Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here comes the last two...

Then comes milling and shaping - a workshop with similar work to be done as that of the above two.. but with different machines. It costed us dear!! It was basically a team work, each team containing 5 members... and there was this high enthu guy chandrasekhar in our batch ( Lucky me! he happens to be my next roll no) who just keeps on pressing something or the other on any machine until it gets spoiled ! Shaping sir gave certain instructions and precautions clearly mentioning us to handle it carefully as the machine costs around a huge 50k /- or so....
Can you guess what happened after 1 hour ??
OUR LOVELY 50K MACHINE WAS SPOILED BY CHANDU :)! FUCK man!! 50k! and this stupid kept a hammer in the middle of the saddle which was moving and yeah! It got stuck and broke after making a loud TUP sound ! We immediately rushed to the instructor and told him that our machine wasnt functioning. He came to check and immediately discovered the hammer which appeared like a rat in a cat`s mouth :P
Who did this ? was his immediate question and CHANDU was our immediate answer both verbally and non-verbally(yeah, ofcourse.. we pointed at him )
He and his companion tried to repair it in as many ways as they can but finally failed.. thats the power of CHANDU ! :P
It was more like Chandu vs the instructors rather than the instructors vs workshop junta (us) :P
"Ok.. you guys can pack now.. come early for the next class we`ll get it repaired or give you a new machine." - our-tried-in-vain-to-repair-chandus-damage instructor said.
poor machine
So we packed thinking that we would get the worst possible grade here....... CREDITS TO CHANDU :P
Last and the least (:P) was the GEAR SHOP.. Nothing interesting happened here(except for an incident which I already mentioned in my previous posts) as we already created a huge loss to WORKSHOPS.It was all in the hands of chandu.. he tried to try his hands on that gear-making machine but it was too good to resist even chandrasekhar`s hands! wow!!

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