Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I didnot sleep in the class !!!

A great compliment compelled me to blog again :) thanks to 3d and that unknown kgp girl and ISM dhanbadh boy.

People were searching for the classroom in which AM220 had to take place. AM110, the daughter of AM220 had its enough impact on us with reference to the sucking grades for the 4 credits last semester. So, naturally a fear about its mother course ran in the minds of many people unlike me. For me, any course appears tough, so I stopped comparing courses and just stopped caring much about acads @ iitm. Finally, we found the required room. (Some geek found out the room as he was eager to eat away AM220 and others followed him... Since people like me are helpless due to the attendance factor(which is now bloody 85% min !!!), had to attend the class.) We placed ourselves in the last benches near to the fan. (one of those zzz`s in my previous post !) .

When I was about to do my duty (-to have a peaceful sleep) , something interrupted me! I turned my head to see some beautiful lady entering the class! WOW was my first reaction. She wore a black blouse and a red saree with black design patterns over it. BLACK & RED combo always works! It had a shiny lining at the end making it even more pleasing to my eyes. Her skin tone was fantastic. She had a neck-short hair with a good style that represents modern-working-women. Overall, SHE WAS GORGEOUS ! well, you might have guessed by now that she was the professor going to teach AM220 to us !!!!

Her apple laptop was also looking cool but it couldnt overcome her own beauty. She had a glance at the entire class and spoke -
"Why this girls zone and boys zone ?"
WOOOW What a woman ! She hated seeing the non-females occupying a corner of the room as if they are a negligible set compared to the universal set :P . She spoke in an Indo-American english ascent which was STUD MAX. Yeah, she later stated that some part of her life was spent in the united states.
"I am A**a b**e"
Cute name - was the immediate thought of idiots like me.
She cracked a joke in the middle which was horrible but giggles spread all over the class instantaneously. Some laughed to gain her impression for good grades.. some did just to make the world know that they are alive in the class... Some did to make her look at their teeth.. I just gave a smile at her bad attempt of making good humour and was lost in observing the sweet smile that covered her entire face.. but I really bet that no one in the class really enjoyed her PJ. There arent many girls these days who really crack laughable jokes :P .

Explaining the rules that has to be followed during the course, she said, "the minimum attendance must be 85% "
"If you are the teacher, you can also make it 100%" was my benchmate`s response.

She said - "The PAS is not working today. So we will not be having a full-length class. Let me know something about you guys.. Start introducing yourself" She pointed at a first bench geek at the first row. (PAS is Public Address System .. to put it simply its the mike :P - this is the case with iits.. people here make simple things sound complex. For instance, instead of calling a notice as notice, we call it the "IP" making it sound professional or official or whatever. Anyways, coming back to the introductory scene, it started off with first row guys saying their names and branches. (I really wonder why our madam wants to know our branches because there were only mechanical and naval people in the room and the strength of naval department fades away when compared to mechanical). She finished with the first row and the class time was up !

The next day, she appeared in a traditional choodidhar ! A dirty-brown colored one with a white chunney(Screw the spelling of chunney - I dont really spell female costumes right). She was looking great but a saree is always a better option for American-Indian breeds, I dont know why. She sat at the last bench as another prof would take classes for the day. LAST BENCH ??? Great! Thats our default position in a class :) cool. One guy asked her a doubt about a problem of an instrument used to pull out a baby from a pregnant woman !! She kept cool and convinced him by saying the pros and cons of both the designs of the instrument given in the problem.

Whatever it is.. this was the first time after coming to iit that I didnot sleep in a class, thanks to the gorgeous beauty !

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