Wednesday, June 3, 2009

blogging continued...

At my first roll call in iit, (Roll call is an unofficial meeting between seniors and freshies$ of the same hostel for good interaction) when I was asked to speak on myself, my interests, my hobbies, achievements etc. etc... , the first thing I told them was my blog URL !!
"I wrote a blog on my intermmediate life which is already a hit among my friends" I said.
"HIT ?? What The Fuck?? " BF commented , his ass.. of course its a hit dude.
In the beginning of my first semester, I gradually lost my interest in blogging as I`d got to do lot of other works.... but one fine day -
time : 11 PM
Venue : Basera
I was sitting with a group of friends. All of them were chit-chatting.I was just sitting with them but my mind was completely away from what they were talking..
My mind was thinking on something like this - I screwed both the quizzes.. end sem ahead.. hell lot of portion to read.. wasted a lot of time on unnecessary things.. have many other things to do.. REALLY THIS IIT LIFE SUCKS MAN...
I ordered a cup of coffee.. (yeah ! 11 pm coffee @ basera became my habit in IIT especially in second semester :) try it .. you really feel great ! )
Then my mobile rang.. some unknown number...
"hello" I said...
"Hi ra do u remember me ?"
(I already became a ghajini by that time.. I used to forget many things, imp or unimp.. so how the hell can i remember some unknown voice ??)
"No.. may i know who is this ? "
"This is srivatsa ra ur intermmediate friend"
"OHHH you ???? HOWZ LIFE RA ?? " (thank god ! I remember him :) )
"fine ra.. mama nee blog kekaaaaa ra " his immediate reply .
I WAS DUMBSTRUCK ! I hadnt written any post for 3 long months and now suddenly a call like this !!
"Ohh thanks a lot ra.."
"You really rock mama .. when are going to post again? "
"thanks again ra... I`ll post soon .. actually I didnt post for a long time as I was busy... but now , I`m very happy with your call.. I`ll definitely post shortly ! "
"Ohk.. good! Waiting for your post ra.. and you know what ? I am giving great publicity to your blog in my area .. Everyone loved it ! All are asking me to show you .. then I told "Gun ni choodalanukondi tappu ledu.. kaani bullet ni choodamanukokandi chachipotharu""
"mama ! I am unable to do anything except saying a simple thanks "
"Wait wait.. and theres one girl who became a diehard fan of your blog ! "
"OMG !!! I LOVE YOU RA !! Can you describe her ? "
"Fair in color .. nice skintone.. black,sleek and stylish hair.. good matching height for you.... always seen in modern wear... sensitive.. sweet.. sexy... "
"arey !!!! is this real ???? "
"great man!! .. Its great!! "
.. and then our conversation went into other gen topics like his college girls, his area girls, pizzas, films, bikes, my college girls( is this necessary ? ) , fucking chennai climate etc.. etc..


So, I re-started blogging

(I met that girl in holidays. She was dark in color, bad skintone, dull looking hair,
and she was in a very very formal attire and she was just 5 feet high but then I really like her as she loves my blog :P:) )

(to be continued...)

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