Thursday, January 8, 2009

The great outcome

I was in a deep sleep with a thick blanket covering from head to toe protecting me from the cold romantic hyderabad climate, on my bed in my house...
I felt some one tapping me from about an hour !
"whhhaattt?? " I dragged the word to a time length of about 8 seconds...
"You`ve been sleeping for 10 hrs.. I think you need to wake up now" - My brother said..and continued,"mom is calling for dinner"
I listened all this with great patience and then-COVERED THE BLANKET AGAIN AND BACK TO MY PREVIOUS POSITION !!
this time my mother took her turn to wake me up..
"What do you do in iit at this time??" She asked - A genuine doubt for a typical parent.
"The same thing what I am doing now- except that I don`t use a blanket there- That is CHENNAI "
That informally implies that I just wasted my diwali vacations sleeping and eating...
but finally it caused a major change in my later iit life - guess what??
I went back to IIT with a LAPTOP !!!
1 GB ram, 160 GB HD, a 256 mb intel graphics card,core2duo processor @ 1.5 GHz each..
That was cool at that time because there were very few lappys in our hostel and hardly any in our wing.. So my laptop was the king of the wing!!
But now.. everyone has bought a stud max$ laptop with atleast 2 GB ram, 250 GB HD, nvidia geforce 8 or 9 series graphic card, core2duo processor each @ 2.66 GHz etc.,. :o

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