Thursday, August 20, 2009

Part IV of my crush

Days passed with Aarthi learning faster than me... ! And ofcourse, with our friendship growing bigger and bigger .... I want to narrate you an incident -

It was a fine morning. I was in the d seat, beside Venkat, Aarthi and some aunt at the back.
I took a right at Narayanguda junction and was moving slowly. Venkat suddenly asked me to stop the car. I wondered why but followed my teacher`s orders without any objections. There was a Tea stall and that was the reason for his stop , or rather our stop !
"would you like to have some tea ?" Venkat questioned me.. infact all of us...
I immediately responded with a BIG YES without even having Aarthi`s opinion(on tea) first ! :P
Yeah, I am a tea/coffee addict. I came from a family where tea is a divine medicine and I almost have 4 cups of tea per day ! I really felt very happy with Aarthi`s response. She said, "I would love to have a cup of tea now " !!! WOW! I always thought that the intersection set of A&B would be almost an empty set where A is the set of cool-modern-health-conscious-city-gals and B is the set of Tea lovers. But Aarthi is one among those very few in the intersection set and thats one of the reasons why I like her :P . If I had to marry her (or I should say if she had to marry me) , getting my cup of tea 3-4 times a day will not be a problem :)

A lad came with 4 cups of tea . The tea was awesome ! especially, when you drive a vehicle and have a cup of tea or coffee, it tingles your neurons ... We emptied our cups and now its time to pay. Each cup costs 5 rs. so its 20 bucks in total ! Wow, I am stud at calculations ! :P Hope my quizzes and end sem are also this simple. Anyways, the hot question was "Who is the sponsor for the day?" Is it Venkat because it was his idea... or is it me as I was in financially better position than Venkat.. or is it the Aunt as she was the eldest of all.. or is it Aarthi (-no way !!! ) This is a great advantage for girls especially young-city-breeds - Wherever they go and buy some arbit stuff or eat/drink something, there is always a poor fellow to pay for all those bullshit. The fate finally decided that it was me! Yeah, in a way I was financially sound compared to Venkat.. & its unfair to ask the aunt to pay when there are two males in the car. So, I paid the required bucks to the chap. ( I had a cunning thought inside -Aarthi would be impressed if I pay the money folks ! )

Many such incidents happened where I came to know more about Aarthi. I found many similarities of her character and behaviour with me. Our friendship grew stronger..... but one fine day....

(to be continued..)