Monday, July 13, 2009

My first attempt @ visual effects...

"THIS IS MY FIRST VISUAL EFFECTS PROJECT DONE IN AFTER EFFECTS" - This statement and the above video convey the same message that I made a video, it`s related to visual effects, it was rendered using after effects.
Did you observe the difference between the two ways of communication ?? !! OMG !

The first good thing about the video is its completely done by me :) & another good thing to notice is that its a 3D video but I`vnt used any 3DS MAX or the deadly MAYA .... (Ofcourse, I dunno how to use ;) ) . The work was entirely done in ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS CS3 with a little help from my favourite software PHOTOSHOP. :) A bad thing is that no audio has been added to it.. :(

Firstly, I thought I should work out something so that I can learn After Effects in a better way.. & this also came as a suggestion from a design GOD(guess who ?!). So I asked google to help me out with the basics of AfterEffects by which i came to know stuff like how to deal with a camera, how to apply effects, what does a light do etc etc.. With all those in mind, I`ve tried the above project. Firstly I designed a wall in photoshop. (Man! Don`t get amazed to know that the walls of the room in this video are just grayscale JPEGs made in photoshop !! )

Ah! I feel that could`ve been much better. Ofcourse it`s upto you to design a wall. More Motion blur @ 90degrees and less use of splatter brushes would`ve given a cooler wall effect than this one. Anyways,this was duplicated 5 times in after effects and arranged in the form of a room. Then how come they are green in color ??
After effects provides you lights & cameras like 3DSMAX ! Yeah, so , I`ve used a green point light here :O WOW!
The remaining work was done by cameras and text effects . The latter is very easy to work with but the former is a bit confusing...
The entire work was done in 2 & 1/2 hrs and my poor laptop added an extra hour for rendering the 30 odd seconds video !!! :O
After final rendering of the video, guess what happened .. THE OUTPUT FILE WAS F*** 1.15GB in size !!!!!!! Then came TVC to my rescue :). Total video converter - an excellent software for converting videos from one format to another. It converted the 1.15GB file to a mere 7.5MB video without disturbing the quality of the work :). (ofcourse the swf format which you see in this post is even more smaller.. its just 1.5MB )
Anyways, I`ll be looking forward to make much more better videos if someone can help me out. I hope I`d find a teacher now and may be a student later on ... !


SHIVRAJ 'arbit' said...

Nice work ....simply shtudaxxx...
though excess of technical details...without much masala makes it a little hard for non-tech ppl like me :(

ravi teja said...

thnx a ton 4 ur comment :)
& i`ll do some non-technical work too :)