Thursday, November 19, 2009

99 (post before BT end sem :) )

It was Rubics Cube last semester and Dan Brown this semester that RGed me before end sems.
Anyways, this is my 99th post ! :O
(In an urge to make a century as early as possible, this post has been made now.)


karthik tsd said...

So, u RGing all of us with ur blog huh??
;) :)
juz kidding...
anyways all the best for BT101 !!!

ravi teja said...

If I have the intention of RGing u with my blog, please look @ how much self RG I would be facing in that act...
In other words, i dont have any such intention my dear gensec :P

anyways thanks and all the best to you too :)