Friday, August 21, 2009

My crush - the climax

That was saturday morning - a perfect time for early-day-romance (sorry, I dont know what it means ). I parked the car infront of her house (this time well), and honked. After 5 minutes, she appeared ... she appeared like an angel ! A bright red top on black tracks made her look sexy. Her skin was shining brighter than ever. Her eyes - wow! I just could not take off my eyes from them ! Man! SHE WAS DAMN HOT that day. I really could not believe that she was the one with whom I had been talking from the past few days....

She took the d-seat.
"which class?" Venkat asked his usual stupid, useless question.
"15th" she replied.
"Handled gears?"
"Ok then, we will start with the gears today"

It was then that things became horrible for me ! Venkat explained her the gear positions and asked her to put 1st gear. She touched the gear rod and moved in a random direction whose destination was not at all towards the 1st gear position. Then, this bastard held her palm, one-of-the-cutest-on-earth, with his hand and helped her slowly put the gear rod in the required position. I didnot touch her till now and shit ! this Venkat got that opportunity ! :( FUCK
That half-an-hour in my life was hell. The gear rod changing its positions with the help of white Aarthi`s hand which was below black Venkat`s was the most horrible scene of the day(of the entire course actually). I dont know why.. I liked her the most that day.... I simply could not tolerate Venkat touching her. I was hurting inside. I wanted to kill Venkat. I somehow controlled my agony but only till Venkat started touching her hands again while turning the steering.. A desperate thought to kill him ran in my mind. Since, I couldnot do that, the other way is to express my feelings to Aarthi. Otherwise, she would leave in a few days (with Venkat??) .. and I`d become a prototype of Devdas. In a month, I would be leaving to Chennai. She would also get some seat in some engineering college and join there, enjoy there, she may completely forget me ( the one who paid for her tea !) I do not want that to happen. I just wanted to say whatever I feel to Aarthi. ( but, what do i really feel ?? - It again falls into my "I dont know" list of things. )

"What?" she said looking at my confused expression after we got off the car in the main branch.
"er.. actually....... nothing" I said.
"are you alright ?"
"yeah.. i am.. "
"hmm... looks like you are uncomfortable .. ?"
"YES! BECAUSE THAT BASTARD WAS TOUCHING YOUR HANDS" said my inner voice but my outer voice said - " there is nothing like that.. just feeling weak.. "
"oh .. any health problem ?"
"kind of.... just a minor one.. leave it..."
"hmm.... okay... take care..."
"ya.. see you.. I will go by bus today.." (BUS?WTF??)
"ok.. byeeeeee.." that e lasted for 5 seconds and I hated it that day.

and that BYE lasted forever....... :(

So, end of this "My Crush" series from me. Comments welcome... I always love to hear from you :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Part IV of my crush

Days passed with Aarthi learning faster than me... ! And ofcourse, with our friendship growing bigger and bigger .... I want to narrate you an incident -

It was a fine morning. I was in the d seat, beside Venkat, Aarthi and some aunt at the back.
I took a right at Narayanguda junction and was moving slowly. Venkat suddenly asked me to stop the car. I wondered why but followed my teacher`s orders without any objections. There was a Tea stall and that was the reason for his stop , or rather our stop !
"would you like to have some tea ?" Venkat questioned me.. infact all of us...
I immediately responded with a BIG YES without even having Aarthi`s opinion(on tea) first ! :P
Yeah, I am a tea/coffee addict. I came from a family where tea is a divine medicine and I almost have 4 cups of tea per day ! I really felt very happy with Aarthi`s response. She said, "I would love to have a cup of tea now " !!! WOW! I always thought that the intersection set of A&B would be almost an empty set where A is the set of cool-modern-health-conscious-city-gals and B is the set of Tea lovers. But Aarthi is one among those very few in the intersection set and thats one of the reasons why I like her :P . If I had to marry her (or I should say if she had to marry me) , getting my cup of tea 3-4 times a day will not be a problem :)

A lad came with 4 cups of tea . The tea was awesome ! especially, when you drive a vehicle and have a cup of tea or coffee, it tingles your neurons ... We emptied our cups and now its time to pay. Each cup costs 5 rs. so its 20 bucks in total ! Wow, I am stud at calculations ! :P Hope my quizzes and end sem are also this simple. Anyways, the hot question was "Who is the sponsor for the day?" Is it Venkat because it was his idea... or is it me as I was in financially better position than Venkat.. or is it the Aunt as she was the eldest of all.. or is it Aarthi (-no way !!! ) This is a great advantage for girls especially young-city-breeds - Wherever they go and buy some arbit stuff or eat/drink something, there is always a poor fellow to pay for all those bullshit. The fate finally decided that it was me! Yeah, in a way I was financially sound compared to Venkat.. & its unfair to ask the aunt to pay when there are two males in the car. So, I paid the required bucks to the chap. ( I had a cunning thought inside -Aarthi would be impressed if I pay the money folks ! )

Many such incidents happened where I came to know more about Aarthi. I found many similarities of her character and behaviour with me. Our friendship grew stronger..... but one fine day....

(to be continued..)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here goes the III part...

I never believed in love at first sight until I saw Aarthi. ( but ofcourse.. in this case its just lust.. I later went home and googled on "differences between love and lust" :P & came to this conclusion. ) She was not the most beautiful face I had ever seen but certainly, she was gorgeous. She had the just-appearance of a person who woke up a few minutes back. Her hair was uncurled. She wore a plain blue sleeveless above a black night pant. A strip of her hair was kissing her lips for every 10 seconds. A small white particle just beside her cute lips told me that she had her breakfast just now.. and that might be the reason for her being late. Except for that tiny food particle, there was no other mark on her face ! It was so cute and so neatly built that any guy in this world would die for it... Man ! She is going to learn along with me for a month !!! That sounds great...............

I politely offered the d seat to her and sat at the back seat. She looked more beautiful in the d seat. Females operating with metal pieces is one of the hottest stuff that can happen in this world. She removed her slippers and put her bare foot on the break and clutch. That sight pleased my eyes. I wish I were a clutchpad :P ...
"which class is this ?" Venkat asked in his typical desi-telugu-slang.
"3rd" came the reply. Again, it was one-of-the-sweetest on earth.
I should have joined 2 days earlier !
"ok..please start the car" Venkat said and handed over the keys to her.
She did not utter any word. She just took the keys and started the car after three unsuccessful attempts. The car started with Aarthi in the d seat, Venkat in the other front seat, me and another old uncle at the back. She entered the Himayath Nagar main road and started towards the Narayanguda fly over. She was driving at a snail-pace. I could observe two guys crossed our car cycling ! We finally reached the main Barkathpura branch after half an hour of Aarthi`s drive. (These driving school guys are real bastards.. they spend more time for ladies than men)

There were three other people at the office waiting for their turn to learn. So, we got off that car. Aarthi went inside the office and sat on a dirty old bench. There was one guy in the office and some other guy near the entrance and no one else. I went inside and found that there was no place to sit other than the little space just beside Aarthi which can just make a person of my size to fit in exactly with zero error . That was my gift for the day , I suppose ! I occupied myself at that position. Had it not been Aarthi, that would be the most uncomfortable position one can sit. Our first conversation started ........
"hi" I said.. being a little nervous at her unusually fair skin complexion.
"hiii" she said sweetly !
"whats ur good name?"
"oh thats nice"
"ravi.... what are you doing now ?"
"waiting for the other car to drop me home"
(Oh fuck!! I asked about her career man ! I real suck at expressing my thoughts..)
"I mean.. what are you studying now.. ?"
"Oh sor..r..y... " she said with a beautiful smile,.." I just completed my inter.. waiting for eamcet/bits/aieee results..."
"oh thats fine...! "
"what about you ?"
This was the question I was desperately waiting for.
"woooooww.... !!! congratulations! " She was more excited than I was :P
"thank you" I said ..
and our conversation later went on to many other common topics like where did you study intermmediate.. what are your hobbies... kinda stuff which are necessary-cum-default elements of a first time conversation. ( And folks ! I am not gonna reveal my love`s personal details :P )

to be continued.......!

My crush - part 2

Her name was Aarthi.
I dont know how many of you have guessed by now, she was one of my co-learners in that driving school ! :) To describe Aarthi is one of the most hectic job in this world. She was the most complicated machine I have ever come across.

The very first day, Venkat my driving teacher , asked me to take the prestigious driver`s seat. I had not really occupied myself in any driver`s seat before, other than that in our car... ( ofcourse, while the engine is off :P ) . So, naturally, it was exciting !!! I quickly glanced at all the parts of the car before my seat and being a mechanical engineering aspirant, I could figure out the function of each button, rod or wheel or whatever geometrical shape my eye could recognise. I was relieved on seeing Venkat`s foot on the spare clutch and break under his seat. :) So, there I go ! My first ride through one of the busiest streets of the world, the HIMAYATH NAGAR MAIN ROAD !!

The scheme in the school goes like this - the teacher keeps giving the directions and the learner should try to follow them.. this happens for 20-30 minutes.. and then the next person takes the d seat. ( yeah, lemme call the driver`s seat as d-seat - this is called optimization , I guess :P ).
If the next person is a guy, the car has to be stopped at the office where he will be waiting. If it is a girl, the car must stop at her house ! ( yeah, all are not equal before driving-school-laws ) .
My first 20 minute ride was peaceful because frankly speaking, Venkat himself controlled everything. :P He was giving directions to some place in Himayath Nagar and I was confident that we were going to some one`s house to pick . (obviously, a girl or lady ) . I finally stopped at a dusty building (might not be too old, the dust was due to the heavy traffic ) . I parked the car in a most horrible way one can, and Venkat pressed the horn so deep that anyone sleeping would come and kick us. He repeated the act 3-4 times but there was no response. I was frustrated. It was around 8.00 AM and sun had already taken its summer job. I felt like starting the car and go zooooomm like in the Bugatti Veyron that I had seen the previous night ( as if I was a professional driver ) . When I was about to give up the waiting job, some sound at a distance interrupted. It felt like something had fallen from a height. I turned my head and observed that that something was a flowervase and the reason for its fall down is a beautiful young lady named "Aarthi".

to be continued...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My crush !

I could not find anything interesting these days in the campus.. So , what to write ? My memories ran through the past.. GC passed away.. and the main gate... and the Chennai Central.. and finally stopped at the month before I joined the IIT. Here, right in this post, I am going to answer one of the most awaited questions for many of my friends.. Yeah.. as the title suggests.. its gonna be about my crush (- a real one! ) !! I really forgot the number and rank of this particular crush as the list is too big.. sorry :P

The month before I came to join the great Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai , I thought that I should learn something instead of just whiling away my time. I joined C in CMTES, Himayath Nagar, a language which something every engineering chap should know. But since my childhood, I fear programming. I wonder what all the software engineers do in their jobs. Go on scribbling if-else loops ?? It again joins my "I dont know" list (It is an unordered list - If I remember it right, its the ul tag in html ). So, naturally, My C language course was a flop.

The first week - teacher absent , me present
The second week - teacher present , me absent
The third week - both present, interest absent
The fourth week - everything/everyone absent

Thats a rough representation of how well my C course went on....
The other thing I joined was CAR DRIVING ! Sounds exciting ! One course for computer engineering, other for mechanical engineering and since I fear programming, I joined the mechanical department :) As simple as it sounds..

Let me first provide you a brief idea of how things work at a typical car driving institute in Hyderabad. When you first visit the office , they give you an infinite assurance that they are the best people in this particular industry and there is no doubt of you turning into a professional driver ( think of burnout-paradise city ! ) after the specified course duration. They ask you details like which car? what time? with/without license? etc... etc..
The institue i joined was Sai Apna driving school (main branch at barkathpura , side branch at himayath nagar ) Sorry, at himayath nagar.. the office was just the size of a bathroom where in only one person can sit comfortably. Its hard to call it a 'side branch' . Anyways , my package was the most basic one.
Maruthi car - without license - 6:00 AM
"Done" a guy in the main office said.
That boosted my confidence.. Wow ! Me going to drive a car through the busiest roads of the world ! great.. My enthusiasm was overflown when I went home after my successful registration for the course and installed NFS mostwanted and completed it on the same day !

So, where is my crush ??

(to be continued....)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I didnot sleep in the class !!!

A great compliment compelled me to blog again :) thanks to 3d and that unknown kgp girl and ISM dhanbadh boy.

People were searching for the classroom in which AM220 had to take place. AM110, the daughter of AM220 had its enough impact on us with reference to the sucking grades for the 4 credits last semester. So, naturally a fear about its mother course ran in the minds of many people unlike me. For me, any course appears tough, so I stopped comparing courses and just stopped caring much about acads @ iitm. Finally, we found the required room. (Some geek found out the room as he was eager to eat away AM220 and others followed him... Since people like me are helpless due to the attendance factor(which is now bloody 85% min !!!), had to attend the class.) We placed ourselves in the last benches near to the fan. (one of those zzz`s in my previous post !) .

When I was about to do my duty (-to have a peaceful sleep) , something interrupted me! I turned my head to see some beautiful lady entering the class! WOW was my first reaction. She wore a black blouse and a red saree with black design patterns over it. BLACK & RED combo always works! It had a shiny lining at the end making it even more pleasing to my eyes. Her skin tone was fantastic. She had a neck-short hair with a good style that represents modern-working-women. Overall, SHE WAS GORGEOUS ! well, you might have guessed by now that she was the professor going to teach AM220 to us !!!!

Her apple laptop was also looking cool but it couldnt overcome her own beauty. She had a glance at the entire class and spoke -
"Why this girls zone and boys zone ?"
WOOOW What a woman ! She hated seeing the non-females occupying a corner of the room as if they are a negligible set compared to the universal set :P . She spoke in an Indo-American english ascent which was STUD MAX. Yeah, she later stated that some part of her life was spent in the united states.
"I am A**a b**e"
Cute name - was the immediate thought of idiots like me.
She cracked a joke in the middle which was horrible but giggles spread all over the class instantaneously. Some laughed to gain her impression for good grades.. some did just to make the world know that they are alive in the class... Some did to make her look at their teeth.. I just gave a smile at her bad attempt of making good humour and was lost in observing the sweet smile that covered her entire face.. but I really bet that no one in the class really enjoyed her PJ. There arent many girls these days who really crack laughable jokes :P .

Explaining the rules that has to be followed during the course, she said, "the minimum attendance must be 85% "
"If you are the teacher, you can also make it 100%" was my benchmate`s response.

She said - "The PAS is not working today. So we will not be having a full-length class. Let me know something about you guys.. Start introducing yourself" She pointed at a first bench geek at the first row. (PAS is Public Address System .. to put it simply its the mike :P - this is the case with iits.. people here make simple things sound complex. For instance, instead of calling a notice as notice, we call it the "IP" making it sound professional or official or whatever. Anyways, coming back to the introductory scene, it started off with first row guys saying their names and branches. (I really wonder why our madam wants to know our branches because there were only mechanical and naval people in the room and the strength of naval department fades away when compared to mechanical). She finished with the first row and the class time was up !

The next day, she appeared in a traditional choodidhar ! A dirty-brown colored one with a white chunney(Screw the spelling of chunney - I dont really spell female costumes right). She was looking great but a saree is always a better option for American-Indian breeds, I dont know why. She sat at the last bench as another prof would take classes for the day. LAST BENCH ??? Great! Thats our default position in a class :) cool. One guy asked her a doubt about a problem of an instrument used to pull out a baby from a pregnant woman !! She kept cool and convinced him by saying the pros and cons of both the designs of the instrument given in the problem.

Whatever it is.. this was the first time after coming to iit that I didnot sleep in a class, thanks to the gorgeous beauty !