Friday, August 21, 2009

My crush - the climax

That was saturday morning - a perfect time for early-day-romance (sorry, I dont know what it means ). I parked the car infront of her house (this time well), and honked. After 5 minutes, she appeared ... she appeared like an angel ! A bright red top on black tracks made her look sexy. Her skin was shining brighter than ever. Her eyes - wow! I just could not take off my eyes from them ! Man! SHE WAS DAMN HOT that day. I really could not believe that she was the one with whom I had been talking from the past few days....

She took the d-seat.
"which class?" Venkat asked his usual stupid, useless question.
"15th" she replied.
"Handled gears?"
"Ok then, we will start with the gears today"

It was then that things became horrible for me ! Venkat explained her the gear positions and asked her to put 1st gear. She touched the gear rod and moved in a random direction whose destination was not at all towards the 1st gear position. Then, this bastard held her palm, one-of-the-cutest-on-earth, with his hand and helped her slowly put the gear rod in the required position. I didnot touch her till now and shit ! this Venkat got that opportunity ! :( FUCK
That half-an-hour in my life was hell. The gear rod changing its positions with the help of white Aarthi`s hand which was below black Venkat`s was the most horrible scene of the day(of the entire course actually). I dont know why.. I liked her the most that day.... I simply could not tolerate Venkat touching her. I was hurting inside. I wanted to kill Venkat. I somehow controlled my agony but only till Venkat started touching her hands again while turning the steering.. A desperate thought to kill him ran in my mind. Since, I couldnot do that, the other way is to express my feelings to Aarthi. Otherwise, she would leave in a few days (with Venkat??) .. and I`d become a prototype of Devdas. In a month, I would be leaving to Chennai. She would also get some seat in some engineering college and join there, enjoy there, she may completely forget me ( the one who paid for her tea !) I do not want that to happen. I just wanted to say whatever I feel to Aarthi. ( but, what do i really feel ?? - It again falls into my "I dont know" list of things. )

"What?" she said looking at my confused expression after we got off the car in the main branch.
"er.. actually....... nothing" I said.
"are you alright ?"
"yeah.. i am.. "
"hmm... looks like you are uncomfortable .. ?"
"YES! BECAUSE THAT BASTARD WAS TOUCHING YOUR HANDS" said my inner voice but my outer voice said - " there is nothing like that.. just feeling weak.. "
"oh .. any health problem ?"
"kind of.... just a minor one.. leave it..."
"hmm.... okay... take care..."
"ya.. see you.. I will go by bus today.." (BUS?WTF??)
"ok.. byeeeeee.." that e lasted for 5 seconds and I hated it that day.

and that BYE lasted forever....... :(

So, end of this "My Crush" series from me. Comments welcome... I always love to hear from you :)


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soooo sad... :(

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macha !!! studddddddd maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx da !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am your fan from now...

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thnx a ton da !! may i know ur name ?