Friday, January 9, 2009

Can I kick a football ??

I was walking alone in the 6th wing corridor ( why 6th wing?? I`m an 8th wingie right? - I dont know the reason !!! ) .. Some arbit typical stud footer player cum Gangaster (ob :P) shouted from the quadrangle, pointing at me , "LOOK AT HIM !! "
"he?? he can`t even kick a cricket ball ! " this came from some other friend of the former.
"ya! rat !"
I was so frustrated by those comments. I immediately rushed to my room, wore a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts, put on my sports shoes and reached the football in the quadrangle. Everyone looked at me with a big surprise as if some lady accidentally ran into a gents toilet.(YAAAK! worst comparison na? screw it)
I put all my strength into my foot and kicked the ball lying in front of me such that it went soooooo high... into the skies ... and DISAPPEARED !
WOOOOOW everyone around me applaused on seeing such an awesome feat by an assumed rat
Immediately after this , I felt someone kicking my ass in the same way I had kicked the football a couple of moments ago.It was none other than my dear friend, Pratheesh !
"Macha! Wake up da.. It`s 7:30 now & we`ve to attend CS110 at 8.. I think you know that ? "
"ya ya .. Oh then didnt I really kink the football?"
"What?? what are you talking da? & I know you can`t even kick a cricket ball"
"Hey! It`s the same dialogue I heard"
"now just stop this shit and get ready.. take a bath or just wash your face, skip tiffine and lets walk fast to CRC or else our attendance would be messed up"
Now, he seemed like a captain of the indian cricket team leading from the front but his team had only 2 members - himself & me-who cant even kick a cricket ball :P

I did as ordered by my captain.... and took one of the last benches in CRC103 which I felt like the benches were singing "waiting for you..."

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