Sunday, November 1, 2009

My birthday pics

Too lazy to upload all the pics ! .. made a collage :)

(click on it for larger view)

A Designer cake for a graphic designer :)

Designers : Pratheesh a.k.a. TCM , Nithin.

Funda of the cake :

Nithin : "Adyar cakes world would be closed now"
Pratheesh : "We have tidel bakery in tarams da.. dont worry"
Both of them decided to get my birthday cake at tidel bakery and went as usual late.
"cakes are over" - the guy or gal (- i dunno) in the bakery spoke.
"shit!!" - may be from both.
"See the small cakes over there. We can use them ! "
"Just put many of them together and make a big triangular piece from them !"
"sounds great ! and we can spread the cream and write the name on it ! "
"cool.. lets do that"
and they took half an hour more to explain this innovative idea of making a birthday cake ( taking a small element and integrating it ! ) to the bakery guy who doesnt know any language other than tamil.

So, thats how my beautiful cake was formed :)

(the above conversation is purely imaginative of the author and I sincerely request TCM and Nithin not to quarrel about it :P :) ;) )


nithin said...

That's more or less right(i don't care to question the facts) but another conversation with a lady(who, unexpectedly knew more than tamil!) over there would have made for an interesting post(with censor cuts of-course)!

ravi teja said...

I want you to write what exactly happened that day :)