Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fitting workshop part II

Having filed the job with utmost care, i went to show him my job with a feeling of self-satisfaction and pride! He examined every nook and corner of it and just showed another point from where sunlight was coming out..
DAMN IT!! Sir none in the world can file this bloody damn fucking thing to perfection!! - I wanted to teach him....
He just kept showing that point..
Again he would show the same point..
AARGH!! whats wrong with that point ?? and whats wrong with u?? Atleast scold me sir..
or just throw me away along with my job.. but please put some damn expression on your face.. please!!!!
But then.. guess what? He just kept there standing .. showing the same point... which literally mean that I should repeat the entire fucking filing job ! :(
For your kind info, he is not dumb... He is perfectly alright..:P
After much effort and two more tasks, I finally showed my end product to the main fitting instructor. He examined it and said- "all are under dimension"
WHAT THE FUCK?? He said as if all the money I used to buy his land was undervalued :P
"SIR have some sympathy on me. I`m already fucked up to get this crap thing into this shape.. just throw me some damn grade and get rid of me sir."

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