Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and there is a new kind of smile other than the real and fake ones. As Chilli says here, it is composed of 2 dots and a bracket. :) or :-)
So, We cannot figure out if it is a real one or forced one in DOT LIFE which has taken over all the other forms of life in recent days !!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Real smile and Fake smile

"Forced" or "Polite" smile
Only muscles directly around the mouth are involved.

Natural smile
Many facial muscle groups move involuntarily. The forehead muscles will push down, cheeks and jaw move and the nose may wrinkle. The easiest way to spot a real smile is to look at the eyes. In natural smile, the eyes become 'squished'. Only a small percent of people can voluntarily move these eye muscles to fake a real smile.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A look @ KSR

This post is completely dedicated to Kasa Siva Rajesh , one of the toppers in Mechanical Engineering, IIT madras.

Many of my friends have started blogging these days. I have been a direct or indirect source of inspiration for it :P. Yeah, they might have thought - "Macha this cupper himself is maintaining a blog, why cant we ?" Whatever be the reason, Blogs are having their sway especially in the insti. :)

I literally couldnt believe that KASA SIVA RAJESH started blogging !!!! Yeah true. HERE it is. Well, I shall tell you why I was shocked. This is a brief intro of SIVA RAJESH.

Name : Kasa Siva Rajesh
Nick : How the hell can you expect ??
Branch : Mechanical
Place : Vizag :)
Eats : books
Favourite pass time : mugging
Favourite Insti place : Central Library
Favourite website :
Favourite mess : Ganga mess ( saves time to mug )
Wears : Formals
Best friends : 9 pointers
Girlfriends : WTF
Position in class : Ob max.. first bench
Shaastra : Co-ordinatorship is useless da ! (- Idiot - He won III place in ChemX )
Saarang : What da macha time waste fest !
Laptop for : AutoCad , ProE , Slides , Porn.
Interests : Academics
Aim in life : 10 pointer (but Y ??)
Lives in : III wing (with third years)
Stud in : RGing
God in : Mugging

Well, that was more than enough an intro, I guess, to get a picture of KSR. He has a typical stud look on his face with a great contribution coming from his spects. He is slim ,built of typical tropical-Indian skin, with always less hair. (This might be the reason for his jealous feeling towards Karthik who tried for sporting Ram Charan`s hairstyle in Magadheera.) Till yesterday, I know and I believe that this guy could properly do only 2 things - reading books, watching porn. Karthik came and informed me about his newly started blog !!!!! I was rolling on floor on hearing the crime-news :P . Well, if you have read his first post , he says "One more thing which worries me is Karthik..." as he is a topper too :P. I didnt know until I read that post that Karthik has secret chats with his girls in the nights. I wonder how KSR knew that !

However , I am so happy that Siva Rajesh also started blogging :) . Good going man ! You always rock !! This is my special birthday treat for you ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My name is ravi teja

"What is your name ?"
"Rrr..av...i teja.." blushed.
"sorry?" in a romantic tone.
"raviteja ma`m"
"oh raviteja !!? Raviteja is actually a very common name I guess?" as if she knew a lakh of ravitejas.
"hmm.. yes ma`m .. it`s common" in a disappointed tone.
"yeah.. whenever I find someone with the name teja .. he would always be a raviteja and no other teja"
"there are other tejas too but raviteja is common" I said, having a look at krishnateja.
"Hmm.. but in every class I go, I find atleast one raviteja"
"ok.." with a mixed expression of happiness, dizziness, disappointment, etc...

What do you make out from this ?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog teaser ??

Video completely rendered in adobe after effects CS3. Put comments :)

click here to watch this video on youtube.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Click on the image for clear view.

This is one of the many works I did for Shaastra during my Design-Graphic Artist Co-ordinatorship* ( I wonder if there is such a word ) , that were not accepted by the Godly Core team. Basically, it says conserve energy. A brief write-up on what it all means :

One fine night, when the light in your room is glowing at its complete brightness, you are busy chatting with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) in Gtalk, comfortably resting in your bed. Suddenly, your mom calls for some work and you have to go out of the room. Then question yourself ... WILL U CARE TO SWITCH OFF THE LIGHT IN YOUR ROOM ??!! In most of the cases - the answer is no.Even though you care to do so, you`ll not turn off thinking is that it's more economical to just leave a light on rather than pay the costs of flicking it back on. It is a common perception that switching the lights on and off use more energy than leaving them on which is proved wrong by scientists ! In reality, that "surge" lasts for only a fraction of second, according to Francis Rubinstein, a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Any "start-up" energy costs are minuscule at best and are more than offset by the money you save from turning your lights off, even if it's only for a short time.

So if you're strictly concerned about saving energy (and money), you should turn your lights out when you're not using them.

Other ways to save energy -

Reduce lighting.
Whenever possible, use natural daylight. Turning lights off or dimming them during the day allows for lower energy costs and a more comfortable environment.

Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
This type of bulbs can last up to ten times longer and provide the same amount of light as standard incandescent bulbs.

Use timers and sensors.
The installation of sensors, timers, or photocells will ensure that lights are turned off at the appropriate time. These can be used even in streetlights. These are inexpensive & can reduce lighting costs by up to 40 percent by turning off lights in unoccupied areas.

Turn off the lights when not in use.
It doesn't get any more simpler than this.