Sunday, June 28, 2009

sequel to the party..

Lemme narrate you H`s gameplay before going into mine. H got the bottle and he had to go with truth as per the new rules. AND YES! He was asked to name his crush(I already mentioned that it was the default question for truth).
He cleverly told the name of a senior who looks stunningly beautiful and escaped ! Bastard !
The bottle was moving from hand-hand again... I felt like opening it`s cap and empty the pepsi inside it if there was any... (but I think, someone got the same idea before me and properly implemented it :P) .
Suddenly, everything was stopped and rules were completely deployed now !!(like the India`s batting order in yesterday`s cricket match against WestIndies ) ya, E & me were the only people left either to name our crush or perform a daring stunt.So the new rule was - just throw the bottle away and let both of us take part in the main part of the game one after the other! ( then why the fuck the bottle was moving till
then ?? who is the winner of the game ?? is this called a game at all !!?? )

Immediately, I tried to escape playing the same old trick which my father does when a tough student comes to him for a doubt. The plan is as follows - Just pretend to be attending an important call and move away from the DAMN place as fast as possible! But we all are IITians man :P all of those present there guessed my plan and I had to sit back in the chair again :( . I was asked to name my crush.
"I can answer anything except this" I said as if I was asked to solve a magnetics problem from DC Pandey!
"No way.. what else can be interesting other than to know one`s crush" G said like a philosopher.
'fuck ! there are many interesting things to know about a person yar! and to know one`ss crush is not at all interesting according to me.. It`s his personal feeling and it`s ridiculous to name it out , isn`t it ?? ' I thought but couldn`t
speak. Frankly speaking, that`s my weakness - I become numb in situations like this and may be that`s one of the reasons why I hate parties...
"But I can`t do that" I said loudly. ( It may be that there`s no one like a crush for me or the list is too big to name :P)
"you must" someone said.. ( I already told you right, these girls won`t leave you )
"XXX & YYY" I told the names of 2 seniors, following the same route of H. And ya, they are also equally beautiful, and they make a typical examples of modern-city-gals ! ( Infact, I also wanted to tell the same name as H said but as it`d
termed as foulplay , I didn`t :P . Moreover, I can`t compete with H !! I don`t have enough guts man :P )
"We want some other name" someone said.
It was then that E said these words - "Read his blog for his crush-list !"
"Ha! ya please do that " I said. ( It`s also a way of promoting my site :P isn`t it ?)
"We want you tell a name from freshies$" Some other voice said.
"whaaat theee HElllll ??? !! How can I say that man !"
"We dunno.. You must say.."
I should have said "keerthana" the name with which some junta tease me but I didn`t get the idea then . (I already mentioned that I`m a dumb ass in situations like this )
"Atleast tell her branch"
"IT" I said and fled away! ( IIT`s don`t have like-branches. If you`ve CS, you don`t have IT ) & ya! we`ve CS. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

another graph -

powercuts @ kothapet :

Actually the probability is 1000000000% when i blog ! and yes..! the power is down even now, while making this post :( but thanks to laptop :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A birthday party @ guru

In my previous post when I wrote "my blog is turning more into my crush-list rather than......" , I suddenly remember an incident that happened in the recent past i.e. our second semester, about which I`m gonna write in this post. There were many people involved in this incident. Lemme not call their names. I`m assigning the names as A,B,C,D,E,F,G. (The order assigned to these characters are purely fluke. Any conclusion drawn from this preference is purely your imagination and I`m not at all responsible for it !).

If I`m not mistaken, it was "A"`s birthday party @ Gurunath - our favourite hang-out spot.Right from my childhood, I hate parties. I just hate them. If at all a social meeting was necessary, just meet,talk and go ! But these parties aren`t like that. We meet, chat and the most irritating part (specially for me) is we play games - crap level, ofcourse. Well, anyways i`m not a total anti to a party and it is quite evident from the fact that I attended the party :) . You might`ve guessed by now that there was some game involved here. Ya, this is not an thriller novel, so you are true and that game was called "truth or lie" or.. "truth and death" or "death and dare".. or something of that sort.. I don`t give a DAMN to remember such names. The theme of the game goes like this - A person plays a song and all others sit in a circle. A bottle is given to one person and he passes it to the person next to him and this process goes on untill the song gets stopped.
The person having the bottle at this moment gets his turn to play the main part of the game.
He`ll be asked to choose truth/dare (HA!! NOW I REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE GAME - IT `S " TRUTH OR DARE ").

the person has to say truth for whatever question put to him;
the person has to do whatever task assigned to him;

(hmm.. I`m more into programming these days :P)

Thus the game started. Rules were explained by "B" (who also did fantastic hospitality service to the party guests by serving a veg puff and a glass of pepsi in the beginning of the party). "C" is clever and lucky most of the times. But if she read this, I`m sure she`ll completely disagree with my statement. Ya, she never agrees her wit. Ofcourse, one has to agree one`s luck at some time or the other in one`s life. Anyways, C took the job of playing the song - which meant she need not play the main part of the game - truth/dare. - Lucky and clever ! as I said :) .
Anyways, the bottle started moving hand-to-hand. I couldn`t remember the song that C played.... anyways it was stopped all of a sudden and !!! the bottle was in "D"`s hand ! He chose truth.
"who is your crush ??" was the immediate question from "E". ( E is always interested in other`s crushes :P )
"A" was his reply and he said this loudly, directly infront of her and pointing at her !!!!!
Is it truth or dare ?? I dont know.
The bottle next went into the hands of "F". (this letter coincides with the first letter of his insti name :) ). He chose DARE. He was asked to invite a foreign lady behind us to dance along with him !! & guess what he did that and the amazing part is HE WAS SUCCESSFUL in doing that !!!. He just went upto her and said that there was a dance workshop that sunday and he needs a partner for the same and asked her out if she could fill that position and SHE IMMEDIATELY AGREED MAN !
Next the bottle landed in the hands of "G". Now, the rules got changed suddenly like the sudden change in India`s cricket performance :P . The new rule states that "truth/dare is not your choice. It just goes in an alternate way! " So G had to go with truth and the same question was imposed on him again. (Now I conclude another point from the game. If you go with truth, just say your crush name - there`s no other choice for you as it`s the only question that `ll be asked and the girls outthere wont leave you unless you speak out. :P )
He replied - " If a boy has a crush in the insti , he is tasteless " (/*now, this is not my opinion k? @7 */)
The game went on like this and everyone got their turn except 2. "E" and "H" ...
Now came "H"`s turn. (I can reveal only this identity - it`s me !! )
Do not identify A,B,C,D,E,F,G,... If you do identify , tell me :P

(to be continued....)

Monday, June 22, 2009

I`d been busy this week and didnt blog much... I`ve been thinking of a good topic to post but my mind wasnt working fine.. So I was gen$ searching the net for an article and was stunned by an offer a website was providing... Do you know what it is ?? They offer an instant blog post service ! - which is meant for bloggers who are busy and couldnt post, they can go to this website where they can generate an instant post for their blogs.. and guess what ! ctrl+c & ctrl+v !! I just wanted to try that out and clicked on generate button ( which I guess was designed in flash - sorry not a guess, I`m damn sure of it -yeah! I`m learning webdesigning :) It rocks ! ) ..
Wow! I got some post!!
It`s first lines went something like this -
"Yesterday when I was in class, my teacher came in a red saree and was looking beautiful, especially in this romantic climate...."
Immediately I closed that site for 2 reasons -
one being that the phrase "this romantic climate" - How well does that suit to our present climate ??? !!! huh!
the second being my blog is turning more into my crush-list than a personal dairy ( but lemme point you something here - A blog is not a personal dairy as Krish said ! It`s a private dairy that public can read !! )

Ofcourse, the post later went into kissing the teacher!! So, that site surely have to be closed , no ?

So, I finally gave up the idea of searching for the blogpost but then somehow got a look @ some creative and funny pics of which I posted some here - HAVE FUN :)

The after effects of swine flu


Nice hair cut.. (the most creative hair-cut I`ve ever seen)

Look at this creative work !

How many years will it take to die like this ??

This one on the Indian Railways .. (thats what is called creative thinking I guess ?)

& finally..... What`s an ASS HOLE ??? !!!!!



:P what did u expect ? eH ?!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

IPL induced exams !!

Cricket has reached exciting levels with IPL....

Infusing the same thing into exams, some suggestions:-

Last one is the best.....!!!!!

1. Reduce exam duration to 1 hr and marks to 50.

2. Introduce strategic break after 30 minutes.

3. Give free hit, that is a chance for students to frame their own questions and write answers.

4. 1st 15 minutes power play, that is no invigilator in the exam hall. ( everyone will love this....!!!)

5. Introduce fair play awards.

6. If any wrong question is asked you can give your own answer for the next question


FREE HIT……………….. !!!!!!!!!

7.Cheer girls to cheer for every correct answer written....!!!

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So whatever audio/video product you want to purchase , visit shopwiki.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The workshop that told me what blogging is

"how many of you are/were bloggers here ?" was his next question.
30% of the people lifted their hands including me. I lifted high as if I was a great blogger from my childhood and that my blog receives 1000s of comments daily :P
"how many of you have stopped blogging ? "
almost the same hands were seen again !! A few like me kept quiet.
"Can i know the reasons ?"
"lack of readers""no time to post""felt boring""thought I`d get money but didnt""dont know how to publicise""people hate my blog".. and so on went the reasons..
"well let me provide you some simple solutions for all your problems.
firstly , no clicks? - then click yourself
felt boring? then better stop blogging
no time to post ? - think once again about your daily routine
people hate your blog ? - find atleast one person who doesnt and write for him/her.
want money? - find other ways."
and for the publicity probs, he gave some tips to publicise one`s blog which were really weird.Lemme mention some of them.
- Design a blog card like a visiting card and if someone asks ur contact no. , give the card with ur blog url !
- go to ur friend`s house open ur blog in his/her comp , dont close it and come back
- write ur blog url on the newspaper that u find in your host`s house
- include ur blgo url in any email or sms u send .. put it as ur signature
and many more such funny ways...

I would rate AIDS as the most dreadful disease then comes Swine-flu followed by bird-flu and then BLOG FLU (otherwise called as "hyper blogging" as krish mentioned) :P

Krish gave an example of a symptom of this deadly disease like this -
(I put it in my own words.. after all i`m not vivekananda to remember exactly what he said right ?)

Imagine that you are moving in a taxi with high speed,velocity or acceleration (- whatever you call it, I`m poor at physics dont make me go back to SKS classes :P) and another car is coming with the same scalar and vector magnitudes but in the opposite direction. If you are a normal person, you`ll get afraid that your taxi may hit the car , damages, injuries, death all these things run in your mind. But if you are a blog-flu victim, you desperately want your taxi to just miss an accident or go with the accident and you just miss death so that you can make a great action post in your blog !!
The more critical stage of hyperblogging would make you kill your lover and make an outstanding romantic action post out of it !

he narrated an incident like this -
"suppose I write a post about XXX clip in my blog. Remember I just describe that scene in my post and i did nothing else.(here he mentioned the length of the video 2:06 i guess and the crowd was astonished by his great remembrance). I received hell lot of comments from many people known/unknown and its obvious because most of the people in india use net for useless reasons,XXX,chatting.. etc... Then 'she' lodged a complaint about the obscene video clip being publicised. So naturally police typed "XXX" in google search and guess what ???? first result that comes up is MY BLOG !!!!! So I was arrested under Cybercrime"

"now let me hear some questions from you and then we`ll wind it up" Krish said loudly and clearly.
"How to earn money from blogs ?" someone shouted whose only aim and objective for the day was to know if he can earn from blogs .
He gave a long explanation for this which finally meant that this question cannot be answered, should not be answered, will not be answered, need not be answered.
A young lady at the first row was trying to ask a question for a long time but the back row guyz are dominating her with their loud voice.
Krish noticed it and when he was about to close the workshop and she finally gave up the idea of asking her doubt, Krish said -
"lets have the final question pointing to her"
She asked some stupid thing though..

Krish finally concluded saying


and thats exactly what I am doing now ! passionate-non-serious : sounds great !
So friends keep blogging..
and I end this blogging series saying a huge thanks to all the readers :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When you blog ..
The first thing you`ll feel that "YOU ARE SOMETHING" yeah I mean it..
Whenever someone posts a comment for your post.. then I bet you`ll be jumping on ur feet ! I daily open my blog at some time of the day and if i see a comment-be it positive or negative, I just shout out myself "WOOOW" ( should I call it shout in ??:P)
(Aarya type .. FEEL MY BLOG.. )

and lemme not forget this, if someone follow your blog.. then you`ll definitely start loving them !! true - LOVE - not in the typical indian movie sense. I mean to say you treat them with a special respect. ya, think once... some one - may be your friend, colleague, partner,relative,lover or some anonymous .. this so-called someone has got some time to appreciate your work and follow what you are writing yaar.. what else do you want ??

and u know what ? people from other countries also come to visit your blog ! true- some passed out alumni of iit madras opened my blog from brazil(his workplace now) and congratulated for doing this kinda work saying that he recollected his iit experiences !! That was the greatest compliment I received ! :)

one more incident - there was a period when I didnot open my blog for a long time..
suddenly one day when I just had a casual visit at it, I saw someone making comments with the name "7" appreciating my work. When I asked his/her( this is another good thing to mention here - when an anonymous makes comments, you will desperate to know his/her gender ! :P ) identity , he/she said an orkut scrap would be sent to me. Later on, I came to know that she was my schoolmate and found my blog url in orkut status message and read it fully and guess what ? she was impressed ! Another day recently, she said one of his classmates secured an iit rank and she asked him to read my blog !!!

Well, after reading all these, I dont know how you feel about me, may be you feel that I am the most boastful person existing on earth - but i dont care.. If u can understand that Blogging as an hobby is an awesome experience, my message is conveyed and I feel very happy .

Blogging workshop
this is one of the events in saarang that i cannot forget in my life
Krish and Kiruba were the two people who rocked the show.

After Kiruba spoke about personal life blogs in his own blogging style ( I love it - he has a great sense of humour ) , Krish took his turn . NO- wait lemme tell you the last slide of kiruba`s ppt.
"If you have any doubts, feel free to ask krish who`ll come on to the dias now "
!! - sounds logical
Then Krish came onto the stage and his immediate question -
"How many of you are from the insti ? "
Around 30% of the audience were seen lifting their hands up.
"FUCK" was his response
"Generally during non-working days, people in the insti are seen sleeping till 11 or 12 right ?"
"BUT THIS IS SAARANG" came the response from a group of enthusiastic audience at the back.
Krish gave an example where blogging can land you into great trouble especially when your blog is on global issues.

(to be continued..)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some graphs made by me !

Click on the images for larger & clear view.
Exams @ iit ( or may be any other college )

My Daily routine these days


Obviously my blog falls into the sky blue zone :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

blogging continued...

At my first roll call in iit, (Roll call is an unofficial meeting between seniors and freshies$ of the same hostel for good interaction) when I was asked to speak on myself, my interests, my hobbies, achievements etc. etc... , the first thing I told them was my blog URL !!
"I wrote a blog on my intermmediate life which is already a hit among my friends" I said.
"HIT ?? What The Fuck?? " BF commented , his ass.. of course its a hit dude.
In the beginning of my first semester, I gradually lost my interest in blogging as I`d got to do lot of other works.... but one fine day -
time : 11 PM
Venue : Basera
I was sitting with a group of friends. All of them were chit-chatting.I was just sitting with them but my mind was completely away from what they were talking..
My mind was thinking on something like this - I screwed both the quizzes.. end sem ahead.. hell lot of portion to read.. wasted a lot of time on unnecessary things.. have many other things to do.. REALLY THIS IIT LIFE SUCKS MAN...
I ordered a cup of coffee.. (yeah ! 11 pm coffee @ basera became my habit in IIT especially in second semester :) try it .. you really feel great ! )
Then my mobile rang.. some unknown number...
"hello" I said...
"Hi ra do u remember me ?"
(I already became a ghajini by that time.. I used to forget many things, imp or unimp.. so how the hell can i remember some unknown voice ??)
"No.. may i know who is this ? "
"This is srivatsa ra ur intermmediate friend"
"OHHH you ???? HOWZ LIFE RA ?? " (thank god ! I remember him :) )
"fine ra.. mama nee blog kekaaaaa ra " his immediate reply .
I WAS DUMBSTRUCK ! I hadnt written any post for 3 long months and now suddenly a call like this !!
"Ohh thanks a lot ra.."
"You really rock mama .. when are going to post again? "
"thanks again ra... I`ll post soon .. actually I didnt post for a long time as I was busy... but now , I`m very happy with your call.. I`ll definitely post shortly ! "
"Ohk.. good! Waiting for your post ra.. and you know what ? I am giving great publicity to your blog in my area .. Everyone loved it ! All are asking me to show you .. then I told "Gun ni choodalanukondi tappu ledu.. kaani bullet ni choodamanukokandi chachipotharu""
"mama ! I am unable to do anything except saying a simple thanks "
"Wait wait.. and theres one girl who became a diehard fan of your blog ! "
"OMG !!! I LOVE YOU RA !! Can you describe her ? "
"Fair in color .. nice skintone.. black,sleek and stylish hair.. good matching height for you.... always seen in modern wear... sensitive.. sweet.. sexy... "
"arey !!!! is this real ???? "
"great man!! .. Its great!! "
.. and then our conversation went into other gen topics like his college girls, his area girls, pizzas, films, bikes, my college girls( is this necessary ? ) , fucking chennai climate etc.. etc..


So, I re-started blogging

(I met that girl in holidays. She was dark in color, bad skintone, dull looking hair,
and she was in a very very formal attire and she was just 5 feet high but then I really like her as she loves my blog :P:) )

(to be continued...)

Blogging as my passion

This post is dediacted to my blog lovers(if there are any :P) and blog followers...
I still do not know WHY,WHEN & HOW i started blogging but its ridiculous that I keep saying
Blogging is my passion! sounds weird right ? Well, I may not know those reasons but I do know that I enjoy this great hobby so-called BLOGGING where one can love the world, hate the world, praise the world, blame the world and lastly
FUCK the world :P
One fine day in the month of MAY when the results of all the competitive exams(IIT,AIEEE,EAMCET..) are declared,
and when I was in a happy mood as I cleared the so-called toughest UG entrance exam of the world- IIT JEE ,
I just went back into my memories of N**a college, Ashok Nagar campus. AARGH !! WHAT A FUCKING CRAP USELESS LIFE I`d experienced !!! I wanted to shout out to the world that all these coaching stuff is USELESS to career and MEANINGLESS
to life . I wanted to share my experiences with the WORLD , remember I say WORLD not just friends ! HOW ???
Next day there was a letter from GOOGLE ADSENSE to my brother which changed something in my mind . BLOG! How about a personal life blog ? or a business blog ?? I donot have any important work to do, neither do I have a course to do
nor do I`ve functions or meetings to attend. I HAD TIME - THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO WHAT YOU WANT - This is one thing you can find in your school life and engineering life but some can observe it, some cannot but others
observe but dont care about it ! If u did find time in intermmediate also, then I bet you are definitely not from N**a or C**a colleges !

OOOOH ! too much philosophy I guess, well coming to the point, I started off with a blog
- very arbit URL :P I didnt think much of it before starting the blog .. so came such an arbit bullshit..
Actually I didnt expect my blog to be such a hit .. YEAH !!! true , it topped the GOOGLE SEARCH during those days when I typed "intermmediate experiences" in the google search bar and hit enter !!! OMG ! Its MY blog :)
One good evening all our classmates had an unofficial meeting @ ashoknagar. I was astonished as everyone encouraged me to continue posting in the blog .. I was dumbstruck man ! THEY ARE SPENDING SOME TIME TO READ MY BLOG !!!!
WOOOOOW .. This is going great heights !
"You`ll surely attract a good amount of gals dude" most of my friends commented .
"Impossible" I just ignored but my heart said "May be true... just go and try out" became my gtalk status , my orkut status
and lastly my social status :P

Whenever I meet a gal online, the first thing I`d ask her is to read my blog :P It may sound stupid in the beginning but after they read and comment or compliment on my blog, I felt very happy. I didnt care how they felt when I stupidly
asks them to read my blog.. didnt care at all ! and you know what? my conversation with a girl fromm iit ran like this -
Me-Did you read my blog ?
Me-will you ?
Me-the address is in my status bar..
She-ya I saw it.. will read and catch you soon ..
After a day or two,
Me-Did you read my blog ?
Me-OHHH howz it ?
Me-now tell the truth
She-it sucks !
Me-WHAAAT !!?? really ??
She-hmm.. actually its just ok-ok types..
Me-Oh! thanks for the compliment !

Well, that is blogging ..

Slowly slowly my mind turned towards ads,money,googleadsense,widgetbucks,dollars,paypal etc.....
I said only guys because generally girls donot think how to get money - they always think how to waste it - buying 'unnecessary weird useless' pink stuff, sarees, handbags, scooty pep+ etc. etc.

(to be continued...)