Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shaastra week - continued...

"Many gals from outside came to shaastra na?" cobra asked me .
"Ya! I guess so.." I said.
"Ya! this time the number is much more than last year`s shaastra " Our co-ord who was listening to our conversation spoke !
"Golden jubliee effect" we thought.
Every vol is given badges with the word VOLUNTEER printed on it ! That was a prestige issue :-P . We , being Ambi vols- vols having no work during shaastra , put up those badges and got ready for sight-seeing !! Thats one of the big mistakes i made because every crap fellow who came kept asking me the way to SAC, CLT, GC ... etc...,,, one guy even asked me the way to tiffanys ! CRAP man!! I thought girls would come and ask all these stuff I said to Jin. Me too - the reply ..For the first few persons, i told them the required info but after that I was too lazy to do even that I kept saying that I`m an AMBI vol I`m not concerned with these kind of work.. My work is related to designing !! as if I designed an IPHONE !!! Idiot I`m . But one fine morning............
Venue : IC&SR ( Dont ask me the full form please. Even I don`t know it properly)
Time : day 2 morning around 11 AM
We just came out from an astronomy lecture in one of the auditoriums of Ic&Sr building with our vol-badges. We were looking for a nice outside-insti gal to talk with and ya! we`ve found one hot chick!! "She is very hot man" I said to cobra. "ya! She is much fairer than her mother da" cobra said! "What?? Where is her mother? "
"There" he said pointing to one aunty far behind.
"How do you know?" I asked him puzzled .
"I`ve been watching her since I came out. "
"Bastard! Why didn`t you tell me then?"
"competition boss"
We were walking towards the entrance still talking about this stupid useless pretty-lady-stuff when suddenly a cute voice interrupted us which said..
"Excuse me?"
I turned back to see that same hot chick who had been disturbing us from a few minutes back!!
God! Is this real?? I wanted to touch her cheek and find out ! But, If it is really real, she would kill me ! - I thought.
"excuse me" the voice said again, this time more cuter !!
"ya! any problem ? " I asked casually. But I was very happy inside as she talked with me!!
"Where is conference hall 3 here ? " She asked.
now, why did she ask me? BADGE-EFFECT !! YES!! This badge has helped me atleast now...
but even I dont know where that crap hall is.. but I don`t wanna loose this opportunity.
I looked straight and found something like "conference hall.." and I couldnot see more.
I said, "Ha! It`s there. Come with me"
"sweety" she called another gal to accompany her! Oh my God! She is also looking good but she is not as-hot-as the first one.
I went there and SHIT! it`s conference hall 1 ! crap I looked around madly & found hall 2. WHERE IS HALL 3 GOD DAMMMN IT !?
To kill some time, I said "this is hall1, and this is hall2....." pointing to the respective if I`m a guide to the tourists who came to visit TAJ MAHAL !!
I continued..." and...... HA!!! this is hall3" (Ya! Thank God! I found it finally ).
But,NO! She would leave now .. why did I find it so early man! ? As soon as I thought this, she left us along with her friend... but I still feel those last vibrations ... "THANK U" This was the cutest from her.............................................
I hope she`ll come to Saarang again!! :-)

To be continued..............


rasgullah said...

GVR keka raaa!!!!!!
Man! u rock!!

ravi teja said...

thnx! it would b gr8 if she comes 2 saarang !!