Saturday, April 18, 2009

For quite a long time, I have been unable to writing anything on this blog. All due to a very tight schedule and the oppressive weather in Chennai which kills any creativity.
I`ll continue posting after my end sems and NCC camp.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My birthday pics LOL

Before storm, earthquake, volcano...

Ah! That`s A KICK ON MY A**

birthday boy pushed aside ! :(

Nice cake da ! didnt even taste :(

Pratheesh! Can u plz stop it ??

Resurrection :P

Friday, April 3, 2009

Secnond semester.. Bare beginnings

According to me, there are 2 very sad days in an IIT madras student`s life per year
1. The day when you return to the insti after 1st semester holidays
2. The end of saarang
(the day when our CG`s are declared neednot be mentioned.. that`s ob :P )
To get rid of those sister-memories and also those crap characters ( 7,point,7,4 - 7.74 MY CG in first sem..) , I wanted to start a new life in second sem. So me,mitta,bf & bladdy booked our tickets to iitm together.. and our waiting list was confirmed 2 hours before our journey ! PHEW ! THANK GOD :)
Our house being located far from the station, I informed mitta that we would come late.. and not to worry about us but the case happened was reverse.. We went first and worried about Mitta :P That`s a typical Mitta for you :P
All the four of us with parents, brothers etc... gathered before our compartment and started discussions with mothers getting senti as their sons are gonna leave in a few minutes , fathers getting more concerned about our lives in the future.. and WE SHIT!! waiting for the train to move and put peace in the campus :P ..
"Whats your CG ? " BF`s mother asked me.
"7.74 aunty " I said with a lean face..
"oh my son got only 7.3" she said. I immediately saw his face.. MAN!! I CAN UNDERSTAND HIS FEELINGS !! :) Head slightly down, unable to explain to his mother about his low performance, expecting support from his friends ( ya, me, mitta and bladdy ), thinking of what others would think of him.. all those are clearly visible in his poor face.. But I know him very well he doesnt care all such things HE IS WHAT HE IS That`s BF..
His mother continued, " Some friend of his got 9.6 "
"ma! Some 4 or 5 people get like that ma.. thats all "
"That is what I`m saying.. why cant you be in those 4 or 5 ?? "
"yes.. " My mother supported ..
Everyone was dumbstruck !
why cant we be in those 4 or 5 ? Firstly Why should we be in those 4 or 5 ?? Secondly how should we be in those 4 or 5 ??
All these whats, wheres, hows, whens are unanswered yet .
Then my brother came to our rescue , by changing the topic of discussion completely..

We entered our compartment and our train started. Everyone of us had his own way of listening to songs, with Mitta getting an ipod, and the rest 3 of us with out cellphones. YA! I forgot a point here ! Mitta`s luggage :P
Mitta`s luggage was > 3/4th (sum of luggage of others) It included 2 big trolley bags, a side bag, a suitcase, a hand bag, a violin and CRAZY !!!! A PILLOW :P
Anyways thats again typical MITTA for you :)
Bf and me searched our compartment for any hot girl but in vain . But we were not surprised as we expected that well before.... :P Moreover we are in a bad state of mind on our first sem performance. Bf was so much disgusted that he opened resnick halidey and started studying ( MUGGING$ ) !!! What the fuck ??

Though I appeared cool ,
personally , I had made strong determinations on what to do in second semester..
I still remember the message sent by m**a on the final exam ID110 in first sem which said "there goes our first sem.." Frankly speaking , that small sentence moved me a lot... 1/8 th of my btech life @ IIT madras is finished man . What the BLOODY FUCK did I learn ?? I just wasted every minute doing some absolutely arbit things which are useless, irrelated to my job, unnecessary, pointless, needless, worthless etc.... :P this sem shouldnt take the ctrl+c -> ctrl+v command instead it should take ctrl+a -> del -> File -> newlife.txt

with all those resolutions made as softcopy in my mind, My task was to make it a hardcopy now ..
but whats happening right now is totally different.....................