Thursday, June 11, 2009

The workshop that told me what blogging is

"how many of you are/were bloggers here ?" was his next question.
30% of the people lifted their hands including me. I lifted high as if I was a great blogger from my childhood and that my blog receives 1000s of comments daily :P
"how many of you have stopped blogging ? "
almost the same hands were seen again !! A few like me kept quiet.
"Can i know the reasons ?"
"lack of readers""no time to post""felt boring""thought I`d get money but didnt""dont know how to publicise""people hate my blog".. and so on went the reasons..
"well let me provide you some simple solutions for all your problems.
firstly , no clicks? - then click yourself
felt boring? then better stop blogging
no time to post ? - think once again about your daily routine
people hate your blog ? - find atleast one person who doesnt and write for him/her.
want money? - find other ways."
and for the publicity probs, he gave some tips to publicise one`s blog which were really weird.Lemme mention some of them.
- Design a blog card like a visiting card and if someone asks ur contact no. , give the card with ur blog url !
- go to ur friend`s house open ur blog in his/her comp , dont close it and come back
- write ur blog url on the newspaper that u find in your host`s house
- include ur blgo url in any email or sms u send .. put it as ur signature
and many more such funny ways...

I would rate AIDS as the most dreadful disease then comes Swine-flu followed by bird-flu and then BLOG FLU (otherwise called as "hyper blogging" as krish mentioned) :P

Krish gave an example of a symptom of this deadly disease like this -
(I put it in my own words.. after all i`m not vivekananda to remember exactly what he said right ?)

Imagine that you are moving in a taxi with high speed,velocity or acceleration (- whatever you call it, I`m poor at physics dont make me go back to SKS classes :P) and another car is coming with the same scalar and vector magnitudes but in the opposite direction. If you are a normal person, you`ll get afraid that your taxi may hit the car , damages, injuries, death all these things run in your mind. But if you are a blog-flu victim, you desperately want your taxi to just miss an accident or go with the accident and you just miss death so that you can make a great action post in your blog !!
The more critical stage of hyperblogging would make you kill your lover and make an outstanding romantic action post out of it !

he narrated an incident like this -
"suppose I write a post about XXX clip in my blog. Remember I just describe that scene in my post and i did nothing else.(here he mentioned the length of the video 2:06 i guess and the crowd was astonished by his great remembrance). I received hell lot of comments from many people known/unknown and its obvious because most of the people in india use net for useless reasons,XXX,chatting.. etc... Then 'she' lodged a complaint about the obscene video clip being publicised. So naturally police typed "XXX" in google search and guess what ???? first result that comes up is MY BLOG !!!!! So I was arrested under Cybercrime"

"now let me hear some questions from you and then we`ll wind it up" Krish said loudly and clearly.
"How to earn money from blogs ?" someone shouted whose only aim and objective for the day was to know if he can earn from blogs .
He gave a long explanation for this which finally meant that this question cannot be answered, should not be answered, will not be answered, need not be answered.
A young lady at the first row was trying to ask a question for a long time but the back row guyz are dominating her with their loud voice.
Krish noticed it and when he was about to close the workshop and she finally gave up the idea of asking her doubt, Krish said -
"lets have the final question pointing to her"
She asked some stupid thing though..

Krish finally concluded saying


and thats exactly what I am doing now ! passionate-non-serious : sounds great !
So friends keep blogging..
and I end this blogging series saying a huge thanks to all the readers :)

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