around you try to waste your time? ( Fuck YOU in an informal way) ? Did you ever think that your life is a complete mess ? Did you ever feel that there should not be a day like this anymore ? Well, if there was any such day in my life so far, its the day of my first CS lab. It was a day when the entire Chennai fucked me up !!

The morning was a routine piece. I woke up late as usual, attended nature calls, had a headbath and came out of my hostel GANGA with a hope of getting into the 7:45 bus because the other bus is at 8`o`clock. CRAP man! classes start @ 8 and the stupid bus also starts @ 8. How the hell can we people reaach there on time ? So I unfortunately missed the bus and was waiting for some poor fellow to give him the golden opportunity of dropping me in CRC :-P. After a couple of attempts in vain , I found one guy ready to give me a lift... and crap classes followed with me having a deep sleep during the classes.
Afternoon - After mess, I was on my way to the hostel. Just then I got a call from my co-ord$ that we need to go to paris to get some stuff for the soe$(SPIRIT OF ENGINEERING) project. It was a project on which many second years were working. They proposed to build a vehicle which they named as `archimedes amphibian` which can move on land,ice,sand,water and even underwater!! We, the freshies, may assist them in their work and the credit we get for that is volship.$ I unfortunately becme a vol for that though I had no such a spirit called spirit of engineering and moreover I am too lazy to do work which I am least interested in but i joined this as I imagined my work in a completely different way...... Anyways, a total of 9 members, 8 freshies + 1 senior took the bus to the main gate. That itself was a horrible journey ! It`s nearly 4 KM from GANGA to the maingate ! and the bus started late... It was around 2:30 PM that we reached the main gate. That day I had my 1st CS lab which infact was the 1st lab of my life in iitm ! So, naturally, I had an enthu of attending it early... I also had many questions revolving in my brain. Who will be teaching in the lab? Will they be strict ? etc....etc... The lab starts @ 7:30 PM . I asked that senior if we could reach back in time or not and he replied with a great confidence that we would be well before 6 PM. whew! thats cool I thought.

Me,that senior,Karthick,bharath,sashikanth,btm,ashish,nps and blady(shashank) the 9 people I mentioned earlier. After we got off the bus at the maingate, we reached some crap local railway station near the campus by walk. It was not a loooong walk , not a short one either . As soon as we reached the platform, one local train just passed away ! Ah! My bad time started here! The time was around 3 PM . We waited for another 15 min and then boarded the next local train which waits only for 8 seconds at the platform !! I don`t know why, everyone started sleeping as soon as we got into the train except me,kathick and the senior .. I casually asked him, " where are we going? "
"Paris" senior replied.
`wow! It may really look like paris.. chennai is a metro and Paris sounds like a great shopping mall ! We may enjoy a lot there ` I thought . Now, you please don`t even imagine like this..... Theres no eifel tower or something - no, anything like that ! It just the name that sounds good... anyways, I`ll describe it later when we reach that great place .
"how much time will this train take to reach there? "
"around 50 min"
`OH MY GOD!! 50 min is very big man! it would be 4:30 when we reach there ! ` I shouted .
"Don`t worry. Shopping takes around an hour and we`ll reach back by 6:30 PM "
`crap! he said we`ll reach by 6 right? now, where from this 30 came ??`
the train ran past many historic construtions ( old buildings :-P) and finally reached our destinaton - the great PARIS !!

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