Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A birthday party @ guru

In my previous post when I wrote "my blog is turning more into my crush-list rather than......" , I suddenly remember an incident that happened in the recent past i.e. our second semester, about which I`m gonna write in this post. There were many people involved in this incident. Lemme not call their names. I`m assigning the names as A,B,C,D,E,F,G. (The order assigned to these characters are purely fluke. Any conclusion drawn from this preference is purely your imagination and I`m not at all responsible for it !).

If I`m not mistaken, it was "A"`s birthday party @ Gurunath - our favourite hang-out spot.Right from my childhood, I hate parties. I just hate them. If at all a social meeting was necessary, just meet,talk and go ! But these parties aren`t like that. We meet, chat and the most irritating part (specially for me) is we play games - crap level, ofcourse. Well, anyways i`m not a total anti to a party and it is quite evident from the fact that I attended the party :) . You might`ve guessed by now that there was some game involved here. Ya, this is not an thriller novel, so you are true and that game was called "truth or lie" or.. "truth and death" or "death and dare".. or something of that sort.. I don`t give a DAMN to remember such names. The theme of the game goes like this - A person plays a song and all others sit in a circle. A bottle is given to one person and he passes it to the person next to him and this process goes on untill the song gets stopped.
The person having the bottle at this moment gets his turn to play the main part of the game.
He`ll be asked to choose truth/dare (HA!! NOW I REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE GAME - IT `S " TRUTH OR DARE ").

the person has to say truth for whatever question put to him;
the person has to do whatever task assigned to him;

(hmm.. I`m more into programming these days :P)

Thus the game started. Rules were explained by "B" (who also did fantastic hospitality service to the party guests by serving a veg puff and a glass of pepsi in the beginning of the party). "C" is clever and lucky most of the times. But if she read this, I`m sure she`ll completely disagree with my statement. Ya, she never agrees her wit. Ofcourse, one has to agree one`s luck at some time or the other in one`s life. Anyways, C took the job of playing the song - which meant she need not play the main part of the game - truth/dare. - Lucky and clever ! as I said :) .
Anyways, the bottle started moving hand-to-hand. I couldn`t remember the song that C played.... anyways it was stopped all of a sudden and !!! the bottle was in "D"`s hand ! He chose truth.
"who is your crush ??" was the immediate question from "E". ( E is always interested in other`s crushes :P )
"A" was his reply and he said this loudly, directly infront of her and pointing at her !!!!!
Is it truth or dare ?? I dont know.
The bottle next went into the hands of "F". (this letter coincides with the first letter of his insti name :) ). He chose DARE. He was asked to invite a foreign lady behind us to dance along with him !! & guess what he did that and the amazing part is HE WAS SUCCESSFUL in doing that !!!. He just went upto her and said that there was a dance workshop that sunday and he needs a partner for the same and asked her out if she could fill that position and SHE IMMEDIATELY AGREED MAN !
Next the bottle landed in the hands of "G". Now, the rules got changed suddenly like the sudden change in India`s cricket performance :P . The new rule states that "truth/dare is not your choice. It just goes in an alternate way! " So G had to go with truth and the same question was imposed on him again. (Now I conclude another point from the game. If you go with truth, just say your crush name - there`s no other choice for you as it`s the only question that `ll be asked and the girls outthere wont leave you unless you speak out. :P )
He replied - " If a boy has a crush in the insti , he is tasteless " (/*now, this is not my opinion k? @7 */)
The game went on like this and everyone got their turn except 2. "E" and "H" ...
Now came "H"`s turn. (I can reveal only this identity - it`s me !! )
Do not identify A,B,C,D,E,F,G,... If you do identify , tell me :P

(to be continued....)


Anonymous said...

your writing style rocks !

Imran Parvez said...

waiting for the sequel

ravi teja said...

coming soon @ chilli :P
and thnx yar @ anonymous