Friday, December 5, 2008

new friends... I

The first thing we did is went to DKC ( Digital knowledge centre- located in the second level of Central library - a heaven for heavy net users among freshies ) , logged into orkut and into the community "IIT MADRAS 2008 FRESHERS" , sent friend requests all the possible gals.. & started chatting with them! ( I already said na- i`m interested in girls :-P) .. i first started chatting with a girl(p**i) and was so accustomed to chatting with her that I didnt really talk to her till now !!
Anyways, we being the Golden jubliee batch, had a special meeting in the first week. The Golden jubliee celebrations - held @ SAC ( students activity centre ) . The meeting was damn boring for the first half and turned awesome in the second. The reason being the former half was filled with stupid crap boring speeches and the latter half was filled with a spectacular dance show with all the possible dance forms.. it was really worth watching it. I watched it along with bf and we both sat near a group of gals.. no need to mention this its ob I guess ? He wanted to chat with our nearest girl desperately. I asked him to wait for the right time but he didnt, he started off a good conversation. "this guy is really fast" I thought.

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