Friday, February 27, 2009


She joined her friends and they were involved in the typical just-before-exams chat..I was searching for some other IITian outthere mostly for my co-ord to know my work. In the meanwhile, I saw someone pointing at me. I turned slightly and was astonished on seeing that the finger was from the same beautiful body that opened my day :P. I tried to hear their conversation and I was successful to some extent..
"He`s from IITM . He came for invigilation. He don`t know the exam centre. I showed them the way finally " was the most probable words I could figure out coming from her sweet lips. Anyways, I went upstairs to find out who is going to be my cord and co-vol for that day..
Dixcy and "3D" occupied the respective positions. We started the exam as usual late by half-an-hour ( :P )

Till then , Any exam centre to me was meant for writing the exam. For the first time in my life I became an INVIGILATOR . :) As I always say, IITs can make you anything - right from a simple carpenter to a huge business magnet !! 3D & I were given a big room and my coord took over the other small room. We distributed the question papers and the exam started.. At this point , I thought that it would be boring to just walk to and fro for 3 hrs... but NO!! THAT WAS REALLY FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE ! :)
I was just checking out the question paper when suddenly my cord came and said - "macha! you solve any one subject da.. we`ve to clear their doubts after the exam "
"Macha ! seriously da.. you just try to say something and convince them atleast afterall you are a 500 ranker in jee "
"PACK that rank.. now I don`t remember anything .. what is 2+2= ? "
" this is too much.. I`m giving you an order now.. you take care of chemistry doubts "
"OHMYGOD!! Maths or Physics are a lot more better please... I`m a biggest cupper of all times in chemistry.. and now you are asking me to clear doubts in chemistry ?? That`s more than impossible.. please show some mercy on me "
After many discussions, he gave me Physics and maths to 3D. POINT is that all the three of us were cuppers in chemistry :P
I started from the 1st question. There was some ball trying to go up a planck, as usual :P. The question was something like whats the velocity needed - or some crap of that sort.. I dont exactly remember.. which, I could solve ! :) then came some prob from current electricity in which I was a champ.. So I could solve that too...:) JEE neurons started working again I thought...
Suddenly one girl summoned me. Her expression obviously meant she had a doubt. GOD IT SHOULDNT BE CHEMISTRY DOUBT PLEASE!! I thought and went to her.. but this time God had not shown any kind of mercy on me :( It was a damn typical chemistry doubt !!!!
She showed some fucking organic compound which was suck by some other licking reagent and the product was asked in the question.
"yeah.. what`s your problem ? " I asked casually...
"I`m getting 2 answers for this question. Can you please verify ? " She said pointing at options B & D.
I didnt know what to do at that time. VERIFY ?? What should I verify ? who knows what the product is.. I checked the question once again and discovered that it was a question in section I which meant it`s a single choice question. So I continued -
"No, think carefully. Only one option is correct " I said as if I`m a stud$ :P
It`s obvious that only one option is correct because it`s in section I :P
"Ohk.." she said sweetly and went back to her work..
WHEW ! THANK GOD I could survive :)
I again went into the question paper.. and was able to get the ideas for almost every question except a passage and matching. I just went around the room looking at the omrs.. and SHIT !!! Almost everyone circled all the answers in physics except that same passage and matching !! I`m screwed :(
to be continued...


ravi said...

Bro This is not a comment but did you find any luck with the girls?

ravi teja said...

no yaar :(

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