Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quiz 1.......

Quiz 1, Quiz 2 & end sem are the three main exams on which our bloody CGPA, shortly called the CG depends. It stands for cumulative grade point average. Quiz 1, the first of all the three came in a flash.. Till then we had many fundays sessions on `what is what` @ IITM . We had no idea about what a quiz in iitm means and we are gonna write our 1st quiz the next morning! ME111(Introduction to mechanical engineering) was the 1st quiz - my first biggie exam in iitm life.. & guess what ? It was a complete mess . Actually there is no specific portion for that exam . It`s just a gen exam and I screwed it up completely except for a crossword which had nothing to do with mechanical or with engineering..! It just a matter of english which I thought I could handle a bit.. and I left all the other crap questions :-( .
During quizzes, MY ROOM GETS "THE COMMON ROOM FOR FRESHIES" STATUS ! because of my roomie. He is a god in solving problems of all especially during exams time. He always sleeps , never studies and yet !!! MAN! He is really a stud . HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE ?? I questioned him many a times and he wouldnt answer because he cannot !! Even he does`nt know the answer for that question :-) The day before ph101 quiz, everyone was fighting over a problem in some crap tutorial in my room while BTM was in a deep sleep. After an hour he woke up and solved that problem in a minute !!! THAT IS BTM !! I`m really lucky to have him as my roomie & may be he is unlucky to have me as his roomie :-P
The day before Cy101 quiz- FUCK!! I HATE THIS CHEMISTRY - I would have repeated this sentence atleast a 100 times ! I thought to make a call to girls for help. Just as this thought passed my mind,I received a call from V**a ,
"What?" I asked.
"Need some help for Cy101" she said.
Now,what can I say?? what should I speak now??
"Even I`m very poor at this subject. So ask some other stud girls and tell me if they put any fundays" I gave back the reply. Poor girl! She asked another girl, V**a and called me at night and said - "My friend v**a completed chemistry. Ask her if you want"
"Ok.." I said and she gave her phone to v**a.
She asked me to read the slides and complete the given assignement - that would do for tomorrows exam. Ah! I got some hope with that statement.
She also asked me to read ATKINS- the book I hated THE MOST ! She said,"You will enjoy reading statistical thermodynamics from that book " - This was said at a time when I was about to skip that topic and have a nice sleep.
I tried to start that topic and read a page - GOD DAMN IT!! It`s better to sleep and cup$ in tomorrow`s exam than to join a mental hospital I thought.

During the quiz week , daily in the morning I used to send ALL THE BEST smses to all my friends in different styles. For example, before CS110 quiz1 , I sent an SMS which ran like this :

void main()
printf("All the best");
/*this is from ravi*/

which I thought I`d receive a good response seeing my creativity :-P but NO - I just received a couple of same-to-yous.
So form that day, I just sent normal all-the-bests for all the exams.
Oh My God! The day before MA101 - I neglected it completely as I used to be a maths champ in inter but SHIT! This is not at all related to that... whats this fucking portion ??? I asked my friends. Some of them had vague answers and some of them asked me another question in return "WHAT IS TOMORROW`S EXAM ?"
I sucked my roomie to explain me the sequences and series written in Piskunov(-Ah! This book is very popular- It`s the most commonly used book for Ma101 & I got a copy of this from Srujan,a senior during one of the interactive sessions which ran like this -
"put your intro da" Srujan said after taking me into his room one fine evening.
I started my usual iitm style intro....
Suddenly he asked, "Who is your favourite heroine ?"
"They keep changing from time to time"
"Aha! right now who occupies that status ?"
"shreya" I said.
"What about trisha?"
"bad colour"
"appears like a foreigner and a bit stout"
"appears a bit aged"
"Oh! so You say that shreya is the best of all" He said, impressed by my answers.
"for the timebeing..." I replied :-P
"Factory ? " (factory in an interactive session means the college where you studied inter)
"N**a Ashok nagar campus"
"Oh! Me too from the same campus!! " he said and affected with common-factory-feeling, gave me 2 books which were supposed to be very useful for 1st sem...I said supposed to be because I used them only thrice in the entire 1st sem- the day before quiz1,before quiz2, before end sem !!
Well, needless to say Piskunov was one among them..)
But my roomie was busy in explaining things to others who already started something. So I tried my level best had an incredible night out and somehow managed a decent score of 8/20 ! WHEW!! Thank God !

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