Monday, December 15, 2008


The night before shaastra -
Venue : CFI
Everyone was in a hurry. They were packing stuff, testing some projects, everyone is in a festive mood while me & Jin were doing some ambi work. "Whats happening ? " I questioned Srujan who seemed like a team leader there .
"Tomorrow is SHAASTRA dude " he announced loudly as if I murdered someone!
Shaastra - The first day- oops It`s zero day ( Ya The five days of shaastra are numbered from 0-4 , not from 1-5 just like a c program numbers the elements of an array.) Except for the inauguration, nothing much happened. Food stalls were established for those 5 days in front of CLT just near the globe we painted ! GREAT!! Everyone who comes to shaastra will definitely see our globe- I thought ... Every vol gets coupons worth 75 rs. each day which we can spend at the stalls... and guess what ! Our C/O address from 4 -11 PM was at the food stalls The food items were too delicious .. Mmmmmm... I want them back and one more fact i observed is that The Mcdonald pizza I ate with my coupons was very delicious. The same pizza was not that delicious when I bought it with my own money :-P :May be this is called as "Work-get paid-enjoy" !! You may wonder and ask me what will you eat 7 hrs ? Well, I can eat mcdonalds pizzas,burgers,frenchfries, various frankies, icecreams, choclates, drinks, biriyani, noodles, manchuria,fruit juices... HEW!! the list never ends ! More than this, it served as a nice hangout spot for chatting. We boys also went there to check out the so-called goodlooking-outside-insti-gals !

To be continued.............

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