Thursday, October 8, 2009

My name is ravi teja

"What is your name ?"
"Rrr..av...i teja.." blushed.
"sorry?" in a romantic tone.
"raviteja ma`m"
"oh raviteja !!? Raviteja is actually a very common name I guess?" as if she knew a lakh of ravitejas.
"hmm.. yes ma`m .. it`s common" in a disappointed tone.
"yeah.. whenever I find someone with the name teja .. he would always be a raviteja and no other teja"
"there are other tejas too but raviteja is common" I said, having a look at krishnateja.
"Hmm.. but in every class I go, I find atleast one raviteja"
"ok.." with a mixed expression of happiness, dizziness, disappointment, etc...

What do you make out from this ?


Anonymous said...

i think the conversation is with some madam u wrote abt in ur prev posts.., right ?

ravi teja said...

yeah exactly :)