Sunday, December 7, 2008

One of the longest days of my life.. II

It was a place where one can get any required material for a project like hardware stuff, steels and plastics, paints...... and hell lot of such things. We got off the train and the senior spoke -
"Lets divide into 3 groups of 3 members each and divide the items to be brought among us.Each group will buy it`s corresponding stuff and all of us reach this same spot again ok? "
"ya It`s a good idea " someone suggested .
"Common divide among yourselves . " He said. Somehow the division started and ended in a flash. I,bharath and that senior fell into 1 group. We began searching for bolts, a plastic sheet , an alluminium foil . Oh GOD ! It`s from here that people started fucking me ... .
First , we went to but that Aluminium sheet. My senior nearly talked to some other guy on phone for about 20 minutes to get the right length , breadth, thickness and type of the required aluminium sheet and we got it after trying in 4 shops ! I said I would carry that sheet with me . Fuck ! I never expected that the sheet was so sharp. It cut my fingers ! Ofcourse , it was just a minor cut. Then we went to buy bolts. SHIT ! he took half-an-hour to buy such small things - crap bolts- asking for the right metal, size ,type , shit,crap... etc.., just to suck my time. :-(
Just buy some damn bolts and lets get off from here dude I wanted to shout but I controlled myself as he was my senior ....
Now theres one more item in our list - a plastic sheet and ah! one more item i remembered just now- ballbearings of some required dimensions and guess what- another lengthy half-an-hour for that. The shopkeeper whom we asked recommended to another at the end of the street who can make bearings of any required dimensions. That so-talented-bearings-maker sucked entire juice in me! He ate time like hell. :-( MAN! he is really whiling away my time. I have CS lab today @ 7:30 PM I need to get there soon.."Will you join the other groups and go away ?" the senior asked me seeing my frustrated expression. "hmm.. no prob.. we can make out I think " I said . HUH! BIGGIE MISTAKE I MADE. Why did I say so? I don`t know :-(
I could have fled away from that spot right then but shit! I wanted to stay with them ... I don`t know sometimes I just fall into troubles with my own words ...
I just wanted to kill that talented guy with the aluminium sheet in my hand by cutting his throat... WOW! I can see a canible in me :-)
After all our hefty shopping, we came to know that the other two groups left already! We hurried to the station with a hope to find a train. I wondered if I could disappear in Paris and re-appear in IITM like magic. Harry potter !! can you help me out with this ?
We saw a train in the platform and it appeared like " waiting for you " WHEW! We immediately boarded it. The time was 7 already !
"No problem da.. you directly go like this and sit in the lab. Nothing will happen. Dont worry. " the senior consoled me.
`Fuck! You promised that we would reach there well before 6 and now .. !! ?? ` I scolded in my mind.
I started vigourous calculations of the train time and speed and the also that of the bus I would take at the main gate.
NOW, COMES THE REAL TWIST OF THE DAY.....................
i immediately asked one tam$ whether the train would reach IIT or not ..
"No! Its not that train . That train comes @ platform 6. this is a different train."
I just wanted to kill everyone around me with the new aluminium weapon i got. "What shall we do now? " Bharath puzzled. "Lets kill ourselves" I wanted to say,.. but again.. " Get down in the next station , wait for another train to come to this station again and wait for another train in platform 6" one tam suggested. "What would be my age by then ? " i questioned him in telugu as he won`t understand. Over! Everything is a mess now. Atleast I`ll try to get there by 8 and request my lab sir for permission.
"Lets get down in the next station and take an auto directly to CS LAB,IIT-M." i suggested- no ordered !
"OHk" both of them agreed .. they had to agree as I became the teamleader !!
We did the same and fortunately, our autodriver was a gult$. I begged him to drive madly fast. "Kill us in an accident or take us to our destination as fast as you can " was the task I assigned to him. He tried his best for that and we reached the main gate. I also asked him to take me to the CS department and the other two to GANGA. He did the same. OH! another twist now !To find out the Cs lab in Cs department is more difficult than completing a puzzle in devilmaycry3 game!! I finally, after many hurdles in the way, reached the lab @ 8:10 PM. I saw the class from outside. All the students were listening to some lecture by someone who was the one I was dreaming in the morning. I entered the class and ran back to the last bench and took a seat . BULLSHIT ! everyone noticed me. But that lab teacher is really a nice guy. He forgave me after listening to my problem and said that the first class was not very important and asked me not to repeat this from next time. "NEVER" I said to him and myself too.......................

Finally, at the end of the day, to forget all the stupid happenings of the day, I went to BASERA$ , had a cup of coffee and one egg biriyani (Ah! I love basera) and slept happily in 371B,GANGA .....!!

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