Sunday, July 19, 2009


I want to write something about a company which is ruining people`s lives. Lemme call it the T-company. The first T-product we used was the landline telephone. IT.SIMPLY.SUCKS. The charge in the battery runs with the velocity of light! You have a cup of coffee and the charge gets over. You have a bath and come and the charge gets over. You just keep looking at it for 10 minutes and the charge gets over. And lemme tell you the dumbest design that was incorporated in this piece of trash. When the charge of the battery is running low, instead of getting into a less-power-consuming-mode , this dirty box keeps screaming that the battery is low consuming extra-power for the sound and light it produces during that scream !! THE T-DESIGNER OF THIS PRODUCT SUCKS. There was a recent announcement that these pieces are being replaced with cool newer ones for free. With a big hope, we went to the T-showroom and guess what ! "OUT OF STOCK" was their answer for all the three times we tried! THEN WHY DO THEY MAINTAIN A SHOWROOM ?? JUST DUMP IT ANYWHERE.

If this is termed as worst T-product, there are no words to describe the T-USB MODEM. It is just a black box made of sand and programmed in such a way that an LED lights up after waiting for a minute its connected to the USB, & NOTHING MORE THAN THAT! But wait, for that light, you need to pay DAMN 1200 rs. pm for the unlimited package. They say this box produces internet speeds upto 153kbps but i hardly got more than 20 kbps !
The worst experience with this USB modem was the loose connection it has to connect to the USB port. We almost held it vertical to light up the LED and pay 1200 rs. for it ...
We put up a new internet connection and went to the T-showroom to get the great T-USB MODEM disconnected.
"Whats the problem sir? " An idiotic T-guy asked.
"We want to get this disconnected" pointing at the piece of trash that tortured our lives for an year.
"Ok.. disconnection guy went for lunch sir, he`ll be back in 5 minutes.. please wait."
The time was 4.30 PM. I wonder if a social being has lunch at that time.
We waited for half-an-hour but none turned up. So, disappointed and frustrated, we went back.
We again came the next day and the same conversation was replayed!
That was at 2.30 pm i guess.
When I meet that guy, I wanted to ask him " what is your lunch time and what do you eat ? "
After waiting for 10 minutes, we were about to go away but someone entered the showroom. He was PURE BLACK in color... A stupid look on his face.... short.. he was in a formal attire... unpolished shoes.. a tie.. and OMG a T-identity card ! He`s an employee of T !!!
"Who the fuck is he ?! " I thought and later shocked to find out that he was infact the disconnection guy himself and we were waiting for him since 2 days ! I dunno what he really does during his "very-short" lunch break but he was slim.
"Whats the problem ?" he asked quick & rude.
"This one sucks.. please throw it away in the dustbin" I wanted to say but my brother started the conversation and they went on..
Finally, we asked how much we need to pay for that month..
Then what he said really made us boiled beetroots !!
"Sir, You should pay 1200 for this month but see the new plan sir.. The same connection which you were having till now is just 800 rs. sir.. if u want to continue.."
"WHAAAAATTT from how many days is this 800rs scheme ?????"
"from 4 months sir"
I felt like taking a knife and killing him or the better way would be to ask him to use the T-USB MODEM for a day :P If the same package of ours was made into 800 rs., why didnt the T inform us ? Who does it think the old customers are? DUMB ASS !!??
When the same above question was put in a formal way before this so-called T-disconnection guy, "Sir, you should ask for the latest changes in our plans" The boiled beetroot jumped from the cooking vessel now.
& another dumb fact was that this guy revealed the truth now as he hopes that we would continue using the modem since it was 400rs. less now ....
Finally, we paid the required amount and we were not sad as we could get rid of the worst internet connection in the world, not to mention the excess money we paid.

While this conversation was going on, I read a pamphlet of the new T-proton+ modem (name changed here) which says speeds upto 3.1 mbps and guess what ! It asks us to pay 6999 rs. per month !!!!! and DAMN SHIT THERE IS A DOWNLOAD LIMIT FOR THE PACKAGE !! THIS SUCKS TO THE CORE! EVERY T-PRODUCT SUCKS..!

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