Sunday, June 28, 2009

sequel to the party..

Lemme narrate you H`s gameplay before going into mine. H got the bottle and he had to go with truth as per the new rules. AND YES! He was asked to name his crush(I already mentioned that it was the default question for truth).
He cleverly told the name of a senior who looks stunningly beautiful and escaped ! Bastard !
The bottle was moving from hand-hand again... I felt like opening it`s cap and empty the pepsi inside it if there was any... (but I think, someone got the same idea before me and properly implemented it :P) .
Suddenly, everything was stopped and rules were completely deployed now !!(like the India`s batting order in yesterday`s cricket match against WestIndies ) ya, E & me were the only people left either to name our crush or perform a daring stunt.So the new rule was - just throw the bottle away and let both of us take part in the main part of the game one after the other! ( then why the fuck the bottle was moving till
then ?? who is the winner of the game ?? is this called a game at all !!?? )

Immediately, I tried to escape playing the same old trick which my father does when a tough student comes to him for a doubt. The plan is as follows - Just pretend to be attending an important call and move away from the DAMN place as fast as possible! But we all are IITians man :P all of those present there guessed my plan and I had to sit back in the chair again :( . I was asked to name my crush.
"I can answer anything except this" I said as if I was asked to solve a magnetics problem from DC Pandey!
"No way.. what else can be interesting other than to know one`s crush" G said like a philosopher.
'fuck ! there are many interesting things to know about a person yar! and to know one`ss crush is not at all interesting according to me.. It`s his personal feeling and it`s ridiculous to name it out , isn`t it ?? ' I thought but couldn`t
speak. Frankly speaking, that`s my weakness - I become numb in situations like this and may be that`s one of the reasons why I hate parties...
"But I can`t do that" I said loudly. ( It may be that there`s no one like a crush for me or the list is too big to name :P)
"you must" someone said.. ( I already told you right, these girls won`t leave you )
"XXX & YYY" I told the names of 2 seniors, following the same route of H. And ya, they are also equally beautiful, and they make a typical examples of modern-city-gals ! ( Infact, I also wanted to tell the same name as H said but as it`d
termed as foulplay , I didn`t :P . Moreover, I can`t compete with H !! I don`t have enough guts man :P )
"We want some other name" someone said.
It was then that E said these words - "Read his blog for his crush-list !"
"Ha! ya please do that " I said. ( It`s also a way of promoting my site :P isn`t it ?)
"We want you tell a name from freshies$" Some other voice said.
"whaaat theee HElllll ??? !! How can I say that man !"
"We dunno.. You must say.."
I should have said "keerthana" the name with which some junta tease me but I didn`t get the idea then . (I already mentioned that I`m a dumb ass in situations like this )
"Atleast tell her branch"
"IT" I said and fled away! ( IIT`s don`t have like-branches. If you`ve CS, you don`t have IT ) & ya! we`ve CS. :)

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