Friday, March 20, 2009

Tensors part..

We somehow managed to finish the morning session of the exam. We came ( read as ran ) down the building and put the omrs in
a room and were asking the staff to lock the room immediately as if we were safeguarding America`s nuclear project documents
:P We wrote in big bold letters "paper-2 from 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM" on a blackboard ( sorry greenboard.. what else can u find
in n**a ?? ) and kept the borad at the entrance and rushed out of the building.
"whats the program now?", i asked casually..
"MACHA$ !! HOW COME YOU ARE SO COOL DA.. we need some one who can clarify chemistry doubts after the exam"
to which I responded "liiiiiiiite" which lasted for 7 seconds...and that boosted his temper and he was totally frustrated..
"WHAT LITE DA???? We are in urgent need of a chem stud$ now.. wait let me call my co-cords and ask for help.." he said .. and
MY FOOT !! He asked my mobile for that saying that his mobile is out of balance..
He talked to his cord as if he called his lover after 10 years.. Why will he care ?? that`s my mobile and my balance afterall...
I do not exactly remember the conversation but one thing was sure that his so-called co-cord also had the same problem !!
They were also stuck with chem stud !
F**g CHEMISTRY ( very sorry to chem lovers.. I cannot control my agitation whenever I write about chem )
I even felt like giving up and packing from that place.. but I wouldnt.. I definitely wouldnt as I could get 3 more beautiful
hours of looking at her face :)
All this happened when we were on our way to swagath restaurant @ kothapet to fill our bellies... We did a
great invigilation job na.. Didn`t we ?? 3D & me ordered a veg. biriyani and dixcy ordered chicken biriyani. Later on we had icecreams too. :)
We enjoyed our meal listening to the special christian songs.. YEAH ! THAT WAS CHRISTMAS DAY FOLKS :)
At around 1:45 we returned to the exam venue and started paper-2 ON TIME ( "on time" never happens in insti :P).
somewhere in the middle of the exam, I observed that there was no proper ventilation in that room (typical characteristic
of a N**a college room) and so searched for the switches.. (whoelse will know a students problem better than a student
himself? ) and GUESS WHAT ??
They switchboard was present right beside my-girl :P . First I thought to ask her to switch on the light but that would
disturb her mind which was deeply involved in solving a huge differential equation. So, I myself went upto the switchboard
and turned on the lights. Now the tubelights added more brightness to the room alongwith her face! :)
She weaved a smile at me and said THANK YOU. Her sweet words completely mesmerized me.
I wish she could crack JEE and join IITM as my junior !
OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!! will that happen ??
At the end of the examination time, Dixcy called us and said
"arey we will try to pack the funday session , what say ? "
" i already expected that this would happen " I said..
" hmm.. but see.. after you collect the papers distribute the key and wait for sometime.. If they pack, we shall also pack.
If they ask for doubts, try to clarify them as much as you can.. They wont pain you much ra..because they believe more in
us than their teahers "
'wow .. great lecture.. ' I thought.. and without any hesitation agreed for the flawless-proposal :P
I thought 3D would reject it.. but no! He also agreed for the same.
To our surprise, after the key was distributed, 80% of them packed ! only a few remained.. Some of them discussed among themselves
and packed .. and at last 5 people remained..
3 boys and 2 girls (- including my-girl :P)
One boy called me and asked a maths question which I could easily solve ... then I heard a sweet voice
-" excuse me "
It was obviously from her voice. I could confirm it without turning my head due to 2 reasons
1. I was already accustomed to her sweet voice which was probably the sweetest on earth
2. The other girl definitely cannot have such a voice :P
AnD YES! My expetations were true.. I went and sat beside her with a hope that the doubt wouldnt be from my hot favourite
subjet CHEM..
"Can you please explain this ? " She said pointing at a horrible inorganic question! I was observing her cute
finger rather than the question.. but NOW THE REAL MIRRACLE HAPPENED.
The neuron which had the info about preparation of boric acid, hidden somewhere deep in my mind, burried after my course of JEE preparation, suddenly started vibrating and sent the info to my mouth where it was converted into words which convinced her
cute mind !!!!!! MY GOD IS THAT ME WHO CLARIFIED THE CHEM DOUBT ?? Theres really some magic in her.. If not, how can a dumb
f**r of chemistry explain correctly about the preparation of boric acid ? right now I dont even remember its formula
is it H3BO3 or H3BO2 ?? :P
After everything is finished , she calmly said , "Thanks annaya"


Amulya Panyam said...

lol maxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...donno how i missed reading this blog these many days..was under an impression that ur posts will be boring :P unlike this one.... :P

ravi teja said...

ohhh anyways... thanks a lot atleast u liked one post !! :)