Friday, February 6, 2009

Tensors !! The great exam

Tensors - is an exam conducted by students of IIT madras for the sake of those who are preparing for jee.. in other words, our juniors. As the rule says in IIT - STUDENT ORGANISED, Tensors also falls under this category- a completely student organised program.So VOLS, COORDS,CORES come into our picture immediately. Since I`m writing this, you might have guessed by now that I was a tensors vol.. :)
I got a call from my coord on 23rd dec,2008 i.e. (2 days before the exam and 2 days before the christmas, more importantly :P) , which ran something like this-
"Macha! call to as many iitm 1st year hyderabadis as you can and offer them tensors volship ! "
"OHK..." - I couldn`t say more. But WHAT THE FUCK?? I put so much enthu in the insti that I walked from GANGA to GODAV ( a 3 minutes walk :P ) - such a long distance ;) to become a vol for tensors and now I`m making others vols just by a phone call ! :(
I tried to call every liitle rat I could think of but only a few , infact very very few responded and 2 of them agreed for volship and finally 1 turned up ! This was the case with boys.. Girls are lot more better here... I called K**i , A**a, P**i, G**a, and everyone responded well.. I`m not sure if all of them got a chance to work or not but atleast one thing iis for sure - all of them showed enthu :).

The day of exam.....

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