Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When you blog ..
The first thing you`ll feel that "YOU ARE SOMETHING" yeah I mean it..
Whenever someone posts a comment for your post.. then I bet you`ll be jumping on ur feet ! I daily open my blog at some time of the day and if i see a comment-be it positive or negative, I just shout out myself "WOOOW" ( should I call it shout in ??:P)
(Aarya type .. FEEL MY BLOG.. )

and lemme not forget this, if someone follow your blog.. then you`ll definitely start loving them !! true - LOVE - not in the typical indian movie sense. I mean to say you treat them with a special respect. ya, think once... some one - may be your friend, colleague, partner,relative,lover or some anonymous .. this so-called someone has got some time to appreciate your work and follow what you are writing yaar.. what else do you want ??

and u know what ? people from other countries also come to visit your blog ! true- some passed out alumni of iit madras opened my blog from brazil(his workplace now) and congratulated for doing this kinda work saying that he recollected his iit experiences !! That was the greatest compliment I received ! :)

one more incident - there was a period when I didnot open my blog for a long time..
suddenly one day when I just had a casual visit at it, I saw someone making comments with the name "7" appreciating my work. When I asked his/her( this is another good thing to mention here - when an anonymous makes comments, you will desperate to know his/her gender ! :P ) identity , he/she said an orkut scrap would be sent to me. Later on, I came to know that she was my schoolmate and found my blog url in orkut status message and read it fully and guess what ? she was impressed ! Another day recently, she said one of his classmates secured an iit rank and she asked him to read my blog !!!

Well, after reading all these, I dont know how you feel about me, may be you feel that I am the most boastful person existing on earth - but i dont care.. If u can understand that Blogging as an hobby is an awesome experience, my message is conveyed and I feel very happy .

Blogging workshop
this is one of the events in saarang that i cannot forget in my life
Krish and Kiruba were the two people who rocked the show.

After Kiruba spoke about personal life blogs in his own blogging style ( I love it - he has a great sense of humour ) , Krish took his turn . NO- wait lemme tell you the last slide of kiruba`s ppt.
"If you have any doubts, feel free to ask krish who`ll come on to the dias now "
!! - sounds logical
Then Krish came onto the stage and his immediate question -
"How many of you are from the insti ? "
Around 30% of the audience were seen lifting their hands up.
"FUCK" was his response
"Generally during non-working days, people in the insti are seen sleeping till 11 or 12 right ?"
"BUT THIS IS SAARANG" came the response from a group of enthusiastic audience at the back.
Krish gave an example where blogging can land you into great trouble especially when your blog is on global issues.

(to be continued..)


BINDU said...

i like ur style of writing... wen i was readin it.. i felt like it was a conversation..!! :D

ravi teja said...

oh thnx a lot... may i know whos this..