Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My crush - part 2

Her name was Aarthi.
I dont know how many of you have guessed by now, she was one of my co-learners in that driving school ! :) To describe Aarthi is one of the most hectic job in this world. She was the most complicated machine I have ever come across.

The very first day, Venkat my driving teacher , asked me to take the prestigious driver`s seat. I had not really occupied myself in any driver`s seat before, other than that in our car... ( ofcourse, while the engine is off :P ) . So, naturally, it was exciting !!! I quickly glanced at all the parts of the car before my seat and being a mechanical engineering aspirant, I could figure out the function of each button, rod or wheel or whatever geometrical shape my eye could recognise. I was relieved on seeing Venkat`s foot on the spare clutch and break under his seat. :) So, there I go ! My first ride through one of the busiest streets of the world, the HIMAYATH NAGAR MAIN ROAD !!

The scheme in the school goes like this - the teacher keeps giving the directions and the learner should try to follow them.. this happens for 20-30 minutes.. and then the next person takes the d seat. ( yeah, lemme call the driver`s seat as d-seat - this is called optimization , I guess :P ).
If the next person is a guy, the car has to be stopped at the office where he will be waiting. If it is a girl, the car must stop at her house ! ( yeah, all are not equal before driving-school-laws ) .
My first 20 minute ride was peaceful because frankly speaking, Venkat himself controlled everything. :P He was giving directions to some place in Himayath Nagar and I was confident that we were going to some one`s house to pick . (obviously, a girl or lady ) . I finally stopped at a dusty building (might not be too old, the dust was due to the heavy traffic ) . I parked the car in a most horrible way one can, and Venkat pressed the horn so deep that anyone sleeping would come and kick us. He repeated the act 3-4 times but there was no response. I was frustrated. It was around 8.00 AM and sun had already taken its summer job. I felt like starting the car and go zooooomm like in the Bugatti Veyron that I had seen the previous night ( as if I was a professional driver ) . When I was about to give up the waiting job, some sound at a distance interrupted. It felt like something had fallen from a height. I turned my head and observed that that something was a flowervase and the reason for its fall down is a beautiful young lady named "Aarthi".

to be continued...


Teja said...

orei nuvvu future lo.. tv serial writer aipo mama..

ravi teja said...

okay :P