Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I said I`ll write about my workshops experience right? well, here it goes...
My first workshop was TURNING. First, let me say about my workshop batch.. it`s named E2 containing all mechanical engineers(-if we successfully complete Btech :P) from roll no.21 to 40 , 21 being mine and 40 being my roommate`s !! & To mention, the boy:girl ratio is 39:1 !!! The first class at turning workshop had nothing to do with us.. they just explained something about the lathe machine on which we were going to work(that LATHE is the father of all machines) and showed us a video of stuff that we would be using in that workshop and let us go... That video was screened in an AC hall and moreover it was like a cartoon rather than a science video..where we just had a nice sleep.... !!
The second day- everyone was given a workpiece and a lathe machine to work upon. They gave us an assignment sheet which had all the crap details of what we were supposed to do with that junk piece... While I was trying to fix the required parts, the workshop incharge tapped my shoulder.. HUH ! Am i fixing it wrong? I thought but no-
He introduced me another guy whose roll no was 108 and he was supposed to work with us.. i.e. he was introduced into our E2 batch.. and since there was no lathe machine left, he joined with me ( as I am the starting member of E2 !)
"Huh! thank god - I got a partner" - I thought.
On the last day of turning workshop -
We were supposed to churnout the workpiece in the required shape. Our job (- nothing but the workpiece) was being turned by the lathe machine when we suddenly felt something wrong.. It was not turning as it used to before. We switched off the lathe and touched the workpiece. DAMN!!! IT BADLY BURNT MY FINGER !!!
It was so hot that one could make an omlet out of an egg using it !
We immediately removed the job and guess what ?? The drillbit went inside the piece and it was BROKEN !!!
OH MY GOD!! What to do now?? We immediately called up the incharge and showed him our great job ! His reaction was completely different from what I had expected.
I thought he would fix me to another lathe and do turning operation on me ! :P
I thought he would make both of us do the job again 100 times !
I even thought he would give us a CUP$ in it and ask us to repeat the course....
But this is what happened-
He signalled to the other instructor immediately after seeing the job..
Then we almost confirmed that we would be thrown out as the other guy was carrying a pen and paper- it wasnt an ordinary sheet - it was our WORKSHOP PERFORMANCE SHEET !!
But god came to our rescue :) - He brought a coolant and spread it across the machine and also our job.. they tried to remove the drill bit tip from the job using typical workshop techniques but in vain.
Finally, they gave up. They asked us to take a new workpiece and do the job again !!!!:( It was at that time when everyone almost finished their jobs and WE ARE GOING TO START AT THAT POINT !! FUCK!!!!!!
We just made two operations and it was not even 50% complete and the time was up.
We submitted the worst job ever done in the history of turning workshop @ IITM and left the place - DAMN IT ! First workshop itself was a mess :(

If Lathe is the father of all machines, Fitting is the father (or mother or whatever ) of all workshops

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