Monday, November 30, 2009

3/8th of Btech life completed...

A brief summary of how I spent this semester :

Courses taken up : Applied Mechanics, Basic Electrical Engineering, ProE lab, Science Fiction, Differential equations, Ecology and Environment, Introduction to Biotechnology.

Courses learned : Photoshop, Aftereffects, Illustrator ( Are they in any way related to mechanical engineering ? [:(] )

Biggest Achievement : Turned KSR into a blogger !

Under performance : EE and AM end sems.. both night outs turned into nightmares in the morning.

Financial status : Started off well and dropped down to zero before shaastra and gave a huge jump during shaastra ( went home the week before shaastra and so my pockets were refilled ) and after loosing 3k in the form of treats , almost became a beggar at the end. I followed Pratheesh`s policy of asking 20 rs each rather than asking 1 single person 100 bucks because 20 bucks can be neglected to be repaid ! :)

Night-time Mess : Basera ( thanks to the adai-avail, crap-level chapathi and idly which is nothing but idly powder, of GANGA mess )

Friends : Partially found the difference between real and fake friends.

New habit : Apart from having coffee @ basera, tea @ tarams @ 5 A.M. is the newly cultivated habit of Pratheesh and gradually I was dragged into this. But, I say it`s damn sexy.

Psyched : Hell lot of times. The worst case being the power cut a day before maths end semester for 14 long hours ! and the ice tea in CCD on the same day which was just red colored water added to my already psychic state.

Became a fan of : Dan Brown, Nithin

Major responsibility taken up : Mechanica Design Coreship ( thanks to Chilli )

Freshie interaction : Gave the first name in Ganga in collaboration with Dileep. I would love to narrate what had happened on that day -
"Did you ever watch porn ?" I asked a freshie.
"Yea" he said for the very first time which usually does not happen. I was not much surprised though. "where?" I continued.
"Yesterday, while coming from SBI ATM I saw it on the road side" came the reply followed by a roaring laughter. Folks, he heard "Porn" as "Pamu" which means a snake in telugu ! LOL
He was given the name "POM" .

Highlight of this semester -
While watching hardcore XXX on my laptop, I got a call and lifted it without even seeing the caller id, only to hear my mother`s voice.
"what are you doing ? " she asked showing all the 19 yr old concern for me in her voice.
"Studying" I replied !! WTF ?? In one way, it was true. I was studying some sort of to and fro movement but then I cannot apply any Hooke`s law or whatever crap law I dont know. But, How the hell couldnt I find any other decent answer for that million dollar question ?!

Our wing, surrounded by two dileeps at each end like the two elephants in a chess army, loya and karthik fighting for the kingship, pratheesh taking up the ministry, myself not involving in any royal activities, uday bhanu acting like a horse moving all through the wing popularizing farmville, etc etc... Our bonds grew bigger.. so bigger that our entire wing shared 5 chappals, 2 toothpastes and one sweeping brush.
This semester was lovely ! :)


Teja said...

ulti mama ...
the last para is awesome

shashank said...

kekooo kekaaaa

karthik tsd said... can i comment??? n wat shud i comment??? temmeeee...
u bring a blockbuster post after post...leaving me with nothing to say...

final few lines extraordinary...
its fact that our bonds are growing bigger n bigger...we r loving each other now...going away home for vacation is like leaving another home here :( ...

uttamkumar said...

its awesome dude

i loved the last lines more than the arya2 movie :P .i connot comment more than this

ravi teja said...

@teja,shashank - thnx a lot ra :)
@karthik - hmm.. I too feel the same.. we miss everyone in hols :(
@uttam - I didnt c Aarya 2 yet.. anyways thnx :)

kasa said...

@ ravi - this is why you are an insti-blogger!! One of your best posts..

ravi teja said...

@kasa - thnk u !

prasanth said...

cant comment on dis last post ra.!!
last lines r jus heart touchin..u jus rock.!!

ravi teja said...

thnk u very much

ravi teja said...

thnks a lot ! :) :)

fake said...

rey nice raa naku ministry echavv
and you are my (PA)