Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its a friday night

It had been a long time since I made my last post and the three poor readers of my blog ( me, myself and again myself) are disappointed and asked the author to write about his recent happenings.

Well, the author seems to be quite unhappy about what is going on with him these days. Photoshop is kept opened for 30 hrs a day in my laptop. Design , Design and Design, thanks to the shaastra and saarang design cores and some other seniors who gave me work related again to DESIGN. I also faced some typical left-hander problems recently. When E of this post asked me to come to learn violin , I realized its yet another left-hander issue. It is impossible to play violin keeping it in the position it is supposed to be kept. So , I packed the idea and she felt sorry. I could see a dark spot on the bottom of my right palm and cursed the right-hander mouses that I had been using since my III standard ! The next day, I went to HS class (HSS - Humanities and Social Sciences - the only department in the iits with reverse sex ratio i.e. You find the number of girls exceeding the number of boys. Added to that, these girls are hotter than the so called engineering girls. Really sorry to have said this - Its an open fact and not my personal feeling. ) . Anyways, coming back to my HS class which is "science fiction" being taught by Prof.***, whose english mesmerizes me(The Humanities block in iit madras is one of those places in the entire India with the finest English speaking people). I hoped to listen to a good SF story unlike our first one, the edge of the sea by Fredrick Brown. The class started with some arbit topics and landed on "being a left-hander" for a moment. He said "people find left-handers mean, weak, bad.." and an immediate thought to quit the class crossed my mind but the presence of 2 girls from the arts department made me give up the idea. Though I never really got a chance to talk to them , I always went to the SF class 5-10 minutes early hoping for a good scene to start off things but nothing interesting happened till now. May this post give me a chance :P

After throwing some bad words on my left hand, I opened my blog. I couldnt write anything. I quit. It was a friday night. The clock struck 11 PM. I just recollected my pending works. I had to submit a design for Shaastra before 12. I had to start working on another Design for Saarang. The Hostel nameboard had to completed as early as possible and I didnt start it yet. I had to wash my clothes.( Its of highest priority as I couldnot find a washed underware for the next day :P ). I had to take a bath. I had to submit an assignment whose last date already passed away.. I had to prepare for the upcoming quizzes.. and this list contained many other stuff which I`ve already forgotten. I washed my clothes and took a bath and opened my laptop.
I opened photoshop and it cupped. CUPPED like hell. I had no clue of what to do. To get rid of all this tension, I downloaded the latest **** from apexDC++ and enjoyed the night :P ! (************* - this is a censor cut). I slept and some gorgeous beauty came in my dreams and ****** - another censor. sorry, cant help ! Afterall , it`s a friday night !