Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fitting WORKSHOP - Part 1

wiping away the memories of turning, I entered the Fitting workshop..
There were 2 instructors for fitting ( ofcourse, for every workshop ). One instructor scared us away with his lecture on the very first day. I dare not mention any names here ! He imposed several strict rules to be followed. Both of them looked very different but they shared a common quality - THEY DIDNT HAVE ANY EXPRESSION ON THEIR FACE ! Both of them- I say . I never saw anyone of them laughing,crying(Ofcourse why would they cry? I should cry ), angry,emotional,...... you can include any expression in this list!
He first explained various tools and then our work. We should make 2 cuts in 2 pieces and 'fit' them together & hence the name fitting ! One was the male cut and the other was female cut ( Sorry! It is not my comparision. It IS actually called like that ).
There were different cuts like the UV cut, T cut, etc.. We were given some special cut to work upon. One piece should be made into a rectangle with a triangle over it. The other has to be made into a rectangle with a triangle cut inside it so that the latter fits into the former. That is FITTING. Well, you can easily guess by now that the former was the male cut and the latter - female cut.
Firstly, we need to make the rectangle into perfect 90 degree piece. That has to be done by filing - the most fucking part of fitting. The right angle can be checked by some crap tool. When I get satisfied with my work and show it to the second instructor- HE JUST PUT MY PIECE ON THE TWO ARMS OF THE MEASURING TOOL and showed a tiny hole through which light was passing- that meant it`s still not a perfect 90 - which in turn implied that I should FUCK OFF from there and file it again :(
MAN!! The file , I say, is the worst tool to handle. It never cuts to the desired length ! I again kept the workpiece in the Bench Vice and started the to 7 fro motion of the file. I had a wierd thought of replacing the workpiece with my intermmediate VP and file him from top to bottom :) :P

To be continued...

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