Saturday, December 13, 2008

SHAASTRA 2008 - our techfest!!! - Pre-shaastra week

Some of the finest moments of 1st sem happened during Shaastra week and the week before it .
Firstly I formed very good friends , secondly I came to know what really engineering means !
I worked as an ambi$ vol for shaastra. Don`t know what ambi means? Ambience is shortly called as ambi in iitm. Infact every such word is pronounced in a short way here like hospi for hospitality,spons pub for sponcers and publicity.. and there are hell lot of such examples. Ambience is something related with design. We, this time designed a globe with india map and shaastra logo ( two high funda$ cubes whose funda - I can`t explain now ) and IITM logo.... I`ve taken many pics of our work and uploaded some in my orkut profile.. Do have a look at them :
Lotto is my co-ord. But in ambience, every vol is vol under every ambience co-ord !! It just goes like this - All the vols and co-ords come under the design team . !! Ambi roxxx :-)
There was another coord Vishnu- A rocking guy I`ve ever met... He`s got a great talent in drawing and painting, a soft-spoken guy, hard-working, friendly, kind-hearted..... Ah! I`m short of words to describe him. One can mark his drawings and paintings as "PICTURE PERFECT" !
I got very close to my co-vols cobra and Jin in the course of our ambi work . You find this guy Jin as a strong personality at your first instance... and YES! He`s strong both physically and mentally .. Mentally strong- I can say this because his room mate is SP( Sagam Pichodu) :-P
and Cobra share some similar qualities with me - SOME... He too is lazy at work , always in need of internet...etc........,,,... During our work, Cobra and me kept chatting about many stupid things like girls, movies...etc, while Jin did his ambi job ..!
CFI( Centre for innovation) , The place infrontof CLT(Central Lecture Theatre) became our residence during that week ! Whenever I wanted to take rest , I used to get a call from some coord to come to CFI or CLT ..I felt like throwing away my mobile but thats N73 :-(
Whenever my friends call me or message me asking "where are you?"
"CFI" used to be my answer.
"Die there" they said frustrated !
One fine evening, I went to guru to have a cup of coffee and a little snack . As soon as i stepped into guru, my mbile vibrated in my pocket like a fire alarm would do if guru was caught on fire! Oh MY GOD! I cant even imagine that ! I read the message ..It was from Vishnu-
Macha, Come to CLT da. Its urgent. Come with a broomstick and a bucket and a towel . Be here as fast as u can. - that message read!!
HUH! I had to do that- there`s no other go as other vols were also busy with some other work. Even going to guru is also an important work , right?
I did as instructed and after all the work was over, I went the next day to claim back my bucket and my friend`s broomstick.
"Macha! your bucket is in Sharav(Sharav - Sharavathi is one of the two girls hostels) da and see the condition of the broomstick . You need to buy new ones"
`fuck! Sharav??? Why the hell? and new ones?? money???` I kept thinking..
"Dont worry we`ll get back the money whatever we`ve spent" he said. Ya! that`s one more interesting point. Whatever we spend for the work, We`ll get it back !!
I had to buy a new one later on... and no probs,I got the money back but after a month I guess :-) All these happened the week before Shaastra.
Every vol gets 75 rs. worth coupons during Shaastra which we spend at the stalls - THE GREAT FOOD STALLS......
Wait for my next post to know about the SHAASTRA WEEK proceedings !

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