Friday, November 13, 2009

it`s all over

Shaastra - the most awaited fest in the odd semester, scheduled from September 30th to October 4th is over. I worked as a Design - Graphic Artist Co-ordinator for Shaastra 2009 under two stud cores namely Chilli(Imran Parvez) and Panicker(HariShankar),

"who did most of the work".

I was offered this cordship by Chilli, merely by my enthusiasm in photoshop and design related stuff. Till the end of April, I did not know that there existed a cordship namely Graphic Artist. Throughout my first year, I used to pain this guy called Chilli (who fortunately for me, unfortunately for him in this case, belongs to Ganga hostel i.e. My hostel ) a lot for fundaes on Photoshop and stuff. It was because of this enthu that he made me a design cord with a good wish that I would learn well and I hope I did well ! :) (If I give you an S grade, would you atleast pass me with a D or E ? - That would be more than enough for me) .
And ofcourse, why would he (chilli again) ask me to apply for Mechanica Design Coreship if he is not convinced by my work ?

With an assumption that "Photoshop Knowledge" is enough to design a brochure or a pamphlet or a visiting card, I started my work. MY ASSUMPTION PROVED UTTERLY WRONG. An Aesthetic eye and a creative mind is what you need when a good design has to shape up. Knowing the mechanism of Magnetic Lasso tool with its mathematical background, live tracing an image in illustrator, difference between CMYK and RGB modes, - nothing is of much help to make a pseud design compared to your eye !! This is what I learned during my course of design cordship.

HariShankar, rated as the smartest Shaastra core (especially by "some" females :P ) , is yet another stud design-guy. His body language is enough to call him the pseud core of Shaastra !
He has been very supportive during our "Shaastra-design-journey" if I call it so.

The night-out for vishesh brochure on the last day was a wonderful experience. After working throughout the night and sleeping on the IC&SR floor for some time , I sent a message to Sharav Junta at around 5 AM that read "Awake?" with a hope that someone would bring me some water down, as I was dying with thirst ( no water at IC&SR and acads block ) , but there was not any reply from anyone. I walked to my hostel and found no water in the dispenser at the entrance. Finally, I found water in the 4th wing ! .. I slept for 2 hours and again went back to work :) . I could not believe myself that I could really do so much work !!!

If I make a design work,
Chilli : I didnt like it much. It could have been better.
Hari : Hmmm. Nice da. Just make the text blue. That would do.

Thanks to both of you for your support throughout my tenure as a design cord !

It`s all over.



Harikul said...

He he! Nice post! Keep up the good work! Shaastra was a really good experience for me too.

All the best for the coreship.

ravi teja said...

@above - thnk u very much :)

Amulya Panyam said...
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ravi teja said...

@amulya - thnk u so much ! :) A comment aftr many days.. ;) anyways .. all the best for id exam :)