Sunday, August 16, 2009

My crush !

I could not find anything interesting these days in the campus.. So , what to write ? My memories ran through the past.. GC passed away.. and the main gate... and the Chennai Central.. and finally stopped at the month before I joined the IIT. Here, right in this post, I am going to answer one of the most awaited questions for many of my friends.. Yeah.. as the title suggests.. its gonna be about my crush (- a real one! ) !! I really forgot the number and rank of this particular crush as the list is too big.. sorry :P

The month before I came to join the great Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai , I thought that I should learn something instead of just whiling away my time. I joined C in CMTES, Himayath Nagar, a language which something every engineering chap should know. But since my childhood, I fear programming. I wonder what all the software engineers do in their jobs. Go on scribbling if-else loops ?? It again joins my "I dont know" list (It is an unordered list - If I remember it right, its the ul tag in html ). So, naturally, My C language course was a flop.

The first week - teacher absent , me present
The second week - teacher present , me absent
The third week - both present, interest absent
The fourth week - everything/everyone absent

Thats a rough representation of how well my C course went on....
The other thing I joined was CAR DRIVING ! Sounds exciting ! One course for computer engineering, other for mechanical engineering and since I fear programming, I joined the mechanical department :) As simple as it sounds..

Let me first provide you a brief idea of how things work at a typical car driving institute in Hyderabad. When you first visit the office , they give you an infinite assurance that they are the best people in this particular industry and there is no doubt of you turning into a professional driver ( think of burnout-paradise city ! ) after the specified course duration. They ask you details like which car? what time? with/without license? etc... etc..
The institue i joined was Sai Apna driving school (main branch at barkathpura , side branch at himayath nagar ) Sorry, at himayath nagar.. the office was just the size of a bathroom where in only one person can sit comfortably. Its hard to call it a 'side branch' . Anyways , my package was the most basic one.
Maruthi car - without license - 6:00 AM
"Done" a guy in the main office said.
That boosted my confidence.. Wow ! Me going to drive a car through the busiest roads of the world ! great.. My enthusiasm was overflown when I went home after my successful registration for the course and installed NFS mostwanted and completed it on the same day !

So, where is my crush ??

(to be continued....)


the lover of seven said...

"forgot the number and rank of this particular crush as the list is too big.. ".....woooooooooo
is d number more dan 100 ah???

ravi teja said...

BIG but not a century yet ;)

Teja said...

complete dis ra saale.. hw longg wuld u sleep .. bfor writin ur dream ? :P

ravi teja said...

vil rite soon.. :)