Friday, February 27, 2009

The day of tensors...

I was sitting in the front seat in our car, beside my father and listening to the song "yedane koyyake.." from surya s/o krishnan , composed by harrisjayraj. The romantic hyderabadi winter morning had so strong impact on my mind that i felt like I should see a beautiful scenery now !! But since such kind of so-called-beautiful-sceneries are far from probable in a city especially like Hyderabad, GOD sent me a beautiful girl to look at !! :)
Ah! We were searching for the exam centre and after much effort halted near a dusty old building where a nameboard having "N**a" on it caught our attention..
but to our surprise the gate was locked and a board saying "today is a holiday" induced more surprise. We called the security to find out if there was any other n**a college in that gully .. ya! this is not a surprise guyz, you can hardly find a street in hyderabad without either n***a or c***a jr college !!! :P When he was about to give an answer, the beautiful-girl I mentioned previously came into the picture....
She was extremely beautiful. A red coloured panjabi dress covering her fair coloured body which has a fantastic skintone.. made her look like an angel !!
Now, the volume of the song yedhane koyyake increased .. because it was not only coming from the car`s taperecorder but also from my heart !! :P
Another guy followed behind her and directly came to us and spoke -
"Sir are you going to the tensors exam ? "
He had got a typical N**a college incharge look on his face and I confirmed it after our conversation... :P
"yeah .. Can I please know the venue ? " I asked..
"Sure sir, this girl is also writing the exam. Give her a lift sir.. She will show you the way "
Now, this is something !! MAN what a lovely scene to start a day with !!
A beautiful-young lady sitting in our car and we both going for the same destination !!! SOUNDS GREAT , Isn`t it ?
She took the back seat and adjusted her dress and and a strip of hair which was kissing her chin... Ahh!! I can feel the smell of her perfume man...IT.WAS.AWESOME.
When we started our car..
"this way uncle" a sweet voice said... yeah, obviously her`s :P
While driving, my father introduced me to her..
I`m unable to recollect the exact way he did this but what he said was typically this -
"My son is coming for invigilation.. not for writing the exam.. He is from IIT madras.. "
If there is any community that admires IITians the most, it`s the people who are preparing for JEE.. This is for sure. NO MORE ARGUMENTS >>
And now this so-called IIT status took me to heights here ! I was introduced as an IITian to an awesome young lady and she responded with "WOW!!"
Our journey continued..She gave 3-4 directions and then guess what ?? SHE FORGOT THE WAY !! :P GIRLS are always like this :P
finally we got down the car.. asked the near-by people for the address and reached the exam centre...
AT THE EXAM CENTRE..............
Wait for my next post.. :P

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